Me my skillz and I


I thought it about time that I put finger to keypad and lay down some observations for my challenge over at Jed’s site Okay What If?

In the latest challenge which you can view HERE, I asked:

 Okay, What if you went to bed one night and the next morning you awoke to find you were able to do three things that you couldn’t the night before. That can be anything, new skills, new talents, give it your best shot.

As I am sure you can imagine the options are endless, skills that could make me rich, popular and successful to name but a few. Me, I don’t want any of those things, I’m perfectly happy being ordinary thank you very much.

So smarty pants, you quite rightly ask, what would your new skills be. Well if you hang around just a little longer I shall tell you.


By this I don’t mean my fingers on my desk to express irritation, any Eejit can do that, I mean drumming of epic rock band proportions with actual drumsticks. I found out many years ago that the rapping of pencils on a bean tin while providing a nice little rhythm didn’t quite cut it.

I’ve always been fascinated by the rhythm and beat that someone with skill can extract from a drum kit. I was lucky enough in my younger years to have a friend in a band who excelled in this art. I was allowed to try a few times but the result was nothing short of horrendous, making the very foundations of the barn in which we were housed shake.

Sadly it quickly became apparent that while I liked rhythm, I didn’t fecking have any. It was then that my hopes of becoming a professional drummer were abandoned.

Sign Language

I would love to know sign language. I once had a friend whose parents were deaf and it was mesmerising watching him converse in what to me felt like a secret language. It amazes me that in schools they teach foreign languages yet do not offer something that could be more beneficial to every day life. I have a qualification in French but I’ve never been to France. I have however met people with hearing impairments who I wish I could have conversed with, but was unable to.

That said, there is nothing stopping me trying now, despite the fact that my brain does not retain information like it once did. My friends daughter, the little girl who I adore can sign makaton and she is only four years old, I have been trying to learn little bits and pieces but I’m only up to a few words.

If you’re not sure how much better my learning of sign language as opposed to French would have been, then watch this video, yes it’s an advert, but just look at the reaction being greeted with sign language gets.

Sketching / Driving

Ok I realise that is actually two more skillz, but I’m balancing between what other people would want for me and what I would want for myself.

I can’t drive, it’s not something that I am proud of and I feel for others around me it is one of my biggest let downs. I just don’t have the confidence and even though I try to explain my feelings on the subject, no one ever really listens. I was never a great passenger after being involved in a couple of accidents, but what clinched the deal for me was later being involved in one where there was a fatality, albeit that it was not as a direct result of the collision. Perhaps someday I will pluck up the courage, but for now I get the shakes just thinking about it.

Of course, if I were to go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning just automatically knowing how to drive it would be amazing, but I would also have to receive an injection of confidence along with that injection of knowledge.

For me I’d love to be able to sketch and draw properly. I can doodle away to my hearts content, in fact I am quite adept at telephone doodling these days.


But I’d love to be able to draw more than silly characters and eyes, don’t ask, I appear to have a bit of a thing for drawing eyes and half faces with wild hair. On days when the train WiFi is being an arse I’d love to sit and sketch away while listening to music on the pod. For now though I’ll just have to keep doodling.

What would your skillz be? There is still time to tell us :)


Shhh it’s Sunday!

Again it’s Sunday, is this becoming a little bit of a habit for me? Compared to last weekend it’s been relatively quiet, thank goodness, I don’t think I could have survived another one.

I’m feeling a little lack lustre this weekend, some things that were meant to happen didn’t and I feel a little meh. Perhaps I suffer from SAD syndrome and need to remember to shine a torch in my face for about 3 hours a day, as owing to the fact I am a sort of red head, exposure to the sun has pretty much the same effect on me as it does a Vampire.

Burning Sun

This is pretty much what I look like when the lady hormones are having their monthly conference as well!

I don’t know why, but this last few day I have been giving a lot of consideration to my blogs, that’s a very long winded way of saying I was having a good old think about where my life is going. I tweaked the theme on here, and also on May’s but then reverted her to how she was and am I still humming and hawing over this one.

I though about wrapping May up and no longer writing as her, it’s harder than I initially thought it was going to be. I enjoy being someone else, but I still worry that people will see similarities either with me or themselves in the things I write, which is not the case. The purpose of May is to be the person I am not, and to live the life I do not. I feel a pressure to write sometimes that weighs me down. I think of millions of things a day I want to record, but life gets in the way and by the time it has finished I have forgotten, or sometimes my mindset depending on how things are at home has the effect of a mental block.

Some good news however is that I am mostly caught up on my reading. You may have seen likes and very few comments.  I had around 77 posts to catch up on, and that was only on Bloglovin, which I have to say has been a godsend.

Future plans – I have none, I’m just going to see how it goes. I would like to keep writing both here and on The Misadventures of May Dupp and for the most part this is what I will try to do, given the limited amount of free time I have. I’m open to ideas of prompts if anyone has any, I have found the Daily Prompt unappealing of late, it leaves me more confused than inspired.

I also wanted to do a piece for Jed’s blog, ‘Okay, What If?’ so if you have any suggestions for a topic I will be glad to give them consideration.

Till next time – keep smiling :)

Hump Day News!

IE News Banner

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of the Indecisive Eejit. You will have noticed I have done some re blogging, but very little writing, the reason for this being I’m lazy / busy / time wasting / suffering from brain freeze / unable to transfer thoughts from head to hands to type,  and various other reasons. It seems there are a few others around blog sphere suffering from the same symptoms, but no need to panic Blog Flu is not yet a pandemic or was that pancake, regardless it was something infectious.

Top Story

Sometimes, and I know you will find this hard to believe, I am so stupid I even amaze myself. I’ve been blogging for about a year now, and periodically I would see ‘Hump day’ mentioned. I never knew what this was, and it never occurred to me to just ask someone who would be able to tell me without cracking up with laughter at my stupidity. I figured it was some weird holiday that happened once a week.

Tonight while perusing my reader I came across a post from Twindaddy from Stuphblog, which started as follows:

It’s hump daaaaaaaaaay! The middlest day of the week. It’s downhill from here. Well, until we come upon the next hill

Little cog wheels whirred and clicked in my head and my mouth twisted into a weird smile as it finally dawned on me what this mythical hump day was. I spent the next 5 minutes chastising myself for being such an idiot and then confessed my sins to Mr T Daddy, who promptly, as I had feared, cracked up with laughter at my stupidity.

In Other News

As you all know, May Dupp has moved into her new home, HERE. Thank you so much for all the likes and follows, both she and I really appreciate them. Some of your comments have been hilarious, and I have had fun putting on the May head to reply.

For a little while I will continue to reblog her posts, however if you want to keep up to date with her misadventures then please remember to follow her blog.

New Blogs to check out

Jed from over at Okay, What if? has had his thinking cap on again resulting in a site where anyone can go to vent their frustrations in the form of rants. A few people have already joined in, and if you would like to as well, then click the link on The Ranting Never Stops for Contact and Site Guidelines to submit your idea.

He is also trying to figure out the logistics of a Blog Fight Club, any ideas / suggestions would be welcomed, you can read the post HERE!

Favourite post of this week so far!


sh*t kicking – by Patricia from Lemon Lime Follies

Despite everything she goes through, Patricia is always there for me with a kind word, encouragement or laughter. She, and the other people I have met on my year long journey, have kept me afloat. On days when homelife is tough, someone always manages to make me smile. On many occasions, that someone has been Patrica.

I am extremely lucky to have met amazing people and to also continue to do so on a daily basis.

Last but certainly not least!

Rawrlove Picture. Please click!

Did you ever have the pleasure of reading and meeting the amazing lady behind it? If not, then you missed out on something and someone really special. Both she and her husband have been going through a hard time and for reasons that you can read about on other blogs she is absent, hopefully just for a little while.

She is very much missed and some of her friends have put together the most amazing website in her honour. There are fun things to buy and various ways you can add your support or donations. You can also read the back story, I personally would prefer your read it from the people who know her best, rather than me trying to relate it here.

If you have time please click on the site and join in, the site is called RawrLove.

I need the Zzzzzz’s


I didn’t sleep very well last night. For some strange reason I kept waking up thinking I was going to be sick. I put it down to nerves, due to the fact my first ever post was about to be published on Okay, What If? and also my impending visit to the works physio.

When I woke up this morning I had notifications that there were 10 likes on my newly published piece so that lessened that worry. Thank you to all my new followers from this week, it’s good to have you on board. Thank you to Jed, who has enough faith in me to let me loose on his awesome blog, and thank you also to all of you for supporting me, it means a lot.

The good start to the morning slowed the washing machine that had somehow become lodged in my stomach during the night. No longer on spin cycle I had wound down to a steady rinse, which through my awesome powers of deduction (I was only worried about two things) I concluded had to be the visit to the physio.

I needn’t have worried, again good news. She says the strength in my leg has greatly improved, I have also gained about another 5 degrees on my range of motion which I didn’t expect as usually where you’re at after 12 months is where you stay! She explained the back and hip pain I am experiencing are normal due to the fact there has most likely been a change to my gait and I am over compensating. So yes I’m still going to be sore, but at least there is improvement!

We got to discussing life in general and I was talking about how although I had expected the physical pain with my injury I wasn’t prepared for how it would effect me mentally. She asked about home life and such things and was kind enough to suggest that perhaps another referral might be a good idea so I could go and just chat with someone and perhaps let off some steam. I might actually consider it, watch this space!

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  • Check out my new page entitled Challenges.The sidebar was getting a little crowded so I moved all the useful information to a page of it’s own. You can find all the information for Jeds Okay, What If Writing Challenge, Steve’s Monday Music Mix and Robs Haiku Challenge. If you have a challenge you would like added bear in mind before you ask that I can be bribed with either stationary or confectionery unless you’re super rich and want to make it monetary! :)
  • Remember a while back I was boasting about my love for my new netbook, so much so in fact I had already bought it a Valentine card. Well it would appear that it has a dark side. For the first time ever I carried the laptop into work with the sole purpose of blogging on my journey home. Imagine my horror, and we are talking large scale horror here, when after getting myself all settled and beginning  to type I started to experience motion sickness. I tried to ignore it at first but when it reached the stage where I wanted to projectile vomit, I shut everything down and closed my eyes for the rest of the journey. Fingers crossed it was just a one off, but in case it wasn’t, I have been pointed in the direction of the nearest chemist to buy sea bands! My suggestion of B&Q for a bucket was not received very well!

So there you have it. The above was meant to be ‘News in Brief’, but I was too tired to photoshop the words onto a pair of knickers so you’ll have to make so with an old picture.

Night Night now :)