I’ve been thinking…

Too many blogs

Thinking is never a good thing, it usually either signals the end of something, or gives me more work to do. Now you’ll have to bear with me here, because my thoughts are very scattered, which means writing them down will most likely be equally as messy.

I was thinking about my blogs, currently as you know I have two, this one and The Misadventures of May Dupp. Ms Dupp originally started here, however around May last year I decided to give her a place of her own. Creating a second blog is great in theory, however keeping up with writing on both is a bit of a nightmare. Too much work turns something I love from being a hobby to more like a job and I already have one of those.

Second point. We all know that the main thing about writing a blog is the interaction. Without the input and support from our followers we would have pretty much nothing. I’m lucky enough to have amassed 85 followers on May’s blog, most of whom already follow me here. However, on May’s blog I am not able to avail of the same interaction, as I would be reading the same posts twice and commenting as both people, if you catch my drift. It’s unfair of me to expect interaction whilst offering nothing in return, and also if someone new likes a post and I in turn like their blog I have a dilemma as to which account I use to follow them with. See how it gets confusing.

So here is where I need some input from you, my lovely followers who I would trust with my life, virtually of course! Would the simplest solution of all be to bring May and her Misadventures back to this blog and make them both one again, but letting May retain her identity so she can comment on her own posts as well as write them. Or do I leave things as they are and let her retain her own little space of Internet heaven?  They don’t call me indecisive for nothing you know!

My fear is that people who follow me there, but not here are missing out on valuable interaction with both myself and you lot, because you are a very entertaining bunch. Secondly, if it all becomes to difficult, will I just throw in the towel like I have been known to do in the past.

What, my little brain boxes, would your advice be?

52 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking…

    • Me too, I’m thinking that’s the easiest option, and if I do decide to go for it then I have to have a think about the whole social media side of things was well. Oul May might not be too happy at loosing her Facebook page lol


  1. Well my dearest Eejit, what I would do, since it is pretty obvious that are havin’ a bit of a conundrum concerning dear May, is just create another, separate Page here on this lovely blog. That way, folks that wanna read and interact with her will only have to click a link at the top of your page, or wherever you have your links set up to show. Problem solved :D Much love to ya!!

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    • I like your thinking, sad thing is though, I am not a self hosted blog so therefore I cannot ass posts to pages, they are only static. It was part of the reason I made the move. That said, May has her own category so as long as I remember to tag her correctly I should be fine lol Thank you though for your suggestion.

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  2. Seems to me that if you were to bring May back to this blog as a separate author then her posts could be sort of “featured bits” but you would definitely have the ability to let her comment on her posts, or yours I suppose. At the end of the day I’m all for whatever makes you more likely to post more often. I do so love hearing from you. <3

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  3. Bring her back here and let 2015 be the year of simplifying your life! I’m all about the path of least resistance and I surely do not want you to become so frustrated you aren’t here at all!

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    • True, I feel guilty when I fall back on my reading etc, whoever said this blogging lark was easy talks complete rubbish lol It’s looking like I might just move her back here. Thank you for your input :) I’d miss you guys too much to go.


  4. Well, if you bring her back here, you could still give her her own page. And about that interaction, that’s actually a very good point. I don’t want to take your decision, but if you give her her own page on this blog, it will be clear that it’s still from you, so I think that would solve the interaction thing.

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  5. Bring her here, that way I’ll be able to read her posts. Like most people I don’t have time to read lots of different blogs, so I would read this one and possibly (through time constraints) miss May’s one, so it would work two ways – free your time up a little and we get 2 fun bloggies :)

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  6. I’m quite new to following you, so haven’t a clue who May is. Going to chuck my oar in anyway, cos I’m like that. What about having May here, but post for her on a certain day……like Monday May?? I know you’re meant to aim for consistency in a blog, and I guess that’s why you created a second. But as you say, it’s hard enough keeping up with one blog. In my own blog, I’ve chosen to embrace being consistently inconsistent…….eclectic. I changed my strap line to fit this too. Keep your readers on their toes!!

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    • Lol I’m not so good regarding consistency, it’s all about the element of surprise, as in, if I write today it’ll either be a nice surprise or a nightmare for you :)
      May is my fictional character. No doubt I will bring her back here and then hopefully you will get to meet her :) Thanks for the input.
      P.s if you drew the wee blue birdie I love it :)


      • Thank you, the wee blue birdie is mine :-) The sketches, art pieces and photos are usually mine. I name the artist when it someone else.


      • Ah, that must be a missing link in my blogging knowledge :-(( How do I do that??? It’s called “Little Steps to Somewhere” – hope that gets you there!!!


      • If you use a laptop, it may work with a tablet too, I’ve never tried, go to your dashboard, hover over your little profile picture in the top right corner and from the drop down choose account settings. At the bottom of that page you will see My Profile Photo and links. At the bottom there is an option to add a WordPress site. I’m guessing when you click this the option for your own site should appear, put a check in the box and add site and hey presto, hopefully it should then show it. It just means that if someone else likes your comment for example and they want to check out your blog, the click on your picture and it will take them to a profile page where they can click on the link!
        Fingers crossed it works :)

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  7. What if you brought on May as a contributor — then she could write and comment, and it would simplify things for you. If she decided to take a little time off from blogging here and there it would allow you to catch up in other aspect of your life.

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  8. Ah feck -I have no answers – I’m trying to decide meself about my blogs – and whether or not to throw in the whole towel as well. Sheesh. But I do love May. Oh hell – just keep it simple – you know – a big wet KISS (keep it simple stupid – not that I suggest that either you or May are stupid – that’s my department ;) ) …. if it means it’s easier for you to get it all together, then do it. And can’t you give May privileges here? (Like Jed did at Okay, What if?) I mean, just give her her own categories and tags – and presto! Or something …. all I do know is this —- time is limited – and this is supposed to be fun —- not a mind-meld f*ck. ;)

    Love ya both :D


    • Don’t you dare thrown in the towel. You know I gave this a lot of consideration over the holiday period. I questioned why I was not satisfied with what I had and why I moved May to the new blog in the first place.
      I think we go in different directions with our writing and we need to have a drawer to put them in so to speak, but at the end of the day it’s all us, so why do we not just have one place to settle and I think that’s what I will do.
      Merge your two and call them Write up the Follies and keep being the great word-smith that you are. I wish I had half your talent, mine lies in being goofy :)

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      • LOL — oh darlin’ you had me right at the title “Write Up The Follies!” HAHA Bloody Brilliant! For the title alone, it would be worth considering. :D

        I’m not done thinking yet —- just trying to decide etc. etc. but yeah, at some point, having the one is more than enough. As for talent – LOL — you have plenty of talent —- in so many ways – and I’m so glad for it – cause you keep me in stitches, entertained and amused – and best yet – interested – in you – the Eejit who is truly a Jewel! :D

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