To Comment or Not to Comment..

After a conversation last night, I went looking for this post. The subject matter of the discussion centered around comments and my explanations as to why I do not always leave one.

Although this post was originally written in July 2013, most of it still applies, except the one about the blog gods, I figured out eventually there is no such thing. I was new and foolish, don’t judge me. 

A new one to add to the reasons, is time, as in not having enough of it.

Regardless, rather then reblog,  I though I would just re publish the post. 

To comment or not to comment, that is the question…..

I won’t like a post, unless I actually like a post. I’m not in the habit of just scrolling down my reader merrily clicking as I go, not reading anything.  Quite the opposite, I try to read everything. However unless you knew my strategy, you would perhaps assume I am a serial liker as I seldom back up my choices with a comment.

Comments scare me.

There are a few reasons for this, and you will most likely laugh when you read them and in your head reaffirm my status as an eejit, but here they are none the less. It may even help me to become more proactive on the commenting front and you to understand why you don’t always see one.

Firstly we have the blog gods, you know the ones, always on Freshly Pressed and quite rightly so. Super slick blogs and superior content that makes you want to cry because you know no matter how long you blog, or how well you blog, you will just never be in that league. Every time you see one of their posts in your reader you leave it until last because you know it’s going to be the best.

All their posts get over 100 likes and probably around the same amount of comments, each one a beautifully crafted little nugget of wisdom or humour. I can’t compete with that. In I’d wade with my big clod hoppers and muddy the clear waters, by posting something that made me laugh out loud but everyone else would look at and go, what the f……..!

The blog gods would look at little old me and assume I am a serial liker, trying to piggy back off their success to gain views for my own humble offerings.

Secondly you have the posts that make you heart sore. You read it and just want to reach into the screen, pull out the writer and hug them like there is no tomorrow. You want to comment so badly, even if it is just to let them know you understand, but words fail. There is nothing you can say that is going to make any difference, and any offerings you can think of just seem insignificant to the words of wisdom from others. I like these posts and leave, because I never know what to say.

Then we have the gaming posts and movie reviews. If I don’t know enough about the subject matter then I choose not to comment, because to do so would just show my ignorance and lack of knowledge about the post. I love reading them to gain the knowledge and to entertain the possibility of perhaps giving them a try, but usually any comments I make will be questions.

Then I have the circle of blogs I usually do comment on. These people for whatever reason have accepted me, embraced my stupidity and in some cases even encouraged it. Without them I would be lost, because each gives me the courage to carry on and face my commenting fears, by replying and letting me know it’s ok if sometimes I am not the brightest fairy in the forest.

So rest assured, if I follow your blog it is because I find it interesting and would like to revisit, not because I want to use your kudos to move up the ladder. If I comment and you think its nonsense give me the benefit of the doubt, I mean well. If I don’t comment, I probably wanted to, more than you know, but I couldn’t think of anything to say.

This blogging malarkey is a learning curve and I am just heading into the bend…..

33 thoughts on “To Comment or Not to Comment..

  1. My rule of thumb is to like AND comment when I can. However, I do end up just liking something and not commenting sometimes. It’s for some of the same reasons you have highlighted here. I may not know much about the subject the blogger talks about, but I enjoyed reading it. Or everything has been said on the matter and I can’t really add anything additional to it. Either way, I want to let someone know how much I enjoyed reading so I like it. I can’t stand the “spam likes” and those you can tell most often anyway. Do what makes you feel comfortable is what I think!


  2. I think as a rule, I don’t compare my blogs to others. I blog because its fun, and cool to put all my gaming and art stuff somewhere. I’d rather be a part of a smaller community, where I can reply to comments and “talk” to other people who feel the same about the subjects I’ve written about, rather than getting 100 likes, mostly from people who you said are just scrolling down the reader and blanket liking. Some of the blogs I followed that had 100 likes would often be posting one quote, that they didn’t even write. Never forget why you began blogging to begin with. For me it was for fun, and a place to share whatever, because I enjoy rereading my old posts.
    If I like your post, I’ve read it, my like means, “I have read this post, and you gave me a reason to like it”. As for comments, I like getting comments, and I wouldnt judge someone for what they’ve said on my posts, unless it was mean, in which case I’d have to hunt them down. Haha.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t fear commenting, because you never know when you might meet someone who feels the same way about you as stuff, and it’s awesome when that happens, and it’s probably the one reason why I keep posting stuff. :)


    • Fair point. I guess my biggest fear is I will look like an idiot, or say the wrong thing. You know yourself I’m sure, that sometimes text can be misinterpreted if someone does not have the same sense of humour, I’m pretty sure it’s happened to us all. But yes at the end of the day you’re right, it’s all about fun :)


  3. If you think you are beaten, you are.
    If you think that you dare not, you don’t.
    If you’d like to win, but think you can’t,
    Its almost certain that you won’t.

    Life’s battles don’t always go
    To the stronger or faster man.
    But sooner or later, the man who wins,
    Is the one who thinks he can.
    -Walter D. Wintle

    Take away? To succeed you must risk failure in addition to believing in yourself. Even if I may not be the most expert on a topic that I have a view/opinion I will speak up. Why because new views and ideas bring freshness to a discussion. A discussion is an exchange of ideas it isn’t about a sales pitch to force everyone agree with a single point of view. Comment away. Comment away like the wind. :)


  4. I like comments either way, so feel free to say no matter what! Truth is that most people will be happy with a comment, whether it’s hilarious or just slightly funny – it’s a sign you read and appreciated. So don’t be shy. This is the Internet- if you’re kind, you’re already far ahead of many others!


  5. I am the same way. I read it all, for no other reason because the poor soul slaved over it and then sent their baby out into the world to compete with the best, battle their fears and engage in hopefully one meaningful conversation. Often I don’t have conversation, but I want them to know that their effort was appreciated and they do contribute something meaningful to this world of wordpress. And I include you in this! I love all comments, the goofier the better!


  6. Oh, I’m glad you reposted this! I actually quite enjoyed that little look behind the scenes of your head. I think alot of us feel the exact same way and I’m so glad you choose to follow, read, and comment on my posts……I’m actually even more flattered than I already was!


  7. I love when you comment on my blog!
    I am the same as you…I only comment if I have something to say that I deem either humorous or full of wisdom…which is rare! ;)


  8. Be yourself ! There are too many serious blogs out there ! If your theme is eejit then run with it. I love this post and you are a great writer. Have fun ! I’m following ! :D <3


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