What to write?

In a world full of incidents and information, you would think that finding a subject to write about would be an easy enough ask for a lowly little blogger like myself. Not so the case. It would appear that unless my brain has an affinity for my chosen subject matter it refuses to function.
There is nothing particularly unusual about that to be honest, the functionality of my brain has always been something that confused and frustrated me.
I wanted to be a genius, honestly I did, I was just too lazy / stubborn / undisciplined to study. I preferred the ‘drift into it’ method. When the time came and I looked at the slip of paper that bore my results I’m sure I uttered a sentence that started with “if only…”.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was to become a regular saying in my life.  Another favourite would become, “I have no one to blame but myself”. At least I have enough balls to admit when I am wrong, well most of the time anyway.
The trouble is, when I do something I like to do it well. I would feel uncomfortable writing about a subject that I have very little knowledge of. Sure I have an opinion and can offer it to anyone prepared to listen, but it won’t necessarily be right or correct.
Most people seem to think that you need to pick a subject matter and stick to it. Essentially this means that there is a theme running through your blog, but doesn’t this pigeon hole you a little? In later months you might feel a little uncomfortable about hitting your readers with a different subject matter than usual and perhaps losing some of the street cred you have spent months, even years building.
Personally I love people who write little bits of anything and everything. It keeps me interested and engaged. But each to his own.
If there are indeed different categories in the blogging world, then I fall squarely into the ‘mongrel’ one, because I am not a defined breed. I am a sum total of many different parts of anything and everything that comes to mind. Kinda makes sense now that I have been called ‘barking’ mad right?
I don’t have an exciting life. I don’t have time for hobbies, well except blogging and the Xbox and…ok so maybe I do have hobbies. I don’t travel the world. I don’t have an interesting job that I can regale you with stories of, however I do have very entertaining work colleagues and friends.
So you see even though I am, in my own way unique and individual, I am also the same.
I sleep, get up, work, come home, make dinner, do dishes, wash, iron, sleep and then rise the next morning to repeat the whole cycle again. The only difference between myself and some other folks is that instead of doing all of this for a partner and children I do it for aging parents, one of whom is regressing back to childhood.
Where’s the subject matter in that? Most times I am too tired to think.
So the moral of this story? Well that’s easy. Just write whatever the feck you want, there are eejits everywhere, if you build the blog they will come!

6 thoughts on “What to write?

  1. My blog’s first posts were only about technology, but it drove me crazy, so it became an everything blog. I like variety in blogs too – this doesn’t mean they don’t have a theme, but that they don’t say the same thing twice… If you know what I mean?


  2. I love your blog, because I can tell you are in there, heart and soul. I think writers call it “voice” It is the rarest and most treasured thing a writer can possess. Your writing always comes from a good place. I am always learning from you. Thank you!


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