Magic Pens


Bloomin heck you lot, have you all been down to Diagon Alley (if you don’t get that reference, then shame on you!) and purchased magic pens? What on earth is going on, there’s more posts flying about than what you would find in a field full of fences. Everybody just stop, breathe and count to ten……feel better? Thank feck, at least one of us does.

I’ve made reference before to my feelings for the WordPress reader, it would be a magnificent tool if it didn’t somehow manage to spirit away a whole multitude of posts everyday. Now it’s certainly not the readers fault that I have very little spare time on my hands to catch up on reading, so a while back I made a few discreet inquiries (I asked my mate Google) and discovered Bloglovin. It’s been a life saver. That said, it cannot help me with my lack of time either, but slowly I have been adding blogs I follow into my feed and lovely little BL stacks them up until I get time to play catch up.

This week was another busy week, with very little time for reading, so armed with a spare 30 minutes this evening I decided to sit down and get started. It’ll not be too bad I thinks to myself, the page loaded, I went to the oldest post and in the top corner it said 153 unread. It was at that point, that I fell off the chair! I’ll have some of what you lot are having thank you very much!

Normally I get to read and like most things and if I have half decent Internet signal I even get to like them, but even by my standards that’s a lot of posts for me to make it through, so I am going to apologise in advance if I don’t get to read / like everything.  Have you any idea the trauma that amount of information can cause to a single brain cell, especially one that you’re sitting on ffs!

While we’re on the subject, thats the main reason that my comments are set for moderation, that way there is no fear that I will miss anyone, as sometimes it could be a day or two after before I get to reply, that and to correct peoples spelling mistakes, I shall mention no names! But everyone, please feel free to correct my multitude of spelling mistakes at any time, you don’t even have to ask, anything that makes me look a little less like an eejit is good in my books :)

So the moral of this story is….who knows…..I’ve run out of steam!

Till next time eejits :)

P.s Keep writing, I love it really….maximum 2 posts a day should be grand, that leaves me about 100 a day to read……..errrm ok, mebbe half a post a day would be better ;)

Feeling Humbled!


I’ve had a few new followers of late, thank you very much and you are more than welcome. My apologies for the fact that I have not been along personally to thank you, but you see I never did that with any of the old hands and I don’t want to hear any cries of discrimination. People seem to just happen along and hang around, adding bits and pieces every now and again and that’s just the way I like it. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay. There’s a great bunch of folks who visit, I’m sure you’ll get to know them soon enough.

The addition of new followers to my blog has also meant the addition of new material to my reader. I love it when people introduce themselves, because the chances are I would never have found them otherwise. For some reason, my ‘You May Like’ section usually throws up the same 4 blogs, even though I have previously indicated they were not my type of thing. If you think about it, there are over a million people on WordPress, but yet it still recommends the same ones. Perhaps I have found the best ones already, most days it certainly feels like I have, because you lot rock!

I always did pretty much live on the Internet, right from the first time my sister let me have a go on her laptop and introduced me to ICQ. I spoke to people all over the world and nothing would do but I had to get a computer of my very own to explore this new world I had previously known nothing about. Over the years I have made some amazing friends, met some complete wankers, learned new skills, honed old ones and many other things that I would never have managed were it not for easy access to the World Wide Web.

Despite how I come across I am actually quite a shy person, most likely due to low self esteem, so hiding behind the screen of a computer suits me just fine. I do love going out with my friends and if I feel comfortable with you I will open up, but I hate that moment of having to meet someone for the first time, or walking into a crowded room. People who know me would tell you that they find this weird. They say I am the life and soul of the party and strangely, they find me funny. I love that, but it bemuses me at the same time.

So you see this little space of mine on the Internet, has given me a lot to be thankful for. I have been fortunate enough to meet amazing people, with more coming along every day. I’ve shared their stories, their journeys, their happiness and heartache. I’ve been in total awe of the strength people show in the most dire of circumstances and how despite everything they continue to write, offering those who follow hope and a lifeline. I’ve giggled at the sexploits of others, yes Sean, this time I do mean you, take a bow! and I’ve even been educated, probably more than I ever was at school.

I don’t get time to comment on every post I read and the ‘Like’ button along with Translink’s free Wifi have been a tad temperamental of late, but I try and read as often as I can to keep up to date with everyone’s goings on. So don’t think that just because I have not liked or commented on a post that I have not read it. Even after all this time I still get stuck for things to say, so I choose not to comment. Sometimes nothing else needs to be said.

There has been so much going on here too, what with working full time, being later home at night and the cooking every day now, that I don’t have the same amount of time I used to. I want to be writing all the time and my mind is a hive of activity with ideas for this site and also for posts on Okay, What if?, where I now guest post, it’s just that when I finally get everything done my brain goes, ‘seriously you want me to remember all those things you were thinking about? How about a big slice of feck away off” and the great ideas I had vanish into the ether.

Image from

In fact it’s doing that right now, reminding me it’s bed time and that I’ve not been sleeping the best. Funny things brains, ingenious inventions, you can be as thick as shit, but the old top box still rules the roost!

Anyway all I wanted to say was, thank you for following me, for putting up with me and for sticking around. I am so glad to have met you all!


Inspire, amuse and educate me…

I love WordPress, love, love, love it!!

I’ve learnt so much in the short time I have been here, just from reading other people’s blogs. In fact the “Reader” has become my newest travel companion.

I’ve read posts that have made me laugh, think, question and quite a few that have  made me emotional, even cry on occasion.

Whilst I have no idea who the majority of people on here are, there is something very personal about someone opening their thoughts to you and letting you browse.

I love it when someone is able to draw you into their story, so much so, that you feel that you are right there with them in that exact moment in time.

Of course no two people are going to react to a post the exact same way. So what is amazing for me, may be mediocre for you.

So whilst I love the Reader, I am experiencing a little frustration at the fact there are over a million blogs floating around out there that I might never get to see. That’s a million emotions I will not experience, a million people I will never meet, albeit virtually.

My “You may like” section, within the reader, seems to constantly give me the same options, even though I have X’d them after reading and finding they were just not for me. I’ve trawled the Blog’s I follow lists of the blogs I follow, if you catch my drift, but that just feels like stalking.

So here’s what I need. If you stop by and read this, please don’t pass on by. Take 2 minutes and let me know about your favourite post or blog. Something that made you laugh, think and even cry. It can be your own or someone else’s. Hopefully that way I can perhaps find a few more good reads to add to my morning routine!

Here’s a couple of my favourites that I think deserve a read:

Made me Laugh out Loud: Conversations with Cats

Made me Think: Hypocrisy

Made me hungry: Prawn pate, and other things.

Made me emotional: Making it so

Made me Smile: Animal Chaos 

Made me worry for those who date online, oh and laugh: Will you be my matey?

Made me cry and STILL my most favourite post ever: Nickle Lauritzen and the Afterlife

These are just a few of the many amazing posts I have read, please try and help me find some more…..