I’m blogging on the train again, go me that’s twice in one month. Is it the same month? I dunno. Who cares.

Today was one of those days where I just had to get up and leave work because I was in fear of my ‘Are you fecking serious’ meter going unto hyperdrive and blowing the top clean off my heed. Thunderous looks and muttered ‘fucks’ were flying in all directions to an audience of myself, mainly because I’ve decided I’m the only one who listens. I can’t even use the PMT card, I’m just angry!

How many things does it take before someone actually breaks, because at this rate I’m going to break myself. I hate anxiety and worry, rotten little shits, always on my case they are.

I’m going home to sit down in a dark room and give myself a good talking to!

Thanks for reading, I feel better now :)

24 thoughts on “Grrrr!

  1. I’ve been right there with you most of this morning. All that’s keeping me going right now is a firm belief in karma and the knowledge that his highness won’t be home tonight. I hope you’re able to relax and get a break for a little while. *hugs*


  2. You did the right thing to leave. I was grumpy this morming, mostly about the pettiness and ridiculousness of everyone else. I had to leave to catch a bus to Somewhere Quite Far Away, and it was half an hour late which did not help. Luckily I was picked up at the other end by someone who has a Swear Zone car. That helped. So did a good snooze on the bus home. And asking Him to chuck something in the oven for my tea. Now I’m practically beatific :-)


  3. Aww… sorry to hear that… sounds like things are a little hectic everywhere! Only getting myself back on the normality wagon now after a few days myself :(


  4. I was just thinking about you today. I’m so sorry there’s so much pressure on you and so little relief and thanks most of the time. I appreciate you! I thank you for all these wonderful posts you do! And I’m still happy to hear from you on here because I just plain missed you! So there. I send a hug back to you in your rant and I hope you do get a bit of downtime and a bit of support. Wish I was there and I could kick them all into line for you!


    • Aww you made me cry. I know I miss blogging, but when I hear from you guys I realise how much.
      I’m hoping things will level out soon and this is just a rocky introductory rocky road. I need to find a balance, its amazing how a little rant helps. Thank you for the hugs. Gratefully accepted x

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  5. Hey Julie… you okay kiddo? I’d hate to think you’d take matters into your own hands, and murder anxiety and worry. Mind you, not that they deserve justice, or anything like that. Just hoping your okay… we readers need you! :O)


  6. As someone who went into business for herself 30 years ago because I just cannot work and play well with others — I feel it when I read this post. Some of us just have LBT (Low Bullshit Tolerance) and enough is enough!


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