Inspire, amuse and educate me…

I love WordPress, love, love, love it!!

I’ve learnt so much in the short time I have been here, just from reading other people’s blogs. In fact the “Reader” has become my newest travel companion.

I’ve read posts that have made me laugh, think, question and quite a few that have  made me emotional, even cry on occasion.

Whilst I have no idea who the majority of people on here are, there is something very personal about someone opening their thoughts to you and letting you browse.

I love it when someone is able to draw you into their story, so much so, that you feel that you are right there with them in that exact moment in time.

Of course no two people are going to react to a post the exact same way. So what is amazing for me, may be mediocre for you.

So whilst I love the Reader, I am experiencing a little frustration at the fact there are over a million blogs floating around out there that I might never get to see. That’s a million emotions I will not experience, a million people I will never meet, albeit virtually.

My “You may like” section, within the reader, seems to constantly give me the same options, even though I have X’d them after reading and finding they were just not for me. I’ve trawled the Blog’s I follow lists of the blogs I follow, if you catch my drift, but that just feels like stalking.

So here’s what I need. If you stop by and read this, please don’t pass on by. Take 2 minutes and let me know about your favourite post or blog. Something that made you laugh, think and even cry. It can be your own or someone else’s. Hopefully that way I can perhaps find a few more good reads to add to my morning routine!

Here’s a couple of my favourites that I think deserve a read:

Made me Laugh out Loud: Conversations with Cats

Made me Think: Hypocrisy

Made me hungry: Prawn pate, and other things.

Made me emotional: Making it so

Made me Smile: Animal Chaos 

Made me worry for those who date online, oh and laugh: Will you be my matey?

Made me cry and STILL my most favourite post ever: Nickle Lauritzen and the Afterlife

These are just a few of the many amazing posts I have read, please try and help me find some more…..

14 thoughts on “Inspire, amuse and educate me…

  1. What you can do is go to my blog, for example, and look down the right hand side. There is a list of the blogs that I follow. Most of them are pretty much along the similar lines of humour as myself, so you could always click on a few of those and have a read. I also do blogrolls occasionally…. you could look out for those. In fact, here is a link to my blogrolls category :) Hopefully you will find that you like some of the blogs I enjoy, too,and from there discover a load of others via their blogs. :) I can’t wait to have time to click on the blogs you enjoy, too.


    • Ta much! Although I found a few from yours already, you had good ones on there. I want to wake up every morning with a full reader of wonderful things to look at lol
      Will check out the blog roll :)


      • Haha thank you. :) I’m going to do another bus blog soon. I love doing those ones, but you know how it is.You have to be inspired on that day – and have the time to write!


      • Oh, the other thing! If you follow blogs, make sure the settings are correct in your reader! I realised, after liking a gazillion blogs, that the settings were wrong and I was set to NOT RECEIVE any updates on new posts! What, I ask you, then is the point of even following a blogger if the default setting isNOT to receive posts!


  2. Blogging is indeed something very special. I like the way you can be anonymous and very, very open at the same time. I would never share my fiction with real life friends, but I would never tell you everything that happens in my life.
    Having both a blog and a life is great :).


    • I couldn’t agree more. I always found on blogs where people knew it was me, that I was never honest, as in I never wrote exactly how I felt. This one I want to keep a bit more light hearted and jovial anyway, but sometimes I’ll want to write about something and just feel I can’t put it here.


    • That’s funny you should ask me about that because previous blogs were what I was considering for my next post lol Never used blogger, can’t honestly remember if I have even checked it out, but I’d used WordPress before and liked the format so figured it was the best one to use. For now I am happy with my choice :) You considering a nosey to see how the other half live? lol


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