Hump Day News Round Up!

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The above picture actually looks a little like how I did on Tuesday of this week. I had to make an appearance for a meeting, which falls under the remit of the new job. I wore a pink shirt. Let me tell you that again in case you missed it, I wore a pink shirt! Now you’ll probably not understand how much of a big deal this is for me, but it really seriously is, on a huge scale. Lets just say than when I wear anything other than black, every fecking person on the planet seems to notice. I felt self conscious and uncomfortable the whole day, but I am going to have to suck it up and get used to it, cos this will have to be the new normal!

Speaking of clothes, I was rather excited when I got an e-mail to say that the clothes store I favour was having a 50% off sale. I’m still on the lookout for a few more work shirts etc, now that I know for sure I am moving. You can imagine my disappointment when after 30 minutes of trawling I found out that the only things still in stock, in my size, are a pair of socks! I’ve heard of fur coat and no knickers, I’m just not sure how well, all socks and no suit would go down with the new boss.

I’ve jumped on the Bloglovin bandwagon. I’d signed up ages ago, but just never got around to doing anything with it. In all honesty I’ve still not done anything with it except follow a few friends. I like the idea that you can add any blog you wish, regardless of whether they have signed up or not. Well at least I think that’s how it works.

I’m glad I’ve found it, because I’ve been having a problem with the wordpress reader for a while. It seems to only show me 20 new posts and no more, so I’ve been missing quite a few. I’ve switched a couple of the photography blogs I follow over to Bloglovin, as due to the volume of posts they were dominating my reader. So don’t panic, I’m still stalking you :)

Last night on arriving home I was ready to commit murder! You’ll be aware from my recent posts (if you actually read them!) that I have spent the last 3 weekends getting the house ready for my Aunts visit. Things were looking up, and my stress levels had almost returned to an acceptable level. Walking into the house last night changed all of that, I really did resemble this:

What the absolute f**k!!

I said nothing, not a word, and believe me, that’s when I am at my most deadly. I did however bang pots and pans and  sigh a lot, because although some arguments are just not worth pursuing, there is still a need to show disapproval.

The Mothership had started to tidy the good room, which over the course of the last year has become her new dumping ground, since the upstairs room was at that stage pretty much full to bursting. Let me translate ‘tidy’ for you, in this house it means carry the stuff from said room you wish to cleanse and dump the shite it contains onto any available surface that has been previously cleared and decluttered. When I calmed down, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cry or bang my head repeatedly off a brick wall. In the end I did neither, I had a shower, a strong coffee, loaded GTA V and basically shot the shit out of anything that moved. Weirdly, I did feel a little more relaxed come bed time.

Needless to say I have another weekend of cleaning in front of me, more than likely revisiting places I have already done. Gotta love Dementia, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.


It seems my Sister, after reading my blog, has been practicing her Haiku skills. Her first attempt certainly made me laugh, so I just had to share it. Here is her Haiku of the day –

Sitting on the train
Enveloped in a fart cloud
Of my own making.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those on the Northern Ireland Railways Belfast Departure who may not make it home alive, unless of course they had the foresight to pack a gas mask this morning.

Happy Hump Day Eejits :) x


23 thoughts on “Hump Day News Round Up!

  1. That haiku is perfect! Am I seeing a recurring fart theme across blogs? :?

    Hmm… the WordPress Reader is a bit buggy at times. It works OK for me, but I don’t follow that many blogs.

    Hopefully you can clean up in time, if only it were like Disney movies. ;)


    • You are Joe, you are indeed. I think trouser trumps will feature a lot in my blog. If you do something well, share it.
      Ah if only, I’d gladly let singing birds and enchanted brooms assist in my cleaning endeavours lol


    • As far as I can tell, and I’ve not looked into it much, its like another reader for blogs, only you seem to be able to add them from various platforms. Seems simple enough to set up. Check it out :)


  2. Well I’m proud of ya for slippin’ outside your comfort zone and wearin’ pink :P As for Bloglovin’, I have very briefly looked at it, didn’t quite understand it so I just forgot about it, now, thanks to my favorite eejit I gotta go take another look at it. It seems your prediction has come true per our conversation the other day concernin’ the upstairs rooms … sorry love :( Wonderful post though :)


  3. Love the poem. I’ve been doing a bit of that myself lately. Farting that is, not writing poetry. And what you refer to as “tidying” we refer to as “shit shifting.”


  4. Between your Breaking Wind and your sister’s gaseous Haiku, there seems to be a common theme. ;-)

    Good luck with the clothes shopping and everything else.

    Happy Hump Day!


  5. Well . . . it sucks that all your good effort has gone to naught, but your sister wrote a very cool haiku and you can tell her I said so . . . If you point me to her blog I’d gladly follow!


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