Are you evil enough for the October What if writing challenge?

Come on you lot!! Get writing :-)

Okay, What if ?

A reminder the month long October What if writing challenge is open for your responses. A great way to get a little writing in and you get to tell us what evil creature you can see yourself as. Check out the other links and then add yours. You can vote for your favorites all day on Halloween.

mirroring-83263_640For October I have decided to have a month long writing challenge in addition to the weekly challenges.

What if you descended into darkness and became a minion of evil?

I want to know what evil creature you see yourself as most and what you will do in your new found life of evilness. It is time for all the zombies, werewolves, vampires, ghosts and other supernatural creatures to come out and play.

If you can see yourself as more than one creature of darkness you are welcome to add a link for…

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