The b*tch is back!

MayDupp BannerI knew if I asked you lot I would get the advice and help I needed. Thank you so much for all the input. To be honest it was pretty clear from all your comments that Ms May should come back here to her original birth place.

There is much to do and I have set myself quite a task, but thankfully the kind folks at WordPress have already lessened the burden and moved all the posts over for me. I didn’t however ask them to transfer followers, most of you already follow me here, and I felt it unfair to force myself on the others, I’d rather it be their choice.

Over the coming weeks I will start to streamline my categories, May will have her own and perhaps also an information page, so people know that she is fictional. All of her posts will also (assuming both she and I remember) have the banner above, kindly made by Paul from Nugs321. I’m going to see if I can convince him to perhaps make a new one for the main page that features us both. If I get a text message saying “F*ck Off” then he will have passed the test and I will know he actually does read my blog.

There is then of course the question regarding social media, you can, as far as I am aware, only link to one Facebook Page, so again, I may have to make some adjustments so both eejits are in the same place.

The finer points all have to be worked out, but I feel a little better now a decision has been made, here’s hoping I can find the time to put the theory into practice.

Thanks to you lot, the pain in the arse known as May Dupp is coming home. Brace yourselves!



21 thoughts on “The b*tch is back!

  1. I’m not sure I appreciate being called a bitch, even if you do try to minimise the damage with one of those asterisk thingy majigs!


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