Magic Pens


Bloomin heck you lot, have you all been down to Diagon Alley (if you don’t get that reference, then shame on you!) and purchased magic pens? What on earth is going on, there’s more posts flying about than what you would find in a field full of fences. Everybody just stop, breathe and count to ten……feel better? Thank feck, at least one of us does.

I’ve made reference before to my feelings for the WordPress reader, it would be a magnificent tool if it didn’t somehow manage to spirit away a whole multitude of posts everyday. Now it’s certainly not the readers fault that I have very little spare time on my hands to catch up on reading, so a while back I made a few discreet inquiries (I asked my mate Google) and discovered Bloglovin. It’s been a life saver. That said, it cannot help me with my lack of time either, but slowly I have been adding blogs I follow into my feed and lovely little BL stacks them up until I get time to play catch up.

This week was another busy week, with very little time for reading, so armed with a spare 30 minutes this evening I decided to sit down and get started. It’ll not be too bad I thinks to myself, the page loaded, I went to the oldest post and in the top corner it said 153 unread. It was at that point, that I fell off the chair! I’ll have some of what you lot are having thank you very much!

Normally I get to read and like most things and if I have half decent Internet signal I even get to like them, but even by my standards that’s a lot of posts for me to make it through, so I am going to apologise in advance if I don’t get to read / like everything.  Have you any idea the trauma that amount of information can cause to a single brain cell, especially one that you’re sitting on ffs!

While we’re on the subject, thats the main reason that my comments are set for moderation, that way there is no fear that I will miss anyone, as sometimes it could be a day or two after before I get to reply, that and to correct peoples spelling mistakes, I shall mention no names! But everyone, please feel free to correct my multitude of spelling mistakes at any time, you don’t even have to ask, anything that makes me look a little less like an eejit is good in my books :)

So the moral of this story is….who knows…..I’ve run out of steam!

Till next time eejits :)

P.s Keep writing, I love it really….maximum 2 posts a day should be grand, that leaves me about 100 a day to read……..errrm ok, mebbe half a post a day would be better ;)

42 thoughts on “Magic Pens


    I do know exactly what you mean about trying to catch up on the reading….it’s been a busy weekend here and I’m already struggling just with a couple of days!

    Also, I’m not finding the inspiration on the movie thing either. Well, okay, that’s a lie. I know exactly what movie I’d be in, but I don’t think I’m brave enough to put it out here for all! Maybe I’ll get the next one. Surely there has to be one that I can write on! I just didn’t want you to think it was you or anything….it’s really not. Just have to find my moment!


  2. Hooray for Bloglovin’. I discovered it a while back and it has been a life saver for me. Now I don’t miss any posts on that spooky WordPress reader monster that seemed to eat posts up or hide them from view.


  3. I used to have to read all posts on the day they are published. Now, not so much. Trying to find a pace…still.


      • I would think if we ever got to famous blogger level, that would become our job and in that case, no worries. Pay me to blog? Sure. LOL


      • You’d be good at it, me I’d die from worrying about what I was going to post and how I was going to manage anything. I can see the headlines now “Famous bloggers head explodes after only two days in the spotlight”. I don’t even think I’d ever want to be Freshely Pressed either….can you imagine having to live up to that reputation…no fecking thanks lol


      • I don’t think I can blog for profit, because eventually someone is going to tell you what to write. No thanks.


  4. I’m still not caught up with my beach-trek! But tonight I had to blog about poor Rua, so it is put off a bit longer… I ignore reader, and get everything via email. Or a weekly digest for those who blog several times a day (Steve!).


  5. Yeah – like what do you think happens when you’ve been away for a month or more???

    LOL —- head for the hills and the nearest cave and just chill – hang with the bats!

    I’ve been thinking about this “problem” for a long time – eons – and ask yourself this important question: do all of your followers read every damn post you write???? And what about the really big bloggers – with thousands of readers – do they read every damn comment and reciprocate?

    Me thinks not.

    So … it’s just a question of trying to find some semblance of sanity – er …. balance. Reading balanced with the posting eh?

    Good luck and hugs to you Juls – and if you do ever figure out the magic formula – please let me know! ;)


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