Some break that was!

I’m writing this on the train, its literally the first free time I’ve had to commit to any writing in about the last two weeks.

Easter break turned out not to be a break, there were so many things to fit into the couple of days off from work, one of which included going to work. I think I’m probably more tired now than before I started, and my heads still not above water.

I wonder sometimes just how much information the human brain, more specifically my little brain can hold before it goes ok lass, enough is enough. Sometimes it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day.

So it’s back to work today and I dread what’s in front of me, albeit the extra day I had to fit in will hopefully give me a little leeway. Here’s hoping anyway.

I never did manage to get around to doing my piece for the Okay, What if? Challenge, although I’m hoping I can still fit that in somewhere. I haven’t forgotten by the way, a new challenge will be up soon.

Its been nice to see better weather, sunshine certainly energises and makes a lot of things seem more possible. The daffodils are starting to bloom and the smell of freshly mowed lawns permeates the air signalling the return to hay fever season for some. Sadly it also means the start of the dreaded prickly heat that stings and reddens my hands, yay for allergies, gotta love them.

I wish I’d taken the whole week off, a chance to play catch up and get other things ticked off the list, but hindsight as they say is a wonderful thing.

I’m still trying to read all the little posts that have stacked up in my Bloglovin, but the sheer quantity is making it difficult, that coupled with the train WiFi that seems to work for everyone else but me, well I think you get the picture.

That said, I hope you have all been well and enjoyed your Easter. I would promise a return to normality, but I no longer know what that is, so let’s just go with I’ll see you when I see you.

I did miss you all though!

(Ignore spelling and punctuation mistakes, it’s not as easy typing on a moving train as the adverts and posters would have you believe, I’ve smacked myself up the face with the phone three timed so far)

23 thoughts on “Some break that was!

  1. Yay, you’re back!! I was a bit worried about you, knowing your absence was probably due to Overwhelming Life Stuff. I’m taking a week off Just Because. Not been as productive as I would like, I’m blaming it on chronic sleep deprivation, and I’m trying to be okay with that. I have managed a post day though…..:-/


  2. Glad to see you back! Am sorry you haven’t had more of a break. I think you’re probably well past that saturation point now…….maybe buy an extra lottery ticket today? :)


  3. ’bout time you stopped in to say HI. :wink: Trying to catch up on the sites may be too big a job, I know how it looks when I take one day off – can NOT imagine 2 weeks!!


  4. Oooh breaks are always too short and there are never enough hours in one day! That seems inevitable… But now stop smacking yourself in the face with your phone, that doesn’t help to lighten your day! ;)


  5. Hmmm … a break from work that includes going in to work anyhow?!? Humph! Sucks big fat chocolate covered Easter eggs that does! (I hope you did have some chocolate somethings somethings for Easter – at the very least!)

    Brain damage happens after more than 2 GB are stored in cluster-f*cks located in the herniated disk part of the brain core where stellar performance issues cause anxiety. Take a breather damn it! Your hard drive is going to blow a fuse.

    I think you’re going to have to begin to selectively choose how you spend some of your free time – nosey parker ;) it’s impossible to do it all – or haven’t ya noticed yet?!?

    Love ya and take care ffs!
    Hugs to you Juls :D


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