Stolen glimpses

Yesterday while hanging out my second load of washing for the day, I realised that I am always rushing. I get one job finished and I move on to the next, on and on until all tasks are complete. I leave very little time to stand still and take stock in between. Sometimes I wonder how much I actually accomplish,  everything I need, or do I waste endless minutes flapping while portraying a businesslike exterior.

I stopped yesterday and stared at the sea from my back garden, listened to the gentle hum of bees and the call of birds as they search for a mate and occupy hedgerows in order to build a home and family. Tractors preparing fields for seed and the bleats of new born lambs as they explore unfamiliar surroundings on shaky legs.

In the April sunshine, to one side I could see an expanse of blue sea and to the other green fields, lucky indeed to be centred in the middle of such beauty, a fact I sometimes forget, because I am always rushing.

I wish I had a little more time to appreciate my surroundings, but such is life, the boring run of the mill tasks do not take care of themselves, sadly. So I will just have to continues to catch glimpses of the changing seasons while I hang out the washing or walk  to work. Stolen glimpses are better than none after all.

Happy Sunday eejits!

26 thoughts on “Stolen glimpses

  1. Good to see you. Yesterday was a good drying day! Hope you can grab a cup of tea next time you find a pause :-)


  2. Stolen glimpses are sometimes better than having things right in front of you all the time…you appreciate them so much more and they can sustain you because they’re so sharp in your mind. Hang in there with things… least you are completing the tasks and are getting those stolen glimpses! Glad to see you on here today! Happy Sunday to you too! Have a good week!


  3. I was finding myself in that position most of the time, and then I stopped. I decided that having at least one hour each day to unwind and appreciate life was more of a priority than getting everything done. It’s made a big change in my mood (most days anyway). <3


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