Spring is in the Air!

Image by Globalhawk

I can’t stop singing ‘Once Upon a Dream’ by Lana Del Rey. It’s got itself firmly stuck in my gray matter and bursts forth at the most inopportune moments, like while I am in the kitchen making my lunch as workmen rewire the ceiling outside. Emerging to a round of applause was…umm…embarrassing.

It was nice heading into work this morning with a little sunshine beaming from the sky. Spring is certainly walking towards us, but the nip in the air only serves to prove that it is not taking quick steps. Hard to believe that March is almost over.

Normally I don’t like the lighter nights, but this year I am enjoying the gentle stretch, it’s making me feel a little more energized. I now understand the saying ‘Spring Clean’, because that’s what I want to be doing every night. Sadly time, lack of funds and the fact that the house is not mine firmly put the brakes on that little endeavour. Add to that the fact that as soon as I tidy anything the whirlwind that is the ‘Mothership’ wrecks it, I lose heart and give up. I lost count over the weekend of how many times I used the phrase ‘F*ck it’, but it was an awful lot. Stress levels were high.

In a bid to assist with the housework I purchased a ‘Steam Mop’ as after conducting a survey of 100 random people I was assured it was the gadget of the moment. I ordered it online at the cost of £59.99. I rationalised it by adding up how much I pay on detergent and mop heads, said ‘F*ck it’ (again) and hit purchase.
It arrived and I was mildly excited at the prospect of this piece of kit revolutionising my cleaning regime. I even considered (very briefly) donning an apron and marigolds to complete my look, but that all went out the window when I saw the sticker on the front of the box. WTF!?! £60 reduced to £49.99, a whole ten new pounds less than I actually paid!

In normal circumstances I would not usually pursue something like that, being a big Ginny Ann and all, but ten quid is ten quid and it’s better in my pocket, so I fired off an e-mail to ask had I either received the wrong product or only been charged the lesser price. I have had an acknowledgement e-mail, but no reply to date, I shall keep you informed.
The steam mop itself is not a bad bit of kit, and it’s certainly more therapeutic than using a mop and bucket, just don’t pay any more than £49.99 if you want to keep your stress levels to a minimum!!

Happy Spring Eejits!

(Image courtesy of Globalhawk from Flickr)

18 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air!

  1. Well bloody hell and ding dongs – you keep on them ‘lying sniveling Bustards (*keeping it CLEAN here – along the lines of your Spring Cleaning post).

    I’m sorry to hear that your frustrations are sky high – but if you can step back and breathe just a little – before it’s pollen season – then by all means. Maybe it’ll help you a bit if you Spring clean your little corner of the homestead – if it’s a private space – that might help ease the strain a wee bit. Hang in there Sister – it will get better – when we can throw open the windows for good and breathe fresh air once again.


  2. I accidentally used polish on our laminate floor at the weekend. I’m not sure which was funnier, Greg almost dropping the dinner to the cats runnin cartoon styleee. Haha, I have a steam mop too but that’s not so much fun :)


  3. Well, that was a fun post! I hope you get your ten pounds; it pays to stand your ground, and you’re doing it for everyone. If they think they can take it from one they’ll take it from all, I say! I hope there’s more singing in your future!


  4. I actually was wondering about that doohickey. I figured if it is a gadget, the hubby will use it (like the Dyson – you want your man to vacuum? Get a Dyson). Also I hate mopping because the floors never dry and then the animals make weird wet footprints everywhere… Review?


    • Ok so at the minute I’m a little unsure. Everyone had been telling me how amazing it was, but I could only afford a middle of the road one, so that may have something to do with it to be honest.

      I think it’s brilliant on my lino floors, I’m not sure about the tiled. It does clean well and even though there is no detergent or anything there is a nice fresh smell. The floors are dry and that’s part of my worry that I am doing something wrong. I need to check, but I might have to dampen the pad first. Overall though I would recommend one, it cleans better than my mop, which was always stinking after about 3 weeks. It’s a lot easier than having to mop. I’d say go for it, but if you can invest a little more and get a decent one, which can be about £100.


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