Don’t let the man get you down…


This weeks What if writing challenge

What if you were a movie star character?

Tell us what movie you are from and what character you are (or don’t and try to make us guess). Now write me a post as that character.

Anything goes with the What if challenge so if you want to wimp out and write me a post as Batman go ahead, but I think Michael Myers or Dumbledore might make a better post. Maybe Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein or Bruce Leroy (Two of my favorite characters, bonus points to anyone who knows the movies they are from).

Or maybe even a random character from your favorite movie that no one else has heard of. Just have fun with it.

empire_recordsSo I guess I should really introduce myself, my name is Warren, well it’s not actually Warren, but that’s what folks call me, and I am a store clerk at ‘Empire Records’ which has to be the coolest place on the planet to work.

The staff of the store are certainly a little kooky and eccentric, but I feel like I belong now. They have become almost like family, wait, what am I saying, they are my familyBoy am I glad I got caught shoplifting!

Yep, you heard right, I was shoplifting from the store, when Lucas, the guy in the black turtle neck chased, hell no, played cat and mouse with me, before knocking me into next week with an open car door.

Perhaps in hindsight going back to the store later that day with the gun was a bad idea, but it was loaded with blanks, what harm could it do. It was the only way I could think of to get their attention. It sure scared the customers. Scared the shit outta me the first time it went off too.

Deb came for me, crazy girl, she wasn’t afraid of the gun or nunthin, just stared at it and walked right for it. That kinda unnerved me and everything started to unravel.

They figured out what I was after, perhaps they knew all along. Hanging round the shop just for one day was the closest I had come to family in a long time. Joe seemed to understand and he even offered me a job. That’s how I ended up here, I mean come on, with eejits like this, how could you not want to work here……

If you want to know more about our story then watch the movie, you will not be disappointed!

13 thoughts on “Don’t let the man get you down…

  1. I was wondering where you had been …. so quiet around here …. glad to see you back and er…. at work …. in the store …. hmmm …..

    Lol … have never even heard of this movie so I’ll have to do some research and see what’s up with it.


    • Ach now you might not like it…few of my friends did, I loved it tho. I’m a Liv Tyler fan I have to say, she just bemuses me. If I could be reborn again I’d want to look like her and not Hagrid from Harry Potter like I do now lol


      • lol …. I’m sure you don’t look like Hagrid – bet my last toonie on it …. *flips the coin up in the air* ….

        well I’ll still search it out and see what I can find … besides … movies are subjective … like books … ;)


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