Mondays Suck!

I’ve decided I dislike Mondays, the start to the long week and the mop up for all that happened at the weekend.

Today was my first Monday morning of train travel in a while. Shelling out £150 was painful on the purse and navigating hoards of teenagers was painful on the leg, but in order to earn a crust it has to be done. I considered another ‘Joys of Modern Travel’ post, something I haven’t done in a while, but I quickly ran out of steam and by the time I sat down at my desk I could no longer be arsed.

On a happier note, I’m typing this on my phone as trees whiz past on my journey home. Another first for a long time. I should be reading, but I’m giving my tired brain a chance to relax from the information overload that some call Monday.

My legs been bothering me, it keeps giving way. I’m hoping its a direct result of navigating stairs and being on my feet more as opposed to something more sinister. I even contacted my physio, but she’s not available to reply until the start of March. It must be bad if I’m actively seeking assistance. Time to ramp up the straight leg raises and hope for the best.

I do have to say however that I am enjoying  the stretch to both mornings and evening. It’s nice journeying to and from work in something other than pitch black.

I’ve just noticed a poster in the carriage that states ‘Life’s better by train’, I’d agree if I didn’t have to change every 5 minutes.

Note to self, must stop moaning!

Happy information overload day people!

26 thoughts on “Mondays Suck!

  1. Ugh…does sound dreadful and I’m awfully sorry your leg is acting up… just really doesn’t cooperate sometimes, does it? Hang in there, Juls!


  2. Mine has been interesting, but it’s not over yet so we’ll see. I do think it would be nice to not have to be actively in control of the work commute so that I could knit or something while en route, though not having the flexibility to leave for an appointment or the like during the day would probably annoy me.


  3. Mondays are actually a good day for me, likely because it is “my Sunday.”. Tuesdays are pure hell, however. That return to the work week is a real b**ch. I am glad you made it through yours and happily typed your way home. I do not have a smart phone so only blog on laptop or PC, but I do like the idea of being “driven” to and from work. :)


  4. I generally like trains, and prefer them over buses, but sometimes in Belgium, it just seems like they make the WORST connections to the town nearby, and they take the OLDEST trains to get us there. They even decided to take one out of a museum to put back on the tracks. (Well, not literally… As far as I know.)

    So… I feel you ;)


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