I miss mornings!

Anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that I am not a morning person. In order for me to make it out in time, preferably fully dressed, I need to have my clothes laid out the night before, bag packed and lunch chilling in the fridge.

This morning though I was up and out earlier. The Father ship had to go to the Doctors so I went with him and decided to walk to the train station, good exercise for alien legs thinks I.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been down town before the hustle and bustle of the working day has started. I realised I missed walking the empty streets, the air cleaner because it has not yet been tainted with everyday fumes.

Delivery drivers jostling for prime position in front of the shops which are open, but not yet for business. The shop assistants looking a little aghast at the size of the workload being set before them on the footpath.

The smell of fresh bread and brewing coffee permeates the air, cafes opening their doors and preparing their wares, waiting for the world to wake up and make an appearance.

Men with dogs and papers under their arms head home, oblivious to the surroundings, while others rush to work, lost in thoughts of the day to come.

I want to sit down on a bench and watch the world unfold around me, but sadly I have a train to catch and life moves on as usual.

36 thoughts on “I miss mornings!

  1. Live moves on….too true, never enough time to just enjoy it when you get that perspective on something.


  2. Yeah, I miss working downtown and seeing the tourist activity along with all the other workers and vendors through the day.
    At least you got to notice them today, right? Life is just so fast paced now…


      • Hey, I do the same thing, my mom has Vascular Dementia. I didn’t know you were a caregiver too.


      • Sort of I suppose. My Mum either has Stroke Damage or Dementia, they keep changing their minds. She can still do most things for herself, but I now do all the cooking, cleaning, washing and stuff. She can be a little difficult at times which makes things stressful, coupled with working full time, thats why I sometimes want to run away :) lol


      • Well it def. sounds like that we are in the same boat. My mom also had dementia due to strokes. I practically have to do everything for her, she’s in a wheel chair because of arthritis so I have to get her up and down out of it.

        Hey, if you have a Facebook and ever wanna chat about this I’d be happy to do so. It might be therapeutic for both of us, ya never know lol


  3. It’s so fun to imagine what you’re saying, even before the oblivious men, each with with a dog under one arm and a paper under the other, begin bumping into each other and the street fills with harrumphing and exclamations of, “oh, pardon me!”


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