What if September was going to be bloggin awesome?

Great writing challenges ahead you guys and girls!! Follow him to keep up to date, and sharpen your pencils! :-)

Okay, What if ?

man-21136_640September is officially my third month of blogging. I now have an archives and I’m so amazed at what my blog has become. A simple idea of using “What if” as a means to write has evolved into a full fledged blog complete with followers, comments, likes and friends.

September should not be any different. On the first day of this month I had my most views ever according to my stats (120 views in one day, not bad). I set up a what if writing challenge “What if you were a mad scientist?” so far having two great bloggers submit two outstanding posts for the challenge.

Take some time to check out how Rob would handle the power he wields and if he “Would really hold the world hostage?” or

How The Geeky G4mer would make our lives better with her “Music Bubble”

Both great posts with a take…

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