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It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of the Indecisive Eejit. You will have noticed I have done some re blogging, but very little writing, the reason for this being I’m lazy / busy / time wasting / suffering from brain freeze / unable to transfer thoughts from head to hands to type,  and various other reasons. It seems there are a few others around blog sphere suffering from the same symptoms, but no need to panic Blog Flu is not yet a pandemic or was that pancake, regardless it was something infectious.

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Sometimes, and I know you will find this hard to believe, I am so stupid I even amaze myself. I’ve been blogging for about a year now, and periodically I would see ‘Hump day’ mentioned. I never knew what this was, and it never occurred to me to just ask someone who would be able to tell me without cracking up with laughter at my stupidity. I figured it was some weird holiday that happened once a week.

Tonight while perusing my reader I came across a post from Twindaddy from Stuphblog, which started as follows:

It’s hump daaaaaaaaaay! The middlest day of the week. It’s downhill from here. Well, until we come upon the next hill

Little cog wheels whirred and clicked in my head and my mouth twisted into a weird smile as it finally dawned on me what this mythical hump day was. I spent the next 5 minutes chastising myself for being such an idiot and then confessed my sins to Mr T Daddy, who promptly, as I had feared, cracked up with laughter at my stupidity.

In Other News

As you all know, May Dupp has moved into her new home, HERE. Thank you so much for all the likes and follows, both she and I really appreciate them. Some of your comments have been hilarious, and I have had fun putting on the May head to reply.

For a little while I will continue to reblog her posts, however if you want to keep up to date with her misadventures then please remember to follow her blog.

New Blogs to check out

Jed from over at Okay, What if? has had his thinking cap on again resulting in a site where anyone can go to vent their frustrations in the form of rants. A few people have already joined in, and if you would like to as well, then click the link on The Ranting Never Stops for Contact and Site Guidelines to submit your idea.

He is also trying to figure out the logistics of a Blog Fight Club, any ideas / suggestions would be welcomed, you can read the post HERE!

Favourite post of this week so far!


sh*t kicking – by Patricia from Lemon Lime Follies

Despite everything she goes through, Patricia is always there for me with a kind word, encouragement or laughter. She, and the other people I have met on my year long journey, have kept me afloat. On days when homelife is tough, someone always manages to make me smile. On many occasions, that someone has been Patrica.

I am extremely lucky to have met amazing people and to also continue to do so on a daily basis.

Last but certainly not least!

Rawrlove Picture. Please click!

Did you ever have the pleasure of reading and meeting the amazing lady behind it? If not, then you missed out on something and someone really special. Both she and her husband have been going through a hard time and for reasons that you can read about on other blogs she is absent, hopefully just for a little while.

She is very much missed and some of her friends have put together the most amazing website in her honour. There are fun things to buy and various ways you can add your support or donations. You can also read the back story, I personally would prefer your read it from the people who know her best, rather than me trying to relate it here.

If you have time please click on the site and join in, the site is called RawrLove.

34 thoughts on “Hump Day News!

  1. Wait…Which part of hump day did you not realize? Did you think it was a verb or an adjective before? :-D

    BTW, all of your comments are going right to spam still. Grrrrt.


    • Haha! That’s cos Akisment hates my little Irish guts, it’s happened before lol

      You know, in all honestly I didn’t know what I thought, hump over here means to

      a) Huff – She’s a right hump on the day
      b) Sex – Oh my goodness I would rather like to hump that!

      So trying to fit those into a day just frazzled my brain, I never even thought of ‘It’s Wednesday and we’re going up over the hump for the weekend’

      In my defence, I’m a twat! lol


      • So, if your guy is acting like a hump, he’s not going to get to hump on Hump Day?

        Now see, over here, saying twat may be laughed off or more likely cause a fight. :-D


      • LOL I know I’ve now got the hump on hump day. Although techically it’s now Thursday so I can get over myself lol

        Twat here is pretty much the same as eejit, as in , you stupid twat, it can however also mean ones Lady Garden. Now that I do hope is universal and you won’t make me explain it lol


      • Oh, I knew it was along the lines of eejit :-) And yes, that other term translates over too LOL

        Fanny, on the other hand…opposite of what we think it is :-)


      • So if some wee muck bag shouted at you “Show us yer fanny love” it would mean something totally different?

        I just fell off the chair laughing by the way at you and that Patricia one, I hope you’re both proud of youselves lol


      • Here it means backside…which meant those fanny packs that people wear around their waists made no sense to us about why they were called that :-D

        (is the guy shouting this single? Showers regularly? What would May Dupp do?)


      • Lol wee mucks usually tend to be under the age of 25, wear a track suit and have a tin of beer in their hand.

        Dear May would probably shout “I’ll show you the back of my hand if you’re not careful.” lol


      • Juls is going to bed, youse have me that hyper now I’ll probably not sleep and I’ll have a face like a bulldog sucking a wasp all day tomorrow. I’ll be in a hump…ffs!! lol


  2. Hey Girl! Thanks for the link up — wasn’t necessary – but appreciated none the less. And hell, it’s a two-way street keeping each and the other and hopefully many in stitches when the shite hits the fan, yes?

    Roflmao —- well … I can be seeing how it is you and your – er — clean little innocent mind (nudge nudge wink wink;) ) couldn’t possibly fathom the meaning of “hump day” – knowing you you thought of it as a Wednesday night’s sofa rugby adventures or some such. As for May – well she probably thinks it’s a day-long shag festival in the park ;)

    So stupid? Nah — just delightful and always a true pleasure to share with – and read along with … so Eejit — just keep on keeping on – we love ya Grrl!


    • I swear little Miss Lemon Lime Follies that you can read my mind. Sofa Rugby Adventures was EXACTLY what I was thinking so it never occurred to me it was something as sensible as the middle of the week lol

      And yes it is a two way street, cos there is a lot of shite hits out fans lol


  3. Welcome back, brain freeze and all!! Now that you have figured out what hump day is (i’m not laughing … really :) ) maybe your weeks will go somewhat better. Oh, btw … you can stop following The Hillbilly Blogger Too, I now only use (no plug intended) because I want to do the daily posts and blogging u so said blog is the only one I’m using. So go follow me there :) Again, welcome back, we missed the Eejit!


    • Ooo I love it, it looks great and your wee banner is awesome and you are now followed, so apologies you are stuck with me for a while yet :)

      I think May had my head turned for a couple of weeks there trying to get her sorted into her new home, but I’m all good now hopefully as long as home life remains on an even keel.

      It’s good to be back, and I look forward to catching up on what you have been up to over the next couple of days!


  4. Not laughing a bit, I swear. There are many things I’m not so sure what they mean and I won’t ask either so I feel your pain. I might google it but who knows what that could lead to.

    Thanks for the mention for my new site and idea, but now I’m too happy and can’t find anything to rant about! I’m sure someone will upset me soon though.


  5. I’ve got a story for you to not make you feel so bad. I was about 17 and I am the youngest in my family, my dad comes home super excited. “Guys did you know the Golden Arches at McDonald’s makes an M?” All of us, “Yes.” My dad the electrical engineer, super smart guy, had never figured that out his whole life until then. :)


  6. Hi there. We are laughing with you, not at you. Sadly or hilariously, my sister and I learned the sex definition courtesy of the 13 year old perv-boy in our neighborhood. We were much younger. One summer, we were visiting grandma and she said, “Happy Hump Day”. My sister and I laughed uncontrollably for most of the day. When we told her, she shook her head and said, “foolishness”, which only made us laugh harder. She was not happy with us.

    Glad to have you back!


  7. I like this format — I think I will try something similar as a weekly surf report; I’ve had separate ideas for a weely list of this and a periodic update of that, but I think it would fit nicely into a newsletter format. Thanks for that, Miss Juls. (P.S. You may want to keep an eye on May, I think she’s taken a shine to me!)


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