There was light at the end of the tunnel…

clean and tidy
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….more importantly I found floor space that had not been seen for years.

The big clean up is over, and the house looks, well it pretty much looks like it belongs to someone else. I walk into rooms and i’m like..oh this is nice! Even the Mothership, the cause of all the chaos commented on how nice it looks and how ‘we‘ will have to keep it clean. Ummm hang on, whats with this we business….

My Aunt has arrived and become reacquainted, there are old songs being played on the CD player and photographs of old boyfriends being pulled from little hiding places in the sideboard. The Mothership will remember something and tell my Aunt to hang on and then disappear off to get something else. Sadly if that something else happens to be underneath a bunch of things, they are being lifted out and left on the tidy surfaces. It’s going to be a full time job keeping this house ship shape.

I know you’re probably thinking, what’s wrong with this girl, does she have OCD. I don’t, well not that I know of anyway, I just don’t like clutter. Sadly it seems to be the Mortherships best friend. I’m pretty sure she thinks ‘Oh look there’s a nice clean space, I have some shit in this cupboard that would look just great there’.

I’m sore, but it’s done and now I can get onto the business of fretting about starting to train for the new job tomorrow….oh great!!

Due to the clean up blah, blah. blah I’ve not had much reading or writing time this weekend. Hopefully at some stage over the next couple of days I will get caught up. On glancing through the reader there seems to be some good stuff there, so happy days.

Right time to go get another load of washing in and the lunch made, no rest for the wicked!

Happy Monday Eejits :)

P.s In case, like me you were worried about Steve from Steve Says, because it’s unlike him to be silent (couldn’t resist Steve sorry!), he’s fine. I figured 7 days was time enough and sent him a little e-mail. He’s busy working and normal service should hopefully resume soon :)

29 thoughts on “There was light at the end of the tunnel…

  1. I can certainly sympathize with you. We finally got our humble little abode really cleaned from one end to the other, well, except for my bedroom, I ain’t that brave yet, and it really is a full time job just to keep it straight. My Mothership isn’t all that bad about messin’ things up but the mini me is another story altogether. That child could tear up a steel ball with a feather. Keep the faith dear eejit, we’ll somehow muddle through :)


  2. Yay its finally done, I hope it stays clean for you. My grandma is hoarder and we have went and cleaned her place several times, but it never stays that way long.


  3. Oh, thanks for the Steve update! I was thinking he was on vacation or something, too bad it’s something like work :-/


  4. Glad that the cleaning is done, and the Aunt has arrived and all seems to be rolling smoothly. As for the potential of new clutter from the mothership —- ach, just close your eyes and ignore it. You’ve more than earned the break.

    Hope the training is going well – knowing you, you’ll be a smash hit — any learning curves thrown your way, and you’ll handle it with grace and ease. :)


    • It’s been a bit of a roller coaster from last Friday, the whole cleaning thing and then the new job and everything else. I actually think I’m worn out lol
      Training is going ok, lack of confidence is my biggest issue, but I’m getting there.
      Hope you are well eejit features :) x


      • I am very goodly for the moment — so you had better take some time to just step back and breathe – you know, that taking in and expelling of oxygen – and not via the back of the front of the lower girlie bits either!

        Hang in there – you can handle and manage anything – it just takes time — and I can bet it’s not like anyone is expecting you to “master class” it all in one flow — so have a great cuppa or a cold stiff one – and all will be fine :)


  5. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I made John cut a tile 5 times because it wasn’t quite right, ok perfect, and have come to the conclusion that I am 100% opposite of my mother, who, for example, when cooking, leaves the kitchen looking like a bomb has gone off. Also, has almost burned it down as she has left the burners on. My siblings are worse than me. Freud?? :)


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