What if I were a mad scientist!

Music BubbleIn response to the ‘Okay, What If?’ Challenge.

What if you were a mad scientist? Do you want to create a monster like Frankenstein? Would you be bent on destroying the world or taking it over?

What if indeed, the possibilities would be endless.

I am assuming here that ‘mad’ means that, as we say here in Norn Iron, the lift does not go to the top floor, as opposed to ‘mad’ where I constantly break test tubes and hurl my bunsen burner because it did not toast my bread evenly!

As a mad scientist, my invention would be totally random, I’ve mentioned it in blogs before, and even have a page named after it! I, would invent the Music Bubble!

I am appreciative of the fact that there are MP3 players and Ipods, which in effect allow you to create your own little music bubble, but how many times have you been plonked next to someone who’s music does not stay within the confines of the headphones, but instead knocks at your head like an irritating woodpecker! I know I have, and I am so conscious of indeed being that person that I listen to my music at a much lower level than I would actually like!

The Music Bubble would be revolutionary and contain a new system called  “Doesntmatterhowlouditisnofeckersgonnahearit” [patent pending]. It would hold all the music you ever bought, due to it’s ability to link to the cloud system, an idea which someone stole from me in it’s infancy!

The bubble also cleverly doubles as a force field. How many times have you been listening to your music, lost in the atmosphere it creates, when someone or something walks into you, I mean really ffs, did that lamp post not look where it was going! Well no more, the bubble will knock obstacles back into next week, allowing you to enjoy and appreciate your tunes in peace!

I know personally, there have been times when I have been standing at a particular place, or caught up in a moment, where I would love to hear music. Watching a sunset, watching the rain fall, watching someone go arse over tit, everything has a tune. The music bubble has the instant ability to assess your thoughts and emotions and select the appropriate tune from your vast library, often times before you even think of it yourself.

The name for this marvelous invention – well, i’m torn, it’s either going to be “Look at yer woman in thon big bubble thing” or “The Soundtrack to your Life”.

Would you buy one?

25 thoughts on “What if I were a mad scientist!

  1. Haha, perhaps I would. If you would make it invisible to everyone apart from the person in the bubble, that would be even better. :) Although that could raise a number of problems…

    As for me, I would invent a time machine. ;)


    • So get writing and join in his challenge :) And yes the bubble would be invisible, the picture was for illustration purposes only. People already think I am a balloon without me walking around in one as well :) lol


  2. I loved your article , which is why I followed you to, as I wish to keep track of your blog and see what else you have to offer the blogging world :) please check out my latest blog feature a song by a young man called Kurtis Robinson Every like gives him a greater chance of making it .
    Thankyou in advance and I hope to talk to you more often.
    All the best


  3. YES! Greatest invention ever, and the names or awesome. By the way, would it also mean I can dance without anything being in my way? No more tables, walls or humans getting in my way when throwing my legs in the air? ;)
    I sincerely hope you’ll be a mad scientist one day. I like mad scientists who say ‘feckers’.


    • LOL at throwing your legs in the air. I’d make you a special bubble, I’d tell you that you could see out, but that no one could see in, but that would be a slight untruth and the world would be ebtertained by you doing your grande batterwotsits lol
      Was thinking though what if I was listening to my melancholy music and was having a bad day, everyone would be able to see the tears and snotter tripping me lol


  4. Loved the post and yes I would buy one, no two. My wife would definitely want it too. Unlike the first commenter I would want the look of your picture, surrounded by the big bubble. It would be fun doing my dance moves inside of it while everyone stared. I’m sure they would think I was a little mad dancing in my bubble to no sound. They wouldn’t know about the party going on inside. Wonder if you could install a small fridge?


  5. I might buy something like that, especially considering that once everyone has a patented “Music Bubble”, the world will be practically devoid of audible music. Speaking of which, isn’t it weird how the world went from “boom boxes” in the 1980’s to personal audio players, from blasting music all over the neighborhood to blasting it straight into your ears? What a paradigm shift that was.

    Great post! Thanks for joining in, I’m looking forward to more ‘What If?’-ness!


    • Indeed, when I was younger though I didn’t mind loud music, but as I have aged my tolerance levels have dropped lol
      You’re welcome, linking back to yours now and I am looking forward to more as well :)


  6. I would created immortal cool stuff like vampires or so, but not the sparkling twilight ones (; or invisibility, just think of all the great things you could do when nobody can actually see you (:


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