You’ll never guess what!

How awkward I look in a dress!

I’ve something I  need to get off my chest and for some of you it might even be a shock.

I’m a woman!

Straight up, no messing. I have boobs and everything!

For those of you who think I am losing the plot, I am, but that has nothing to do with this post.  It’s more to do with the fact that when I interact with the blogging community some people, for some reason, think I am of the male gender!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is probably nothing wrong with being a male, but all that peeing standing up and scratching your leeks, as in your balleeks in the morning, is just not for me.

So I’m curious as to what it is that leads people to come to this conclusion about me.

I guess the name Geeky G4mer is perhaps a little non gender specific, so that’s fair enough. There could also be the fact that I have spent all of my working life in a predominantly male environment. Perhaps it has given me lads mentality, but I learned within the first 7 days of working in my current job that it was a case of get balls and grow up, or get out!

I am by no means a girly girl. I’m not into all that pink glitter sequins malarky, I’m a t shirt and jeans kinda girl, and pretty much everything in my wardrobe is black! I do however spice it up a little with slogans on the front of my tee’s to entertain the masses. Sometimes it entertains me too, like the time I was walking through the supermarket wearing my favourite slogan, “Smile it confuses people”, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this lady punch her husband, his reply was that he had simply been trying to read my tee shirt.

Puppies – 1, Hen Pecked husband – 0.

After all this time on the planet, it is unlikely that I am going to change. You can rest assured that I have no immediate plans to morph into a man any time soon!

I did toy with the idea of adding a voice memo to this post by way of proof, but:

  1. I couldn’t figure out how to do it.
  2. I couldn’t think of anything to say.
  3. I got distracted and went out with my mate instead.
  4. Now I just can’t be bothered trying to figure it all out because it’s to late.

So there you have it, tonights front page news, The Geeky G4mer is a female! Shame on those who thought I wasn’t, next time read my about page….ffs!

What if I were a mad scientist!

Music BubbleIn response to the ‘Okay, What If?’ Challenge.

What if you were a mad scientist? Do you want to create a monster like Frankenstein? Would you be bent on destroying the world or taking it over?

What if indeed, the possibilities would be endless.

I am assuming here that ‘mad’ means that, as we say here in Norn Iron, the lift does not go to the top floor, as opposed to ‘mad’ where I constantly break test tubes and hurl my bunsen burner because it did not toast my bread evenly!

As a mad scientist, my invention would be totally random, I’ve mentioned it in blogs before, and even have a page named after it! I, would invent the Music Bubble!

I am appreciative of the fact that there are MP3 players and Ipods, which in effect allow you to create your own little music bubble, but how many times have you been plonked next to someone who’s music does not stay within the confines of the headphones, but instead knocks at your head like an irritating woodpecker! I know I have, and I am so conscious of indeed being that person that I listen to my music at a much lower level than I would actually like!

The Music Bubble would be revolutionary and contain a new system called  “Doesntmatterhowlouditisnofeckersgonnahearit” [patent pending]. It would hold all the music you ever bought, due to it’s ability to link to the cloud system, an idea which someone stole from me in it’s infancy!

The bubble also cleverly doubles as a force field. How many times have you been listening to your music, lost in the atmosphere it creates, when someone or something walks into you, I mean really ffs, did that lamp post not look where it was going! Well no more, the bubble will knock obstacles back into next week, allowing you to enjoy and appreciate your tunes in peace!

I know personally, there have been times when I have been standing at a particular place, or caught up in a moment, where I would love to hear music. Watching a sunset, watching the rain fall, watching someone go arse over tit, everything has a tune. The music bubble has the instant ability to assess your thoughts and emotions and select the appropriate tune from your vast library, often times before you even think of it yourself.

The name for this marvelous invention – well, i’m torn, it’s either going to be “Look at yer woman in thon big bubble thing” or “The Soundtrack to your Life”.

Would you buy one?

Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky

Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?

Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I will never be known as the brightest pixie in the forest. I would consider myself of average intelligence. My grammar is certainly a little rough around the edges, especially with regards to the words to and too, a fact that drives my Sister up the wall! I am however trying to improve myself, I purchased a book called “Grammar for Grown Ups”, if I ever grow up and get around to reading it, hopefully you will see an improvement.

I like the Daily Prompt section of WordPress, infact it is one of the first posts I look for on my train journey home. sometimes however, I am left a little disappointed.

Most people will look at the prompt and the cogs and gears inside their heads will automatically start to turn, allowing them to produce not only something read worthy, but usually something pretty amazing, a classic example of great spin’s being “Ok, What if?

The scenario with my brain is a much different thing, I read the daily prompt and the response is “what the fu…….r goodness sake do they mean by that?” at which point all the cogs and gears in my head grind to a halt. I’ll leave it for a couple of hours and then return, only to find that the old brain synapses have still not fired and usually at that point I give up.

Here’s the thing, it probably doesn’t matter what I write, and it certainly shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks of it. It’s a ‘Daily Prompt’ and it is there for the other participants and I to read, digest and portray it as we see fit. I just need to remind myself of this fact when I feel like turning away from one.

So in light of this post, from this day forward I intend to try a few more of the Prompts that I would normally have swept to the side. I am also apologizing in advance for the fact that you may perhaps read one and think, “What the feck is that eejit on about”.  Welcome to the inner workings of my brain, I don’t understand it myself a lot of the time, we are still becoming acquainted.