Who am I?

Lee and Paul are irked with me, I know they are, but it’s not my fault. I’m still having a blog identity crisis!

I know when I asked this question before, most of you said that it does not matter what the name of your blog is, if the content is good.  Lee made a comment on the last post saying that it did not matter what I did because I would never be happy, and in all honestly he is probably right, I’m never happy with what I write and can’t really see how people get enjoyment from it. I am assuming however, that most bloggers feel the same, if not all the time then at least at some point.

I started this blog for a laugh, I didn’t in all honesty think I would stick at it, my track record is pretty rubbish where blogs are concerned. I had no clear idea of what I wanted to write, in fact I still don’t, but I know now from reading other blogs from people I would class as proper gamers, not casual ones like myself that I don’t feel I deserve to have the word gamer in my title. Now I am back to work full time after the ‘Alien Leg’ incident I don’t get the same time for gaming that I used to, in fact blogging has probably now filled that space.

So do I pigeon hole  myself by being called ‘The Geeky G4mer’? I have no idea, but I’ve already had to clarify the fact that I am a woman, so there could be some slight issues there. :)

Coming up with a new name however is a nightmare, I’d thought about Operation Eejit and that’s pretty much where it ended, after 5 minutes I had worn myself out.

I think what has surprised me the most is how much I am actually enjoying blogging, I love to entertain, I like to at least try and make people laugh, but in reality that is only a small part of the big picture. I’ve really enjoyed the interaction with others and meeting new people, blogging really does make it a small world. It’s made me smile on days when I thought there was no hope of turning the frown upside down.

So maybe that’s the point. I want to try and stick at this and see how it goes, so is my head telling me I need a more permanent name, or am I just being an arse like Paul and Lee say.

I’ve put on a poll. I really appreciate your opinions, so if you could spare two seconds to vote I would be eternally grateful :)

On a happier note, I reached 500 likes today. Thank you so much to all of you for reading and liking my posts, I could not have done it without you!! You lot are awesome and I’m really lucky to have met you all :)

20 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. A blog’s title “can be” important …. some word argue very much so … but it’s more about the tag line I think. That little “blurb” gives clues or explains a bit about the blog. And you can always add an “about page” or text in the sidebar if you want to expand on the blog title etc. Besides …. blogs have a way of evolving and changing … usually. If you feel like you absolutely HAVE to change the name, then go ahead …. personally I like it :)

    And frankly … when I’m searching for new content to read … I’m looking at the blog names first. Different or quirky strike my interest and lead me to follow up. I’ve discovered some nifty places outside of my “blog sphere of crafting/knitting” just based on the blog name. Of course the content has to be interesting too … and that mostly comes from how people share.

    Good luck with the “name game.”


    • Thank you for the comment. You know in a way I agree with you, because I would tend to look at the unusual or quirky names first. I had a look at your blog last night, it’s gorgeous to look at and I might be in love with your little sheep just a little, it’s so cute! I’m going to follow too, I always liked knitting, I just couldn’t do it, unless it was something with holey in front, like holey sock, holey jumper, well you get the drift lol


      • Lol … and thank you :)

        Yes… that sheep is just too cute. I’m glad you found the blog …and are following – appreciate it.

        Holey all things can be good too ;)


      • I’m guessing you’re also ‘Her Broken Nibs’? Now that is one cool name lol I followed you there too, but seriously I don’t want you to panic, I promise I am not an evil stalker and besides I don’t want to be beheaded!! :O


      • Yup … Her Broken Nibs is also mine …. don’t worry, I’ve tabled the beheadings for the weekend ;)

        Specifically I’m using HBN for the daily prompts/challenges etc. Wanted to separate it from my other blog.

        Thanks … I kinda like the name too :)


      • I’m just reading through the WP reader and I haven’t come to it yet …. but if you’re scratching your head …. gee … I wonder what’s to come? Lol ….


  2. I clicked stay as you are, but ultimately the choice is yours. I love your writing and will continue to read no matter what you name yourself.

    I was freaked out that you were gonna up your gaming and cut your blogging. You would have heard my shriek of NOO across the ocean because I just found you!


    • Lol, no I’m not going anywhere just yet, and likewise I was trying to catch up on all my reading of your work last night, liking it so far! Even if I do change the name I can’t anyway until I actually think of one, thats the most difficult part. I think if I had a name I liked I might have changed already lol


  3. I’m a firm believer that people should feel free to do whatever they want with their blogs (and internet lives and lives in general), because it’s their personal space and they should have the freedom to do whatever they want: post everyday more than once, post once a week, write about a certain topic or about whatever’s going on in your mind, use a nickname or your real name… Whatever you like. I don’t like the new tendency there is nowadays, where people start subjugating their own preferences to that of their “audience”, even though blogs are supposed to be personal and fun for the one who writes it, since, theoretically, you start writing a blog because you enjoy writing, not because you necessarily enjoy being at the mercy of a lot of unknown people. xD

    So, with that as a basis, I feel like you should do whatever your heart tells you to. If you’re unhappy with being called Geeky Gamer and/or feel like that nickname doesn’t suit you anymore for whatever reason, you should feel free to change it. For your real name, for another nickname you like better… But, if you like your nickname and your main reason for wanting to change it is the fact that other people may not get your blog is not mainly about games or that you’re a girl or any other thing, then you should stick to it. After all, you picked it for some reason originally and, even if you’re not a gamer in the truest sense of the word, you were, at some point, and it may be a part of you that only lives on thanks to the nickname. :S

    Personally, I like Geeky Gamer, hehehe.


    • I’m glad you like the name.

      I’m terrible, Lee and Paul are right I do constantly change my mind and I am never happy. I suppose the biggest problem is I am too hard on myself. If someone gave me an award for best writer in the world and it was absolute and iron clad I would still doubt it lol
      I think I’ll give myself a little time and mull over some names, I’m kind of hoping that if I think of one, I will know it’s right, kinda like finding ‘the one’ I guess lol Then, at that stage I can change.


      • I’m the same! I also doubt myself (though, in my case, with good reason. I don’t even have a successful and interesting blog like you do!) and, when it comes to blogs… OMG. I’ve had a blog in almost every platform there is (Diaryland, Greatestjournal, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Blogger, WordPress, Ameba and many others), I’ve changed hosts and names and titles and nicknames ten thousand times and, even though now I have a more permanent home at Dreamwidth, when I see blogs like yours, I kinda want to move mine (or, God forbid, start anew) here at WordPress and then I go to a cool blog at Blogger and I also wanna have one there and I end up hating myself for not making up my mind, not having a cool blog, not writing anything interesting that would make people actually want to read my current blog, etc., etc., etc. @_@

        My point is: you’re not the only one. You’re not alone in the indecision and the changes, and you’re free to do so! I’ve changed my blog name a couple of times in the last year, because I was crazy about a character and I wanted everything in my life to reflect that infatuation. But, then, the infatuation passed and I wanted to make a tribute to my favourite band that was disbanding, so I changed it back to what it was before… And it’s fine. After all, the people who actually care, will stick with you no matter what you decide because the bond between you and them will be stronger than your changes in point of view or preferences or focus. ;D

        So, go ahead, think, change, be free! I’m sure you’ll find the right name or nickname! ^_~


  4. I love your blog because it is intelligent, interesting and varied. Most of all, it has a generous heart That shines through. I like Geeky. I really don’t know anything about blogging, I just love reading articles written by people who Put themselves into what they write. Your efforts are always first rate!


  5. I am not irked with you, I just want you to do that thing that women never do and that is make your mind up (waits for the backlash). Your writing is excellent, you have loads of followers and tons of hits but you still doubt yourself. We have had the same conversation about you changing the blog name every weekend since 1943 (ok maybe a slight exaggeration) so it’s obvious you are not happy with it, and that should be the most important thing at the end of the day. It does not matter if I like it, Paul likes it or anyone else likes it, this is YOUR blog, we just love you and want you to be as happy with your blog as we are eejit x


  6. I feel with you. After I called my blog ‘Confessions of a Technophile’ because it was the only decent name I could think of, I had a massive blog identity crisis (look at some of my first posts :P) because I didn’t want to write about technology after a while. Even though I kind of wanted to change my name, I couldn’t because the URL was set in stone and it could be confusing for new readers.

    You could plausibly change the name, because the URL is also your username, so for people who haven’t known the Geeky G4mer blog before, it wouldn’t seem out of place. But I don’t think you should change it. You can laugh at it when you’re not having an existential crisis, and it is still a pretty cool name. :P

    Sorry if you don’t understand a word I’m saying. Good luck with the decision! ;)


    • Lol I do understand every bit of what you just said and it also makes good sense! I think you can change the name of your blog completely if you want, at least that was my understanding anyway. If I can’t then all this irrational thought on my part is invalid anyway lol I shall do some more research :)


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