Shhh it’s Sunday!

Again it’s Sunday, is this becoming a little bit of a habit for me? Compared to last weekend it’s been relatively quiet, thank goodness, I don’t think I could have survived another one.

I’m feeling a little lack lustre this weekend, some things that were meant to happen didn’t and I feel a little meh. Perhaps I suffer from SAD syndrome and need to remember to shine a torch in my face for about 3 hours a day, as owing to the fact I am a sort of red head, exposure to the sun has pretty much the same effect on me as it does a Vampire.

Burning Sun

This is pretty much what I look like when the lady hormones are having their monthly conference as well!

I don’t know why, but this last few day I have been giving a lot of consideration to my blogs, that’s a very long winded way of saying I was having a good old think about where my life is going. I tweaked the theme on here, and also on May’s but then reverted her to how she was and am I still humming and hawing over this one.

I though about wrapping May up and no longer writing as her, it’s harder than I initially thought it was going to be. I enjoy being someone else, but I still worry that people will see similarities either with me or themselves in the things I write, which is not the case. The purpose of May is to be the person I am not, and to live the life I do not. I feel a pressure to write sometimes that weighs me down. I think of millions of things a day I want to record, but life gets in the way and by the time it has finished I have forgotten, or sometimes my mindset depending on how things are at home has the effect of a mental block.

Some good news however is that I am mostly caught up on my reading. You may have seen likes and very few comments.  I had around 77 posts to catch up on, and that was only on Bloglovin, which I have to say has been a godsend.

Future plans – I have none, I’m just going to see how it goes. I would like to keep writing both here and on The Misadventures of May Dupp and for the most part this is what I will try to do, given the limited amount of free time I have. I’m open to ideas of prompts if anyone has any, I have found the Daily Prompt unappealing of late, it leaves me more confused than inspired.

I also wanted to do a piece for Jed’s blog, ‘Okay, What If?’ so if you have any suggestions for a topic I will be glad to give them consideration.

Till next time – keep smiling :)

22 thoughts on “Shhh it’s Sunday!

  1. Aw, I love the cute kitties in the background!

    It’s been a weird week, for sure. I am seriously considering mocking today’s Daily Prompt again, but I don’t know if it even deserves that much attention.


  2. I think you and I are going through the same blog syndrome. If it starts to feel like work and not fun, then maybe it is time to end it. If you are still having fun, then don’t worry about feeling pressured to write as May, just write when you get to it. :)


    • It is still fun, I think the toughest bit is the feeling of responsibility that comes with being the owner of a blog, essentially we want to entertain and not let anyone down. Perhaps I need to just simplify things and go back to having fun, you coming?


  3. I like the Blue Penguins :D

    But I’m weird that way – I love penguins!

    Hey, listen up Gemstone – sometimes we need to just back off a bit – just because everyday life is draining the essential fluids out of us – so – sit back – relax, take time for yourself – enjoy reading your blogs etc. and stop pressuring yourself to write. Just take a breather already. If you constantly feel pressured – and all this online business adds to it – then as sure as hell fire, you will drop it – and that would be a shame. We love ya – and would miss you terribly. So, just back off the pedals – and let yourself relax. You have to indulge your interests in order to be able to sit and share – and you can’t do that if you are overwhelmed. So phttttttttt!

    Heed my words – for the follied one has spoken.

    Oh, by the way, I haven’t forgotten about the Blog thingy – just haven’t been able to get it done. :(

    And a thought for Okay, what if?

    What if you were a fried egg for a day?! ;)


    • Again with the sensible words, you’re good at this. I think there are so many things going on and of late there have been more rough times than good. I don’t want to be constantly sad on here so sometimes it’s easier just to not write at all, but then there is the pressure of feeling you are letting people down.
      As usual, of course, I am my own worst enemy :)

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      • Ummm — as she considers grabbing a loaf of French bread and banging it over the Eejit’s head —–you are supposed to be doing this for YOU – not anyone else. Hmmm????

        Listen – if your groupies can’t understand that sometimes you’re too busy, tired, or don’t know what to write about etc. too bad for them. Besides, I would suggest to you that A) they experience the same thing (most of us do) and B) sometimes, writing about the crap – especially in your case – is helpful – not only for you – but for others as well – ESPECIALLY since you do it so WELL – with humor and love and laughter. Your voice is REAL -and grounded in positive sides to every black cloud Juls – I don’t know if you have realized this. But your writing about whatever – makes people connect – and think about things – even the total shite – with a lightness that is much needed.

        I can’t tell you how many of your comments etc. ALWAYS feature some measure of laughter and joking – even when it’s more serious stuff – as people response and relate – perhaps – this is where your writing voice is heard the most? You bring light and laughter and hope – to all of us. So stop worrying already – and just take the time you need – and do what you have to do.

        You’re BRILLIANT my friend – just as you are :D <3


  4. I was just thinking I hadn’t heard from you for a while on here. I think we all have these thoughts and periods of being a little lax on here. I know I often wonder the same things and even now am relatively uninspired and seeking something to write. I’ve been content just reading and commenting lately. Can’t believe you had 77 posts to read. Wow. I missed a day or so and thought I would never get done reading to catch up on things! Hang in there with it. Write what you feel and let the rest work itself out. You’ll know where you should be and when it’s time to write. That’s how it is for me anyway.


    • You know you’re right in a lot of ways. It’s easy to write about what you think people want to read instead of writing just writing what you want. Perhaps then the Daily Prompt hit the nail on the head with the free writing for 10 minute challenge. No structure or strategy, just write lol


  5. I think the penguins are cute. :)

    For awhile when my time was tighter and I was obsessed with what I wanted to say, I would write several posts in a single evening and schedule them to drop later. Not sure if that’s an option for you or not, but it helped me feel less anxious for a bit.


    • I think perhaps the Penguins are going to go, as much as I love them, I think they are a little busy.

      With regards to the writing, when I think about things to write I never have a means of jotting them down lol


      • I know this will sound ridiculous, but can you email yourself? I do that when I’m at work and want to remember something when I get home – I send an email from my work account to my home account. #stupidhumantricks


      • Damn girl, do you work in a prison? ;)

        Oh lord, it was FAB! When you get a chance to check out the post I did you’ll have to look at the photo album I put up. I actually need to add to it, I did a little more shopping this afternoon. :D


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