Did you mean to click follow?

Eejits Rule
Ah the power of the Brussel Sprout!

I have almost 500 followers, that’s pretty awesome, thank you to each and every one of you, even those who follow everybody, you’re still welcome.

When I first started blogging, was still at the stage of silently reading posts, and didn’t know any better I used to look at blogs who had that amount of followers and think, WOW they must be awesome. To be fair, most of them were, but they appeared to stick to their own circle of friends, not bothering with outsiders.

I now have 500 followers, and while I am no where near awesome (I am so much better at being a f*ck up lol), I have the best bunch of mad crazy fools anyone could ask for. I only wish that I had not spent so much of my early blogging days fawning over those I perceived to be blogging gods.

At the end of the day, we are all the same, human beings living our lives as best we can, we just choose to write about it. A blog starts with a name, empty pages, and a head full of ideas. Along the way an audience builds, friendships are formed and before we know it figures and stats don’t matter so much anymore, it’s all about the community and interaction.

I miss posts, I know I do, and I’m sorry, but my reader only loads 20 at a time, usually the newest ones, missing out some in the middle. I try to go back, but it’s not always possible. Following by e-mail has helped, but I follow so many it’s hard to do them all this way. Forgive me if I don’t get along to thank you personally for following me, but if I like what I read, you’ll no doubt hear from me at some stage.

Don’t be like me in the early days, don’t read silently. Never be afraid to comment on my blog, because that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

Looking back the best advice I can give you is, be true to yourself and don’t give up, good things come to those who wait.

Good people certainly found me :)

47 thoughts on “Did you mean to click follow?

  1. I love people who comment! Same as, loads who just follow and never say a word to me – why did you bother, then? We don’t want to blog in a vacuum, FFS.

    I have 140 unread emails on my blog account, and I feel like a big jerk for it!


  2. Well you dont have to worry about me being a silent reader. Once i get started i usually dont shutup, Lol. Congratulations on hitting 500 thats awesome, I now have 220.


  3. Nope, my clicking follow was no accident! I so know what you mean about the early days of blogging and seeing a blog with 300 followers and thinking “Wow, I’ll never have that.” Then I went and actually commented and made friends. It’s been great! :D


  4. Sure, yeah, I am sure my follow was just an accident… ;-) You’re my Norn Iron sister, right? (I hope I said that right)

    Congrats on the high follower deejits, Eejit! (OK, I tried…)


  5. Eh, you can blame yourself for me being here – you left a comment on my blog, I came to see if you were a real person, and you seemed interesting. Yup, totally your fault. ;)


  6. I love this post…just you being you and saying what we all need to hear once in a while. Thanks. And yes, I definitely meant to hit “follow”!


  7. The comments are the best part of the whole thing.
    Congrats on 500! Here’s to the next 500, and the 500 after that, and the following 500, and the…


  8. Yay! So glad you made it this far. I think you followed me first and I found you through that. :3 Although in the beginning I wasn’t certain if you were male or female. ;) It’s weird how long I’ve been blogging, I just hit a year recently…


  9. Impressive! My follow wasn’t an accident, though I also fall woefully behind on reading – the problem is, I click follow every time I come across and interesting blog, and I come across them all the time and I’d hate to think of how many I follow, so I don’t have a hope of reading them all! One of these days I’m going to do an organise so that I can be a better follower… one of these days ;-)


    • it’s easier said than done. Take this weekend, I never got to look near my blog and the amount of posts I have missed is overwhelmin :/ When you learn the secret of organisation, please pass it on :)


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