It’s a New Year!


Happy New Year to you Eejits, 2016 is here. For some strange reason I could not find any New Year cartoons on Bitstrips, so I picked the one above, mainly because I liked it, but also because it reminded me of the Sound of Music which I was belting out at the top of my voice yesterday. Yep, you know that rain, it was probably my fault.

You might be fooled into thinking this is me merrily skipping though meadows, technically I am, but it’s more like a running away kinda thing than merrily skipping. Please note my invisible suitcases, one carries my Xbox and the other all the stationary I got for Christmas, and no before you ask, I didn’t forget about the penguins, they are all in the imaginary rucksack or should that be knapsack on my back.

If the last two weeks are anything to go by, then there is going to be very little ‘happy’ about this new year.

Normally I’ll write a post on New Years Eve, this year I just couldn’t do it, my mind was occupied with other things and being trampled with anxiety. I tried again yesterday, nope, nothing, same as they day before, so I did housework instead.

I’d love to sit here and tell you about all the amazing and wonderful things I would like to achieve in 2016, but you know what, it’s pointless, I need to start being realistic and stop living with my head in the clouds, because no matter what I think, life is just not the same anymore. Somewhere along the line I’ve lost myself, because I’ve become bogged down in all the things I need to do for everyone else.

In 2016 I will be happy enough to exist. I hope there are more good days than bad and that I can still find reasons to smile. I hope to be able to continue blogging, despite the fact that when my head is mush I find it hard to formulate sentences. I hope to meet more new people and some of the old ones face to face. I hope to shed a few pounds, but then again I say that every year and it’s usually only achievable by throwing some butter out the back door. Perhaps if I aim small, I will achieve the impossible.

2015 wasn’t a bad year, there was much to be grateful for, but it’s doubtful I could have got through it at all if it had not been for all of you and this platform. Writing really is good for the soul.

Thank you for being here and sticking with me even though I have not been around much. I hope to rectify that in 2016, but I’m making no promises. I have no idea what I will write about, but hopefully, somewhere along the line there will be laughter. If nothing else, that’s one thing we are good at!

Much love to you all and here’s to 2016, the year of achieving the impossible :)

47 thoughts on “It’s a New Year!

  1. Don’t keep your head completely out of the clouds.
    As someone who has had several rough years, it’s those moments above the clouds that make them bearable.
    rock on, Eejit!


    • That’s very true, I like that out look and shall try to remember it, it’s much better than wanting to punch people in the face when they tell me things are going to get worse! lol
      I hope you have a smoother run too, and Happy New Year to you and Mrs Guapo…we miss you :)

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  2. How great to see you back on here, Juls. I’ve also had a bit of a hiatus, but it’s good we’re both back. You’re so right about writing being cathartic….if nothing else, we have this and you’re pretty darn good at it if I don’t say so! We don’t need false cheer or promises, we’re happy enough just to have you tagging along on here and keeping us in your loop. Personally, I think one of my goals this year is going to be to bring a smile to your face more often be it through terrible jokes or my own less-than-glamorous escapades. Happy new year to you, Juls. I’m betting there are going to be more good moments than you think……wanna bet?


  3. If 2015 was not your best year then you can only hope that 2016 will be an improvement…you are right sometimes it is little things that make a difference….sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself why am I so engrossed in doing stuff for others, when is there time for me?
    I look forward to reading more from you Juls in 2016, I agree blogging/writing is a wonderful way to get out all the crap that weighs us down plus along the way you do meet some interesting characters whose main aim I hope is to make us at least smile if not giggle incessantly. Have a good New Year Juls, best wishes…


  4. Every hill goes up, then down. Eventually things will change for you. I hope you find ways to smile in between all the frustrated bits, and know that I’ve got your back over here in the middle of America. Feel free to hit me up anytime, by the way!


  5. As I keep telling others, may this year bring us more light than dark. And no, I am not talking about chicken or turkey.

    Love ya, mean it. <3


    • You’re 100% right. I do the same thing, can’t face the writing and then when I go back I’m like WTF, why did I not do this before. Yesterday my anxiety was really back and I started reading blogs on the way home and I could feel myself getting calmer. Weird but true.
      Happy New Year to you chum x


  6. I hope 2016 turns out to be a wonderful year for you. If you do manage to lose a few pounds, let me know how you did it. I’m willing to try anything except exercising and eating less.


  7. apologizes here – for some reason despite having “followed” you – I swear I did – you email notifications are/were showing up in the oddest places – and then, when I bookmarked posts to read – I couldn’t find the links anywhere! Bloody alien gremlins – either that or I’ve gone nuclear and am interfering in my own spaces, including head ones ;)

    Well 2015 – come and gone – and let’s not linger too long at that; as for 2016 – well, it goes without saying, that I wish you more than all things abundant and generous in all ways for this new year. :D
    As for what will come to pass – I’d offer some thoughts but my crystal balls are currently on ice – and if I even try to look into them – they fog up! ;)

    Let’s just say this – I know where you’re at – been there done that own several of the tees – but somewhere in the muddle and jumble – in your spirit and heart – you DO still live and breathe; that’s what keeps you moving. Unfortunately life has thrown far too many wicked curve balls your way – and you’re bogged down in being so overwhelmed that it just seems to bloody exhausting – it is – but some how, in some way, you will learn to manage better – you will – honestly – and at the very least – you will find some footing where you are feeling better – less wonked out. And when and as you are going about your day to day, you will once again find some lovely springy moments in your steps … mind dearie – no blasted flip flops – walk barefoot if needs be – and that will help re-build the momentum. In the meantime, start by just taking a breather – and let yourself really consider what it is *YOU* need – you already know and have the answers, eh? [we all do – but it’s a process] So, start by giving yourself a break – being kind and good to yourself – and no matter what happens – at the very least – you’re in great company here – on WP – and a few lines or two – when you need a lifeline – is more than enough of a smoke signal.

    So greatest of hugs to you Juls


      • me too … whenever I feel too overwhelmed …. even if I have to force myself to open my inbox … even as I’m head screaming whatever about not wanting to read as I’m too depressed or angry or what have I …. as soon as I begin …. the magic happens …. and sometimes, that is more than enough …

        btw …. I see you found my other space [the walking with my socks off? – sorry meant to email you that a little while ago – been too tired and blurg – but glad you found it and thanks for the ‘follow’ – good for the stats ;) ]


      • When you said you thought you’d followed me but hadn’t, but did the other day, I realised I was not following that name of yours either. I was pretty sure I had them all covered too,but I guess not. So technically you found me lol

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      • LOL – actually – all this ballyhoo name game b.s. is enough to drive me right round the bend – of course entirely my “doing” – but now that we have all the bases covered – I think we’re pretty much good to go :)


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