A guest at my own Wake!

First post from Fenella and the Trogs and well worth a read. Here’s to many more to follow!

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This evening, prior to heading to live in Australia for a few years, we went out with some friends for a pizza. When we had all settled at the table, my friend John announced “Well this is your wake, enjoy!”

Now for those of you who may not know, a wake in these parts ie Northern Ireland and in fact the whole island of Ireland, is a gathering of family, neighbours and friends – a community, after we have departed this mortal coil! It may take differing forms and probably evolved through the ages. In Ulster we might say “Are ye going up tae the house?” Which loosely translates as visiting the home of a deceased to have a cup of tea and pay your respects to the family. Some homes may offer a sherry or Whisky. Other folks may adopt the traditions described in the song “Finnegan’s Wake” see…

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