Clean Sweep!


What a weekend! I feel like I have been away for weeks, but in reality it was only a couple of days, but it was a couple of days without reading blogs, writing on blogs, or in fact getting a sniff of any blogs. I am having blog withdrawal symptoms, and that’s the reason why I carried my laptop into work and am currently blogging on my lunch hour.

I got lost at the weekend. I’m a little bit lost all the time, but this time I mean I actually got physically lost, in the spare room, which over the last 5 years my mother has been using as a dumping ground.

I remember having to do this once before. The year was 2007 and also the one of my Sisters wedding, I went in like a whirlwind, tooled up with rubber gloves, tongs, black bin liners and a flare, just in case I needed to call for assistance. I got everything shipshape and begged my Mum not to ever let it get into that state again.

Fast forward 7 years, we have visitors coming and it’s back to square one, in fact I think it’s worse. It looks like the carnage I leave behind when I miss throw a grenade and blow my car to bits in GTA. After 1 hour I was able to see a little bit of floor, after 2 and a half hours I realised there was a bed in the room, who knew.

It’s amazing the stuff we amass over the years, and the stuff we actually hold onto. I had to be ruthless, while at the same time not throwing out anything of sentimental value. There were plastic bags of plastic bags, other plastic bags with junk and rubbish in them, old magazines, books that I am sure were never read and newspapers from 2009. I threw out 6 black bags full to the gills with absolute shite. You can imagine I was less than happy when the arse burst clean out of at least two of them and I had to pick the stuff up all over again!

I hurt, oh boy did I hurt, my leg a reminder that I am not fit for standing long periods at a time any more. But when I looked at my handiwork, although not yet finished, I felt good. My fear now though is that when she starts to clean the room downstairs, the junk it contains will be carried up into the room I have just cleaned. The reality is it will probably end up being me who cleans it was well, oh the joy!

There is something good to come out of all this though, I think I am turning into a minimalist, it’s just a shame the Mothership does not share my values.

Say a little prayer for me that the ‘Tidyness Angels’ protect my handiwork Smile

25 thoughts on “Clean Sweep!

  1. Cleaning… Organizing… Mmmmm…

    The actual process always kind of sucks, but being able to stand back and look at a freshly cleaned and tidied room and know that you accomplished that, THAT is an amazing feeling.


  2. I am awful about holding on to stuff that I think will one day be useful, and it never is, until I finally throw it away and then the next week I need it. Lol


  3. I used to work at a shop and some days I would just clean it, put things in their rightful place again, all day long. But seeing the effect, seeing the gone chaos, it felt so good indeed :)


  4. I did a big cleanout a few years ago of my desk drawer, filled to the brim with paper. I accidentally pulled it out too far and it came out of the desk and knocked the wind out of me. -_- I’m not quite a serial hoarder, but I still hold onto some drawings from when I was 8. XD


  5. Yup, I know exactly what you mean about being a minimalist. Gosh, that room sounds like the physical embodiment of my email… I’m never sure what happens but after a week, the inbox is back to a mess and I don’t take care of until 3 weeks after that, lol.


    • Lol E-mail does have a tendency to grow at an alarming rate. I always mass mark as read and delete, well I think I do anyway, cos usually when I go back it’s all still there! E-mail gremlins, damn them!


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