You’ll never guess what!

How awkward I look in a dress!

I’ve something I  need to get off my chest and for some of you it might even be a shock.

I’m a woman!

Straight up, no messing. I have boobs and everything!

For those of you who think I am losing the plot, I am, but that has nothing to do with this post.  It’s more to do with the fact that when I interact with the blogging community some people, for some reason, think I am of the male gender!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is probably nothing wrong with being a male, but all that peeing standing up and scratching your leeks, as in your balleeks in the morning, is just not for me.

So I’m curious as to what it is that leads people to come to this conclusion about me.

I guess the name Geeky G4mer is perhaps a little non gender specific, so that’s fair enough. There could also be the fact that I have spent all of my working life in a predominantly male environment. Perhaps it has given me lads mentality, but I learned within the first 7 days of working in my current job that it was a case of get balls and grow up, or get out!

I am by no means a girly girl. I’m not into all that pink glitter sequins malarky, I’m a t shirt and jeans kinda girl, and pretty much everything in my wardrobe is black! I do however spice it up a little with slogans on the front of my tee’s to entertain the masses. Sometimes it entertains me too, like the time I was walking through the supermarket wearing my favourite slogan, “Smile it confuses people”, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this lady punch her husband, his reply was that he had simply been trying to read my tee shirt.

Puppies – 1, Hen Pecked husband – 0.

After all this time on the planet, it is unlikely that I am going to change. You can rest assured that I have no immediate plans to morph into a man any time soon!

I did toy with the idea of adding a voice memo to this post by way of proof, but:

  1. I couldn’t figure out how to do it.
  2. I couldn’t think of anything to say.
  3. I got distracted and went out with my mate instead.
  4. Now I just can’t be bothered trying to figure it all out because it’s to late.

So there you have it, tonights front page news, The Geeky G4mer is a female! Shame on those who thought I wasn’t, next time read my about page….ffs!

37 thoughts on “You’ll never guess what!

    • Yay Indeed. Thank goodness someone did lol I was getting a little worried for a while that I was going to have to go lie down in a dark room and have a serious think about where my life was going…ffs :)


      • You leave subtle clues. Or maybe I have a sense. I was reading a blog and one of the bloggers is a guy. He doesnt like scary things and his name isn’t telling. Every time someone would comment implying he was a she, I felt like interjecting with that’s a dude…he did a similar I am male post. He was delighted that i knew.


      • Meh, darn you and your intuition lol I can see it will not be easy to pull the wool over your eyes….baaaa humbug!


      • For certain things, I have a sense. I can’t predict the lottery numbers, though, dang it. Bah Humbug, indeed! One of my favorite sayings…especially now that they are rolling out the christmas stuff.


      • Don’t even go there! The tinsel twit is in full flight lol Every day she says to me, deposit for the Christmas dinner lol


    • Why yes, yes I am lol I laughed at that bit I can remember someone, I just can’t remember who, standing in my office saying the line “I have boobs and everything” when trying to convey something to a male colleague, I do believe it was liberally laced with sarcasm too lol


  1. I admit I first thought you were a guy! I read about you in another blog (“No Blog Intended”) and I assumed that someone called “Geeky Gamer” was a man, for no particular reason whatsoever. It’s just that, in my mind, “gamer” is associated with men, who knows why. In my native language (Spanish), it’s used for both men and women who play games, so I don’t know why I associate it with men only… But, that was the only thing that lead me to believe you were a guy. Of course, later on, I dropped by your blog, checked out your posts and About page and discovered you were a girl, so that was that. xD But it made me laugh to see this post, right when I just have learned about your existence, confused you with being a guy and then found out the truth through your blog. One heck of a coincidence! ^^

    In any case, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. Trying to figure out people’s gender when they speak in English is very confusing. Spanish and other languages have a lot of gender-specific or differentiated words, and it’s always been a mystery to me how people can know if the other person is a male or a female, before any of the obvious markers show up in a text, LOL.

    And just in case you’re wondering (because my name can be a male’s name, depending on the country), I’m a woman too! xD

    Hugs from Chile~


    • Awww Andrea, I saw your comment on No Blog Intended after I had written this last night and I laughed too but thought oops you might think it was for you. Trust me you’re not the only one who made the mistake. I just thought it would be fun to set the record straight. I think most people who hang around here now know I am female so it might not have been too big a shock for some. Welcome to the Geeky G4mer family by the way and thank you for the follow :) The fact that you in turn can speak so many languages just blows me away, I am in awe :)


      • I kinda thought you were writing this because my comment about you had been the last straw or something, LOL, and I felt kinda guilty. ^^U I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, cause I really feel bad confusing people like that, even though I’ve been thought to be a male many times, since Andrea is a male name in other countries (Italy, for instance), even though here, in Chile, the male version is Andrés and Andrea is purely female. @_@

        In any case, I’m glad you clarified it so no one else makes the same mistake, hahaha!

        Thanks for your kind words of welcome and regarding my knowledge of languages. I wish I knew many more! *o* But I kinda hate the studying part, I wish I could just learn them and speak/write in them without having to spend years speaking like a robot. xD

        Anyways, I intend to hang around here often, so we’ll be reading each other a lot more, hopefully. Thanks! <3


  2. Lol, when I first clicked on your blog I couldn’t tell if you were a guy or girl for like 2 secs until I read more of your blog. it was the banner. When my xbox gamertag thing wears a tshirt like that, it gives me more curves for some reason maybe it’s just the tshirt I wear.
    I used to have the same problem, that’s why I added “girl gamer” to my blog, now though, I want to get rid of the girl bit, because what does it matter what sex someone is?
    I still get the problem on Youtube, most people who comment on my videos talk to me like I’m a dude, and address me as one. I’m not bothered, people stereotype girl gamers on youtube I’d rather be thought of as a male, than the girl gamer stereotype.


    • All valid points. I find it goes two ways on the Xbox, with the exception of my friends of course, guys either go…..ooooo it’s a girl, can I be your friend, please please please…..or we don’t want her in our team, she’s a girl lol
      That said when playing Trials Evolution I have been know to mike up and exclaim, you just got your ass handed to you by a girl…so little twerps deserve it lol
      I guess as well that is why i was having thoughts about changing my blog name, it’s kinda gone a different path than I thought it would. I’m only a tiny tiny fish in a big virtual pond and when I see other blogs, yours included I am not sure I deserve the title “Gamer” any more because I get so little time lol


      • Nah, you’re a gamer if you game at all. You don’t need to spend every spare minute gaming… I just don’t watch tv anymore, I game instead plus I only volunteer work at the moment because health so I have a lot more spare time than most, even with a little one, I don’t watch tv these days because tv these days is rubbish! However, you have to be comfortable with what you do, and don’t worry if your blog takes a different path, that’s how you find yourself as a blogger, and find your own sweet spot.
        I’ve had like 6 blogs, one was really “successful” if you count lots of views and likes “successful”, but I’m happier writing here now, because over there I had to talk about a specific subject, or they wouldn’t even read it. It’s hard when you have hundreds and hundreds of followers and then they stop reading (I started talking about gaming, and only a small few of them were interested, they follow me here now instead, I used to talk only about real life but I got uncomfortable doing that). So, my advice would be to write what you want to write, and yes, not stick to one subject. Just because you have gamer in your name, doesn’t mean you have to only talk about gaming.


      • You’re right and most people have said the same kind of thing, I dunno perhaps I just feel unsettled. I like reading little bits of everything, personally, even if most of it does go over my head lol

        I liked the post you wrote the other night, the one that kind of mixed gaming with personal, it was cool to find out about the little one and get to know a little more about you.

        I love the way you write :)


      • Yeah I enjoyed writing that one. I think that’s where I am going to go with mine, bits and bobs of my life… I don’t completely live on Xbox… yet hahaha.
        What you’re going through is pretty normal, I at one point had a blog for every different thing I wanted to talk about, I prefer to read all bits and bobs rather than just one subject, I think that’s why I love your blog so much and your writing always makes me smile :D
        People change a lot over time, I think readers expect that blogs can change because of that reason. They naturally evolve. It’s a cool idea to do things like,(for example), short story saturdays, gaming wednesdays, real life thursdays stuff like that, so you can write about anything and everything but having a bit of order about it. That’s what I see most blogs do that are about all of their interests.
        The daily prompt thing is a good idea, you’re more likely to meet writers therefore readers, who are the same as you, like to write about all different topics and they are more likely to actually read stuff, not just spam like from the reader. :) xx


  3. Confession time?
    Okay, confession.
    When I first visited your blog, I thought you were male too. This has various reasons:
    1. everyone who’s not clearly female, is male in my head.
    2. gamers are for me still mostly men.

    Yeah, that’s how narrow minded I am. Perhaps throw in a stereotypical women’s post on heels or dresses and everything will be normal ;).


    • :O Shame on you!! You of all people lol
      I do remember you asking me what gender I was though so I knew you were not sure at the start lol and because you’re not a bad spud (means you’re ok by me) you get forgiven lol


  4. Lol, I thought you were a girl from the way your posts are written (don’t ask me how) but I hadn’t heard the name Juls before, so I wasn’t sure! Maybe it’s short for something, I don’t really know. ;)

    I worked it out eventually though. :)


  5. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or guy, but you did casually mention your gender at one point in one of your posts I believe. I guess it’s easy to assume you’re a guy based on the fact your XBL avatar doesn’t look “girly” but there are women who wear their hair short and don’t like dresses and frills. My older sister fits that description perfectly. I tend to not assume the gender of a blogger, if it’s not mentioned anywhere if the writer is a he/she. I do wonder about the person behind the words though. Regardless, man or woman, if your blog is awesome I will follow and read every time there’s an update. It also rocks to be a girl! :)


    • I hope that means that you like my blog a little then :) lol I’m still having a blog name identity crisis though, which I might blog about lol


  6. You’re working in a man’s world as well? *hugs* I did guess that you’re a lady, but, I didn’t know about the fore. Why’d you decide to confess it right now? Did something happen?


    • Nothing happened and it’s not a confession lol it’s more a setting the record straight because I’ve been called a dude quite a lot this last week lol


      • Haha… I see. I’m always being a called a guy in work emails from people who don’t know me, whether internal or external. Too used to it to bother, but, that’s work.

        But, if it does bother you a lot, you’d have to state it out in your about me section in a clearer way, then, new readers wouldn’t assume the same thing too. Which I think, you’ve done so. ^_^


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