The Horror of it all!

My reply when asked if I would like to watch a horror movie!!

When I was younger I used to love horror shows / movies. At the weekends there was plenty of choice, my personal favourite being Hammer House of Horror, which I am sure nowadays would be considered quite mild.

My Dad used to go to the pub on a Saturday night and I would start watching a movie, usually in those days it was something black and white, and probably not all that scary. When he arrived back from his mini session I would make him stay up until the end of the movie, just in case there were any ghosts or ghouls lurking on the stairs.

The older I got the less I liked them, these days I would not watch one at all, I am not afraid to admit they scare the absolute shite clean out of me!

I remember one night in the house we were watching ‘Carrie’,  I can’t remember if my Sister was there or not, I must ask her. I made it the whole way through the film without screaming, there was plenty of hiding behind pillows, but I am proud to say no screaming, that is until right at the end when I thought the film was actually finished and the hand shoots up out of the grave. Well I must have leapt about 10ft in the air and I squealed like a baby, which everyone thought was really funny except me.

Not much later I decided to venture up the stairs, but unbeknown to me my Mum had already gone up before me and as I went to take the last step on the stairs she grabbed my ankle, at which point I pretty much had a mini seizure and was inconsolable.  So was my Mum, she laughed so hard the tears were tripping her, she thought is was soooo funny!

Fast forward about 30 minutes or so and having calmed a little I ventured back down the stairs, at which point my Mum was going into the downstairs toilet, telling my Dad to keep watch at the door, she must have been a little more spooked than she let on. So I went outside and crept up the path at the back of the house and banged as hard as I could on the toilet window, laughing so hard I was in danger of needing the toilet myself. Well the scream was unreal and I am sure could be heard for miles around, perhaps that’s where the stories of banshees come from. My poor Mum who had been in the process of sitting down on the toilet, was scared witless and bolted out the door almost bowling my Dad over in the process. When she caught sight of me laughing and realised what had happened she tore strips off me, she was none to pleased! Apparently what’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander!

The moral of this story; You can grab as many ankles as you want but you better be peepared for the consequences!!

I must have had a physiot…a physc….one of those premonition type things because exactly one month ago today I wrote my post for both the Okay, What if? Weekly Challenge and also for todays (10th October 2013) Daily Prompt: Fright Night – now that is scary! Some of you will already have read it, but it’s my best example of being scared and scaring someone else!

15 thoughts on “The Horror of it all!

  1. Hahaha! I’m sure this is one you can look back and laugh? I was raised on horror movies from infancy. I was an insomniac and my dad tried to get me to sleep while watching horrors. They really don’t make them like they used to…


  2. In high school, Carrie did my hair and make-up for a play. Well, kind of. Sissy Spacek’s daughter went to my school and we were in “Annie” together. Sissy did my wig and my make-up. She was awesome and not covered in pig blood. Thank god I hadn’t seen the movie yet, or I wouldn’t have been able to look her in the eye!


    • Lol at your use of the word fierce, I haven’t heard that in ages, love it.
      I got thinking and I actually decided I was less scared when the movie was on, I was more worried about what was going to happen me afterwards lol


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