Not enough hours in the day!

I’ve been a little bit stressed this week. To many things going on for my poor little brain to handle.

I’m off for a few days because my friend is coming over to stay, so I’ve been trying to get everything cleared up in work and also at home.

The water board have decided that now is also a great time to dig up the laneway into our house, meaning that both access and water supplies are limited.

I came home last night and whilst filling the kettle to boil it for the spuds, noticed that the water inside the kettle was a weird brown colour. Oh crap thinks I, the water is fecking brown, that’s not so good. Then I noticed that the water coming from the tap was crystal clear. Weird. I tipped out the contents of the kettle, and out popped 2 tea bags. I turns to Mum and says “there’s teabags in the kettle”, to which she replied, rather sharply I might add, “what’s the problem with that, that’s where they go.” Oh okay, silly me, I thought they went into the teapot. FFS!

I’ve a writing challenge to do as well, but I’m not sure this week I am going to have the time, its to be in on Thursday, but tomorrow is all day cleaning and I’m back into work for a half day Thursday before heading to the airport to pick up the English eejit! It’s all go go go!

Wish me luck!

11 thoughts on “Not enough hours in the day!

  1. Oh well …. now this time flying by business explains why I haven’t seen or heard from you …. thought I might have pissed you off or something, was about to put out an APB!

    Hmm …. tea bags in the kettle …. well I’ve had to to do that sort of thing when in a black out lasting for days …. using the wood stove as heating and cooking source … so it’s boiled tea – steeping as the water heats …. but it does seem weird.

    Hope the waterworks business doesn’t affect too much and that the week slows down enough for you to breathe – and have a great visit with your friend. Maybe it’s just what the gal needs, ya?


    • Yeah I’m looking forward to it. I think I was a bit down in the dumps last week, a lot going on at home, my Mum being a little more scatter brained than usual. Sometimes it all builds up and just gets to me. When I feel like that I don’t want to write, well certainly not nice things and I wanted to try and keep this blog a happier place lol


      • *offers you a cyber hug*

        yup … I can understand the need for quiet time to re-group and re-focus …. it’s never easy when one is a care-giver and having to be on the alert for those who are suffering from memory problems … or any other problems.

        Take it easy and make sure you take time for yourself …. do something nice and *spoil* yourself .. you deserve it :)


  2. Best of luck! I agree that days suck because they are way too short for all the things we must do. xD But I’m sure you can make it. Take care and try not to go nuts! <3


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