Tis Friday

It’s Friday.

Thank goodness says I, for this has been the longest week in creation. It almost felt at one stage that the five working days were driving towards the weekend with the handbrake on. Perhaps that’s where the term daily grind comes from. For fear of hitting the wrong pedal, I didn’t try to intervene and had no other option than to just go with the flow.

But finally Friday dawned, a clear crisp days with just a touch of frost, that I was not expecting, but was greeted with as I almost skidded around the corner.

It’s been a very unusual week, with plenty of ups and downs, leading into what is going to be a short weekend, because, well work! But if I can get a little ahead of myself before starting another week on Monday it’s going to make me a bit happier.

I feel like I haven’t had the time to sit down and blog of late. Neither have I been able to do much reading or interaction. What was usually my morning travel pastime has taken a bit of a hit lately due to having friends to sit and catch up with on the train.

In other news, the Motherships Snowdrops are appearing in the garden as if by magic. What a couple of weeks previously had been a bare patch of grass, is now almost covered with these beautiful little flowers in varying shades of growth. Next it will be the daffodils, closely followed by the bluebells and primroses. It’ll soon be the season that puts a Spring in our step.

For now though, one day at a time. Let’s just enjoy the weekend, because Monday will be here before we know it.

Have a good one Eejits :)

Dear Mum, it’s May

Image by Michael Gaida

Dear Mum,

I’m sure you already know as I imagine you are keeping an eye on me from up above, but I’m tidying the house again. There is still so much to be done and not enough hours in the weekend, which is my only time to get things done.

I’m battling another headache, same as last week. Is it something about weekends or I just am heading towards the menopause a little faster than I hoped and migraines are collateral damage. It might be stress too, there have been a lot more changes in work. Perhaps it’s time time to read the handout my counsellor gave me.

I was folding some of your clothes today for the charity shop and I was thinking how happy you would be that someone was going to be able to make use of your summer skirts and tops now that we have been blessed with some sunshine. I was sad too when I lifted your cardigan and I could smell your perfume. It reminded me of the nights you used to go out, I loved walking up the stairs after you had left and smelling your perfume, a reminder that you had been there. I did worry that once I have finished this mammoth task of putting the house in order that apart from your photographs there would be very few reminders, but the reality is you are everywhere, especially in my heart.

I miss you. At one time I wasn’t sure I would, the last couple of years had been so intense that I thought perhaps I would feel nothing but relief, and I did, but I also felt the loss.

You’re always in my thoughts, but at night I smile and think about you when I brush my teeth, because you used to stick your tongue out at me when I tried to brush yours.

I’m writing because when I looked out at the garden I realised how happy you would have been to see it today. Dad mowed the lawn which is actually a decent shade of green for a change. You wouldn’t care much for the lawn though would you, you’d be more excited about the little cluster of primroses and you’d be walking after him telling he better not mow them down. Don’t worry, he was obviously thinking of you too, because he carefully manoeuvred around them.  Then you’d admire the carpet of Bluebells that through your haphazard planting now cover about 60 percent of the top half of the garden. Today I have to agree as I look out into the sunshine, they do look rather awesome.

Don’t worry about me, I’m good and still taking comfort in the fact that you’re in a better place and no longer suffering. I just wanted to let you know about the Bluebells because I wish you could see them too.


Me :) x


A couple of weeks ago another blogger Holly shared a post and in it she talked about a song from Ed Sheeran called Supermarket Flowers. I can’t now listen to it without thinking about my Mum, such a poignant tune. Thank you Holly for sharing it in the first place.

Stolen glimpses

Yesterday while hanging out my second load of washing for the day, I realised that I am always rushing. I get one job finished and I move on to the next, on and on until all tasks are complete. I leave very little time to stand still and take stock in between. Sometimes I wonder how much I actually accomplish,  everything I need, or do I waste endless minutes flapping while portraying a businesslike exterior.

I stopped yesterday and stared at the sea from my back garden, listened to the gentle hum of bees and the call of birds as they search for a mate and occupy hedgerows in order to build a home and family. Tractors preparing fields for seed and the bleats of new born lambs as they explore unfamiliar surroundings on shaky legs.

In the April sunshine, to one side I could see an expanse of blue sea and to the other green fields, lucky indeed to be centred in the middle of such beauty, a fact I sometimes forget, because I am always rushing.

I wish I had a little more time to appreciate my surroundings, but such is life, the boring run of the mill tasks do not take care of themselves, sadly. So I will just have to continues to catch glimpses of the changing seasons while I hang out the washing or walk  to work. Stolen glimpses are better than none after all.

Happy Sunday eejits!

Spring is in the Air!

Image by Globalhawk

I can’t stop singing ‘Once Upon a Dream’ by Lana Del Rey. It’s got itself firmly stuck in my gray matter and bursts forth at the most inopportune moments, like while I am in the kitchen making my lunch as workmen rewire the ceiling outside. Emerging to a round of applause was…umm…embarrassing.

It was nice heading into work this morning with a little sunshine beaming from the sky. Spring is certainly walking towards us, but the nip in the air only serves to prove that it is not taking quick steps. Hard to believe that March is almost over.

Normally I don’t like the lighter nights, but this year I am enjoying the gentle stretch, it’s making me feel a little more energized. I now understand the saying ‘Spring Clean’, because that’s what I want to be doing every night. Sadly time, lack of funds and the fact that the house is not mine firmly put the brakes on that little endeavour. Add to that the fact that as soon as I tidy anything the whirlwind that is the ‘Mothership’ wrecks it, I lose heart and give up. I lost count over the weekend of how many times I used the phrase ‘F*ck it’, but it was an awful lot. Stress levels were high.

In a bid to assist with the housework I purchased a ‘Steam Mop’ as after conducting a survey of 100 random people I was assured it was the gadget of the moment. I ordered it online at the cost of £59.99. I rationalised it by adding up how much I pay on detergent and mop heads, said ‘F*ck it’ (again) and hit purchase.
It arrived and I was mildly excited at the prospect of this piece of kit revolutionising my cleaning regime. I even considered (very briefly) donning an apron and marigolds to complete my look, but that all went out the window when I saw the sticker on the front of the box. WTF!?! £60 reduced to £49.99, a whole ten new pounds less than I actually paid!

In normal circumstances I would not usually pursue something like that, being a big Ginny Ann and all, but ten quid is ten quid and it’s better in my pocket, so I fired off an e-mail to ask had I either received the wrong product or only been charged the lesser price. I have had an acknowledgement e-mail, but no reply to date, I shall keep you informed.
The steam mop itself is not a bad bit of kit, and it’s certainly more therapeutic than using a mop and bucket, just don’t pay any more than £49.99 if you want to keep your stress levels to a minimum!!

Happy Spring Eejits!

(Image courtesy of Globalhawk from Flickr)