I am not a gamer, I repeat: I am NOT a gamer …

Funny post!!


I originally bought my Xbox a year ago for something to do as the cold winters evenings started to draw in.  I was ‘encouraged’ for want of a better word, to go down the Microsoft rather than Sony route.  Up to press, I have no regrets either as I’ve made some good friends on there.

Of late, I have used my Xbox as a more all round entertainment system.  I have it connected to my MAC via connect 360 to watch all the programs and films that I ‘acquire’.  It also streams all my music from my MAC which I have, ahem, purchased from that place I seem to have forgotten.  I have various apps on my Xbox that allow me to catch up on TV and it pretty much serves me well in all fairness.  Oh, and now and again, I play the odd game.

Over the last 12…

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