There was light at the end of the tunnel…

clean and tidy
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….more importantly I found floor space that had not been seen for years.

The big clean up is over, and the house looks, well it pretty much looks like it belongs to someone else. I walk into rooms and i’m like..oh this is nice! Even the Mothership, the cause of all the chaos commented on how nice it looks and how ‘we‘ will have to keep it clean. Ummm hang on, whats with this we business….

My Aunt has arrived and become reacquainted, there are old songs being played on the CD player and photographs of old boyfriends being pulled from little hiding places in the sideboard. The Mothership will remember something and tell my Aunt to hang on and then disappear off to get something else. Sadly if that something else happens to be underneath a bunch of things, they are being lifted out and left on the tidy surfaces. It’s going to be a full time job keeping this house ship shape.

I know you’re probably thinking, what’s wrong with this girl, does she have OCD. I don’t, well not that I know of anyway, I just don’t like clutter. Sadly it seems to be the Mortherships best friend. I’m pretty sure she thinks ‘Oh look there’s a nice clean space, I have some shit in this cupboard that would look just great there’.

I’m sore, but it’s done and now I can get onto the business of fretting about starting to train for the new job tomorrow….oh great!!

Due to the clean up blah, blah. blah I’ve not had much reading or writing time this weekend. Hopefully at some stage over the next couple of days I will get caught up. On glancing through the reader there seems to be some good stuff there, so happy days.

Right time to go get another load of washing in and the lunch made, no rest for the wicked!

Happy Monday Eejits :)

P.s In case, like me you were worried about Steve from Steve Says, because it’s unlike him to be silent (couldn’t resist Steve sorry!), he’s fine. I figured 7 days was time enough and sent him a little e-mail. He’s busy working and normal service should hopefully resume soon :)

Hump Day News Round Up!

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The above picture actually looks a little like how I did on Tuesday of this week. I had to make an appearance for a meeting, which falls under the remit of the new job. I wore a pink shirt. Let me tell you that again in case you missed it, I wore a pink shirt! Now you’ll probably not understand how much of a big deal this is for me, but it really seriously is, on a huge scale. Lets just say than when I wear anything other than black, every fecking person on the planet seems to notice. I felt self conscious and uncomfortable the whole day, but I am going to have to suck it up and get used to it, cos this will have to be the new normal!

Speaking of clothes, I was rather excited when I got an e-mail to say that the clothes store I favour was having a 50% off sale. I’m still on the lookout for a few more work shirts etc, now that I know for sure I am moving. You can imagine my disappointment when after 30 minutes of trawling I found out that the only things still in stock, in my size, are a pair of socks! I’ve heard of fur coat and no knickers, I’m just not sure how well, all socks and no suit would go down with the new boss.

I’ve jumped on the Bloglovin bandwagon. I’d signed up ages ago, but just never got around to doing anything with it. In all honesty I’ve still not done anything with it except follow a few friends. I like the idea that you can add any blog you wish, regardless of whether they have signed up or not. Well at least I think that’s how it works.

I’m glad I’ve found it, because I’ve been having a problem with the wordpress reader for a while. It seems to only show me 20 new posts and no more, so I’ve been missing quite a few. I’ve switched a couple of the photography blogs I follow over to Bloglovin, as due to the volume of posts they were dominating my reader. So don’t panic, I’m still stalking you :)

Last night on arriving home I was ready to commit murder! You’ll be aware from my recent posts (if you actually read them!) that I have spent the last 3 weekends getting the house ready for my Aunts visit. Things were looking up, and my stress levels had almost returned to an acceptable level. Walking into the house last night changed all of that, I really did resemble this:

What the absolute f**k!!

I said nothing, not a word, and believe me, that’s when I am at my most deadly. I did however bang pots and pans and  sigh a lot, because although some arguments are just not worth pursuing, there is still a need to show disapproval.

The Mothership had started to tidy the good room, which over the course of the last year has become her new dumping ground, since the upstairs room was at that stage pretty much full to bursting. Let me translate ‘tidy’ for you, in this house it means carry the stuff from said room you wish to cleanse and dump the shite it contains onto any available surface that has been previously cleared and decluttered. When I calmed down, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry or bang my head repeatedly off a brick wall. In the end I did neither, I had a shower, a strong coffee, loaded GTA V and basically shot the shit out of anything that moved. Weirdly, I did feel a little more relaxed come bed time.

Needless to say I have another weekend of cleaning in front of me, more than likely revisiting places I have already done. Gotta love Dementia, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.


It seems my Sister, after reading my blog, has been practicing her Haiku skills. Her first attempt certainly made me laugh, so I just had to share it. Here is her Haiku of the day –

Sitting on the train
Enveloped in a fart cloud
Of my own making.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those on the Northern Ireland Railways Belfast Departure who may not make it home alive, unless of course they had the foresight to pack a gas mask this morning.

Happy Hump Day Eejits :) x


Clean Sweep!


What a weekend! I feel like I have been away for weeks, but in reality it was only a couple of days, but it was a couple of days without reading blogs, writing on blogs, or in fact getting a sniff of any blogs. I am having blog withdrawal symptoms, and that’s the reason why I carried my laptop into work and am currently blogging on my lunch hour.

I got lost at the weekend. I’m a little bit lost all the time, but this time I mean I actually got physically lost, in the spare room, which over the last 5 years my mother has been using as a dumping ground.

I remember having to do this once before. The year was 2007 and also the one of my Sisters wedding, I went in like a whirlwind, tooled up with rubber gloves, tongs, black bin liners and a flare, just in case I needed to call for assistance. I got everything shipshape and begged my Mum not to ever let it get into that state again.

Fast forward 7 years, we have visitors coming and it’s back to square one, in fact I think it’s worse. It looks like the carnage I leave behind when I miss throw a grenade and blow my car to bits in GTA. After 1 hour I was able to see a little bit of floor, after 2 and a half hours I realised there was a bed in the room, who knew.

It’s amazing the stuff we amass over the years, and the stuff we actually hold onto. I had to be ruthless, while at the same time not throwing out anything of sentimental value. There were plastic bags of plastic bags, other plastic bags with junk and rubbish in them, old magazines, books that I am sure were never read and newspapers from 2009. I threw out 6 black bags full to the gills with absolute shite. You can imagine I was less than happy when the arse burst clean out of at least two of them and I had to pick the stuff up all over again!

I hurt, oh boy did I hurt, my leg a reminder that I am not fit for standing long periods at a time any more. But when I looked at my handiwork, although not yet finished, I felt good. My fear now though is that when she starts to clean the room downstairs, the junk it contains will be carried up into the room I have just cleaned. The reality is it will probably end up being me who cleans it was well, oh the joy!

There is something good to come out of all this though, I think I am turning into a minimalist, it’s just a shame the Mothership does not share my values.

Say a little prayer for me that the ‘Tidyness Angels’ protect my handiwork Smile

Spring is in the Air!

Image by Globalhawk

I can’t stop singing ‘Once Upon a Dream’ by Lana Del Rey. It’s got itself firmly stuck in my gray matter and bursts forth at the most inopportune moments, like while I am in the kitchen making my lunch as workmen rewire the ceiling outside. Emerging to a round of applause was…umm…embarrassing.

It was nice heading into work this morning with a little sunshine beaming from the sky. Spring is certainly walking towards us, but the nip in the air only serves to prove that it is not taking quick steps. Hard to believe that March is almost over.

Normally I don’t like the lighter nights, but this year I am enjoying the gentle stretch, it’s making me feel a little more energized. I now understand the saying ‘Spring Clean’, because that’s what I want to be doing every night. Sadly time, lack of funds and the fact that the house is not mine firmly put the brakes on that little endeavour. Add to that the fact that as soon as I tidy anything the whirlwind that is the ‘Mothership’ wrecks it, I lose heart and give up. I lost count over the weekend of how many times I used the phrase ‘F*ck it’, but it was an awful lot. Stress levels were high.

In a bid to assist with the housework I purchased a ‘Steam Mop’ as after conducting a survey of 100 random people I was assured it was the gadget of the moment. I ordered it online at the cost of £59.99. I rationalised it by adding up how much I pay on detergent and mop heads, said ‘F*ck it’ (again) and hit purchase.
It arrived and I was mildly excited at the prospect of this piece of kit revolutionising my cleaning regime. I even considered (very briefly) donning an apron and marigolds to complete my look, but that all went out the window when I saw the sticker on the front of the box. WTF!?! £60 reduced to £49.99, a whole ten new pounds less than I actually paid!

In normal circumstances I would not usually pursue something like that, being a big Ginny Ann and all, but ten quid is ten quid and it’s better in my pocket, so I fired off an e-mail to ask had I either received the wrong product or only been charged the lesser price. I have had an acknowledgement e-mail, but no reply to date, I shall keep you informed.
The steam mop itself is not a bad bit of kit, and it’s certainly more therapeutic than using a mop and bucket, just don’t pay any more than £49.99 if you want to keep your stress levels to a minimum!!

Happy Spring Eejits!

(Image courtesy of Globalhawk from Flickr)

Not enough hours in the day!

I’ve been a little bit stressed this week. To many things going on for my poor little brain to handle.

I’m off for a few days because my friend is coming over to stay, so I’ve been trying to get everything cleared up in work and also at home.

The water board have decided that now is also a great time to dig up the laneway into our house, meaning that both access and water supplies are limited.

I came home last night and whilst filling the kettle to boil it for the spuds, noticed that the water inside the kettle was a weird brown colour. Oh crap thinks I, the water is fecking brown, that’s not so good. Then I noticed that the water coming from the tap was crystal clear. Weird. I tipped out the contents of the kettle, and out popped 2 tea bags. I turns to Mum and says “there’s teabags in the kettle”, to which she replied, rather sharply I might add, “what’s the problem with that, that’s where they go.” Oh okay, silly me, I thought they went into the teapot. FFS!

I’ve a writing challenge to do as well, but I’m not sure this week I am going to have the time, its to be in on Thursday, but tomorrow is all day cleaning and I’m back into work for a half day Thursday before heading to the airport to pick up the English eejit! It’s all go go go!

Wish me luck!

Making room!

Making RoomI have a cupboard in my room which contains two shelves of basically nothing.

Old padded envelopes, empty CD cases, packing tape, labels and other things that need to be put onto Ebay.

A few years back I decided I needed to de clutter, basically I was passing my prized possessions on to someone who would now have more use for them. You have to be ruthless, because sometimes you want to hold onto things  for the memories they hold for you.

Last night I sold two live albums I had for the band the Eels. I didn’t want to let them go, but I need the money for other things and realistically it had been a while since I listened to them, so I figured it was time to give someone else a chance.

Ebaying has got expensive. While I was happy with what the CD’s sold for, by the time I paid my fees, lost the commission Paypal take and paid postage I lost about £7 from the final price. That said it is still more than I would have got had I used one of the online retailers.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion I am a minimalist. I dislike clutter. I want to be in a position where everything is in it’s place and there is a place for everything. Which means more Ebay’ing I guess. But all of that is time consuming and with Alien leg still under par, irksome, as the nearest post office to my work is about a mile away down a long hill.

It’ll be a long haul, but it will be worth it. I just need to be careful I don’t use the money to buy more clutter to fill my emptying shelves.