What if?…..wait..did someone say Dragon!!


This week’s What if challenge.

What if your hometown is attacked by a monstrous, flying, fire-breathing dragon?

Do you run and hide? Do you break out the medieval weapons you’ve been hoarding for just this moment? or Do you try to calm the beast by singing it a lullaby?

Seriously?! I mean come on, what kind of a stupid question is that…obviously the answer is that I would run round and round in circles squealing like a banshee, flapping my arms, tears a streaming and most likely leaving skid marks….and I don’t mean on the road either. What the feck else is there to do if your hometown is being attacked by a fire breathing dragon, stop and say hello?

Ach hiya Fred, long time no see. Hot out tonight isn’t it. Any chance of you sitting still there for 5 minutes till I toast this marshmallow?

One singed arse and a set of singed eyebrows later I’m guessing the answer is no!

That said, whilst pondering this momentous, monstrous happening over a cup of coffee I started to realise there are ways this could be turned to my advantage.

So I’m figuring that the dragon will need to take a flying charge at me. In order to do this, if I am to believe all the films I have watched, said dragon will fly in a semi circle, huff, puff and prepare for world incineration. So my delusion….erm conclusion would be that as the dragon approaches, opening it’s mouth, I have a 30 second window in which to throw all the rubbish from my house that I no longer want , but have not yet been able to transport to the dump, into it’s path. Even better, I concluded that throwing a couple of fireworks into the middle of the rubbish would make the affair a little more exciting for everyone. Instant street party, fancy dress, come as a kebab attire optional!

I reckon I’d be so famous that I would have to write all about my exploits that day, luckily I already have a title in mind for my forthcoming autobiography, it’s “The Day I Got My Buttcheeks Burnt”. I figure I’ll get myself a T shirt printed as well.

Burnt Buttcheeks

Sure my ass hurts, but I mean weighing up the options which would you choose, sitting in a rubber ring all day or being awarded an ‘ODE’ by the Queen. And no ya feckin eejits, the Queen didn’t write me a poem, ODE stands for ‘Order of the Dragon Empire’.

Mind you, this sitting in a rubber ring malarky could add many new chapters to the whole Joys of Modern travel thing I have going on right now.

Anyway, I am much to important to talk to you all anymore, if you need any further information I suggest you buy the book. When you go to the store to purchase it, tell them I sent you and with a bit of luck they will give you one with writing inside!

Blank book cover picture by Babybird-Stock on Deviant Art

21 thoughts on “What if?…..wait..did someone say Dragon!!

  1. Okay, I’ll admit it. I had a bodily function accident while reading this. I laughed so hard I peed a little and had to change my shorts.

    I was a little worried about this challenge after being listed on the daily post and having quite a few new followers since. I thought maybe it wasn’t original enough or What iffie enough but your post and the other one I’ve got thus far were really great and a lot of fun. I’ve been thinking all day about next weeks and think I might have come up with a real head scratcher. Thanks for linking to the challenge


    • I don’t think you have anything to worry about, you’re going to be just fine.

      That was a great opener, although it made me scratch my head a little mid post lol I got there in the end tho, rubber ring and all lol

      This is going to be fun!


  2. See, I’m Welsh and I’ve played Skyrim, and killed the enderdragon in minecraft… I’d craft me a bow and arrow and kill the beast. Dragons are nothing, now if a real life Mass Effect reaper turned up outside I’d poop myself. Lol.
    Funny post :D xx


    • Thank you kindly!! So get writing and tell us about how you would craft your bow, I think that would make for a great post!! lol


    • Lol I wanted it to be funny, I didn’t want you to injure yourself lol but I am glad you liked it :)
      Ahh you’re the first one to queue for the book so you can have a signed copy along with a presentation mug. You, however have to buy the coffee to put in it, oh and buy one for me too lol


  3. roflmao …. after our “comments” the other day about all the head-scratching …. I must ask … in ALL honesty ….. WTF?

    I’m just killing myself laughing here …. and you were like, what …. worried?

    Absolutely brilliant! Loved every word.

    And now, the million dollar question ….. may I please have some of whatever you’re on (I know I know presumptuous on my part) but I desperately need it ….. ;)



    • Lol it’s taken years to craft a mind this ridiculous, but if I ever discover the secret you may be the first to purchase a potion lol
      Thank you, I’m glad you liked the post. Makes me smile knowing people laughed :-)


      • Hmmmm we may have to agree to disagree on that one lol The socks got to you last night didn’t they lol


      • Okay …. I think you’re awesome and you’re not feeling the self-love …. I understand and appreciate … and respect it … as for the socks …. uhhh no …. haven’t touched them …. but I can still hear the laughter although they have been stuffed into my knitting bag for sanity’s sake … whose? I’m not entirely sure ;)


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