Operation Visitation!

Time for a quick one, update that is, not alcohol, although that might help too!

Things are moving on at a swift pace, it’s now only one week until my Aunt arrives from the United States of America. Seriously, where does the time go, ‘ah no need to panic, there’s loads of time’ has turned into ‘oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!’ and ‘arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh’.

This weekend past, I did actually make good strides, I have empty drawers and can see the floor in both rooms, result! The Mothership, when she was finally able to grasp that it’s this coming weekend, informed me that ‘we’ would have to get the house tidied. There was no ‘we’ involved in the messing up of it, so I am not sure how I got into the equation now ffs! I informed her that it’s pretty much done.

The big fear for me now is that when she starts to tidy the downstairs room, that all that stuff will ‘somehow’ make it’s way upstairs into the newly tidied ones. I have never known anyone be able to make so much mess, it’s almost like she goes into a room and flings stuff around her head while screaming ‘Wheeeeeeee’.

I’m going to take a day off at the end of the week, because although I have the bare bones done, there are still a lot of bits and pieces. I did so much on Saturday, that between the pain in my knees and my back I was so sore I couldn’t manage much yesterday. I would love to think that now I have everything ship shape, that it will stay that way, but I know deep down that it won’t.

In other news, my stomach is like a washing machine. The thing about change in the workplace is, I knew it was coming, but while it was not yet here I didn’t have to worry about it. Now it’s starting to become real and a little amount of panic is setting in. Damn you self confidence, give me a break. I will probably be fine, but it’s the period in between now and then that is going to be be quite stressful, especially with everything else that is going on at the same time.

But as a wise man, or perhaps woman once said, ’These things are sent to try us!’

11 thoughts on “Operation Visitation!

  1. Ah, I just had a visit from my own mothership and fathership last week. Spent days in fits and frenzy trying to make headway in this house….even though we have minimal furnishings in this rental property, somehow it still seems to take on life of its own and was a totally overwhelming thing to try and get into order….it’s amazing how when you spend so much time online you really don’t realize how far downhill your actual dwelling place has gone! Perhaps these visits are necessary just to take us out of the cyberworld and make sure we don’t die of strange disease or something through our lack of time/interest in general housekeeping, huh?


    • lol Sadly I live with the Mothership and Fathership and due to the female one having dementia, I’m kinda happy online most of the time lol It’s marginally better than real life! :)
      It is amazing how much dust accumulates in a short space of time tho. Perhaps when this visit is over, I will put on the before and after pics of the room. It’s scary though lol


  2. Hang tough sister — and sneak a few on the side — at least it’ll calm your nerves and help ease the physical pain ;)

    Seriously, just try to take a moment to breathe — and not worry too much about it. Perhaps it’s a question of lowering your expectations – maybe when the d-day visiting aunt arrives, she will comprehend just how much has changed with your parental units and realize that it’s no walk in the park.

    As for the new job business fast approaching too —– breathe breathe breathe! You wouldn’t have been offered it if they didn’t think you could do it very well – and you wouldn’t have accepted unless you were looking for something more – new, challenging etc. Just relax and give yourself time to settle in to it — life’s a learning curve anyhow.


    • My Aunt will be fine, she’s pretty easy going, its more about keeping the Mother ship on the straight and narrow lol
      I’d no choice re the job, but for someone like me that’s probably a good thing, I can’t mourn making a bad decision :)


      • Well perhaps the Aunt will be able to “reach” the Mothership and it might just take some of the long-term stress off of you.

        As for the job —- choice or not — well, actually, you did have a choice, but the outcome was probably not a feasible option if you said “No” —- so, just relax and step out of your comfort zone a bit a time — lol —- and well, buy the damn socks — at least it’s a start!


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