What Eejits Listened To In 2015!

Steve let me loose on his site. Wanna see what I got up to :)

Talk About Pop Music

12508872_1705043543051721_5280862660490144095_nThanks to Juls at The Indecisive Eejit for writing this guest post on her favourite songs of 2015, over to Juls!

Ok so perhaps I can’t speak for all the Eejits in the world, but I can advise what my most played tunes of 2105 were. Before I start however, I think I need to have my people call the people over at Bitstrips and discuss my attire. That shirt is almost as loud as I play my music!

2015 turned out to be a big year of music discovery for me due to my introduction to Spotify. I’d heard about it before, but never tried it out, however after friendly pushes from my friends ND, Joe and also Steve I decided to give it a go. Their song suggestions also helped too, making me listen to things I previously never would have.

I tend to find new music when I…

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