Stats just the way it is!


I hardly ever read my Stats anymore, I mean come on, when I don’t post as often as I used to what do I expect. It long ceased being about the views etc for me, as I’ve said many times before, it’s now all about the community.

I’ve been absent on and off a lot this year, Here There Be Spiders touched loosely on this in  one of her comments to me saying “I know when I get overwhelmed the blog is one of the first things to suffer – but when I do post, it helps so much!” She is 100% correct in what she says, I am exactly the same way, it’s just one more thing to have to deal with, so it gets pushed to the bottom of the list.

The other night I was wrought with anxiety, so much so it was making me feel sick, what can I say, it’s a been a rocky few weeks in the Eejit household, with more to come. One thing I am learning about Dementia is that it cannot be trusted, it’s a sneaky little fecker. Never, ever think that your day is going ok, because when you do and your guard is down, the little git sucker punches you. Anyway, back to my story. I paced the train platform, finally boarding when it arrived, and sat down for the beginning of my journey home. I flicked up the reader, something I hadn’t done in a while. With every post I read I felt my anxiety lift just a little, because reading about the goings on of everyone else took my mind off my own. I realised then how much I missed it, the blogging, the interaction, everything, it was like someone had give me a hug.

So I know you think I’m getting off course here, seeing as how I started this post about my blogs Statistical endeavors. I, like everyone else received the WordPress e-mail about my progress in 2015. Out of everything, the only thing that stood out to me was the fact that I had only written 88 posts throughout the whole of the year. To me, that’s a clear indication of my dwindling free time.

Here’s how it stacks up:

2013 – Birth year (March 2013) – 201 published posts -granted they were mostly shite, but still, not a bad effort.

2014 – 163 published posts – there may have been some readable ones in there if I was lucky.

2015 – 88 – That’s shocking, although perhaps I can console myself with the fact that it was more about quality than quantity? That’s my excuse anyway.

I’m still not going to make resolutions, seriously, I suck at those, but I know for certain I’m going to try really hard to write more than 88 posts this year. I’m going to be really forward thinking and try for 89, anything after that is a bonus!

I need to try and be a little more organised and perhaps make more use of the drafts and scheduler so that I can hide away little posts for the days when my brain is mush. I need to try and read more, interact more and just be here more. Not because I think you lot can’t live without me, but because I don’t think I can live without you.

As usual I am making no promises, I have long ago given up trying to figure out what this life has in store for me. I just have to keep on keeping on like everyone else.

I’ll keep being me if you promise to keep being you. ‘Stats’ all anyone can ask of us :)


62 thoughts on “Stats just the way it is!

  1. There have been times that I wanted to can the whole blog. I had taken a few weeks off, with full intentions of quitting back in September. But, I found that regardless of frequency, I do like to blog and chat with others. Do what you feel works for your. Stats all we can do. ;-)


  2. There are days when I just want to back up the blog and shut it down altogether. The only thing that keeps me from doing so is knowing that there’s some good material there that I could probably compile into an entire book if I had the time and motivation. Also remember the Dragon Runner story? I thought about that the other day, thought about getting it back out and seeing what I could do with it, but I’m so out of the habit it’s the last thing I think of. I think about writing all the time and it’s the thing I never get around to doing.

    If there’s one positive thing I can put here it’s that lately you’ve been outblogging me, Miss J.

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    • Oh yes, Dragon Runner, you realise that was 2013 right!? I can hardly remember yesterday. I went back and refreshed my memory…still awesome, a sequel would be great, definitely something you should think about.
      If I only managed 88 posts and outblogged you Mr R then that was a poor show lad, I think we both need to improve, because there is no giving up.
      I hear you though, I think about writing all the time too, problem is by the time I get to sit down I’ve forgotten what it was I wanted to write about lol

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  3. Like others I didn’t get a stats report not that I would understand it anyway as stats don’t mean much to me. But I figure with our lifestyle the way it is you can only do what you can…88 was what you could do in 2015, who knows what you might achieve in this new year. Just stay around, we need you and your wit too.


  4. I’m so glad you need us because we certainly do need you! 88 posts sounds prolific, Juls! Even if you only hit that, that’s awesome!


      • No worries honey, I wasn’t up and about a whole lot anyway. And I know you have your own excitement to deal with. I’m just glad to know you’re still alive and kicking. <3


  5. I’ve never got the hang of consistency, and yes blogging is generally the first thing that goes for me too. I’ve yet to reach any dizzy height of readership. So long as my few regulars turn up, such as your fine self, then it’s a worthwhile post :-) And your regulars will still be here too, whether you post 88 times or 8 times ;-)


  6. I suck major hairy ass when it comes to posting regularly and frequently. I should be shot and pissed on for the way I treat my community. I will try and hope to get my shit together this year.


      • Don’t be modest, now. Your comments are great. (This one being a case in point.) The worst kind of comments I ever get are things like “Great poem!” Sadly, I don’t write poetry.

        Recently, I got a couple of people pointing out I’d made a mistake in the first sentence of a post. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a mistake but a joke, something that would probably have been clearer if they’d ever made it to the second sentence. Oh well…


      • That’s quite alright. You remind me a little of myself. If I’m about to cook anything for my kids, I always make sure to get my apologies in first. They like my wife’s cooking but not mine, I’m afraid. I don’t see why not, though. My meals are perfectly good once you cut the burned bits off.


  7. I get anxious if I don’t blog. I get anxious if I feel like I have to keep up a certain pace.

    2016 is the year of you get what I can give, and it’s all about me anyway, on my blog. Or something like that :)

    <3 ya!


  8. I really understand your struggle here. I can actually see a pattern to my moods and all the issues related to them by looking at my stats over time. Weeks or months at a time, then things come back, and it’s oh yay, and then I am ready to throw in the towel again. But I found that the other reason I need this community is that it’s the perfect way for introverts to interact and support one another. It’s like being with people without the stress of physically being with people. I find that helps me a lot. I like being able to support others, and when I do that, I seem to feel better. But, of course, I have to feel ok to have enough energy to visit and write comments. I’m hoping to keep my current level of involvement into the new year. AND, let me just say this: I’ll be thrilled to see posts from you at whatever interval they occur. You are missed when you are gone. Never doubt that. :-)


  9. stats smats shats …. does it matter? unless you are really going to use it as a tool to sit yourself down one fine free afternoon and set a definitive and concrete outlined plan – and then have the foolish balls to sit with a loaded gun at your head when all the alarms sound telling you to “do the writing/blogging” – then why stress out?

    sometimes silence is much needed – and if you find the comfort in reading because its all you can manage – then that has to be enough, eh?!

    Am I right or am I right XD

    Seriously …. Juls …. as long as you are here – when you can – writing about whatever is tripping through your mind – that’s the best – as for “quality” – define it? huh? Phhhttt to whatever you are now trying to stammer out in convincing me that too much is “fluffy bunnies” for your liking – as you see it – because you know – you being you – your uniqueness – is MORE than brilliant – so whatever you share here – is EQUALLY brilliant, eh.

    [don’t be arguing with me woman – respect your elders ;) ]
    don’t ask me where “the red queen” has come from, I thought she was busy raiding the ice box ;)

    love to you and may 2016 just be and unfold as it will … with us hanging about in the stands and wings … more than thrilled when we meet :D


  10. My blog will be up to its 4th year come this August. I’ve just passed over 400 posts. I’m disappointed in my lack of wanting to write as my stats went up the year after I started and then plummeted. I try not to think about it much but sometimes it rears its ugly head and makes me wonder why I bother and want to close it down


    • I dunno about you, but sometimes these days I feel like I am writing for everyone else, because I feel like I have to. Perhaps that’s when the problems start, we have performance anxiety lol
      We need to forget about everything and everything around us and just write. Ahhh now, if only I could practice what I preach lol


      • Don’t worry. I feel the same way. I guess I try to combat it by forcing myself not to look. When I know I have a deep post and write it eloquently, that’s the only time I look at my stats


      • I eveb stopped that, because I found that the posts I was most proud of never performed as well as I expected. I find time of day makes a difference too, as in what time I post. No idea why though lol


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