Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 5

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I almost forgot what week we were on there, I mean come on, it’s been over a month already….feels like only yesterday!

Last week finished on a high, Rob finally managed to put in his Superhero Entry which was pretty awesome, and also managed to tag in an entry to this weeks as well!  We even managed to get Jed on board, so adding him to all the other adorable eejits who played the week before it was all in all a great week for the theme Kids and Pets. I will add a list to all of last weeks entries at the bottom of this post, they are well worth a look!

This weeks theme is….drum roll……”Happiness” as suggested by the lovely Somber Scribbler. What makes you happy, or what does happiness look like to you? It could be something as simple as your favourite food, where this week is concerned you pretty much have a blank canvas. I’m kinda half expecting a picture drawn in nail polish….you know who you are!

We’re open to suggestions for theme ideas if you have any, so please feel free to let us know via any of the usual channels….although perhaps not carrier pigeon, we have found them to be flighty and unreliable in the past!

As always you have until Sunday to complete this challenge. For more information check out the Cartoon Craziness Challenge page from the links at the top of my blog. There, if you would like to check back periodically is where you will also find a list of the current entries for the week.

Happy drawing eejits, Mama and I cannot wait to see your endeavors :)

Last Weeks Awesome Entries

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If you do not see your name listed and you submitted a Cartoon, please let me know and I will add you to the list. It would appear your ping pissed off!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Kids and Pets

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

I like the idea that my 300th post on this blog is going to be one for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge, it has given myself and others a lot of fun and helped to prise out the inner artist in us all.

This weeks theme was kids and pets. Now when it was first suggested I was a little perturbed to say the least owing to the fact that I have neither kids or pets, so I had to get creative and think of ways to make it fit, so here goes.

The first of my pets would be ‘The Punk Penguin’. I have no idea why he / she is a punk, I just like the addition of a little bad ass and a more colourful body than the normal black and white. I’m thinking tartan for the chest area and the little lock of hair is of course pink!

The Punk Penguin033

The second pet would be ‘The Cheeky Monkey’ because I can be cheeky at times and I like monkeying around. Ignore the fact that his wee face looks like every animal under the sun except a monkey, I had nothing for reference!

The Cheeky Monkey035


Last but not least I figured that as I run this competition along with the Mental one, it seems only fitting that I give 100% participation, so please meet my imaginary child, ‘The Ginger Whinger’. Seriously dude, look at the picture, no other explanation is required!

The Ginger Whinger034

There is still one day left if you would like to join in with this weeks challenge. All the information along with all the current entries for this week can be seen on the Cartoon Craziness Challenge page at the top, or if you are lazy it’s HERE!

Week 4 of Seven Weeks of Weird


Welcome to Week 4 of 7 weeks of Weird hosted by the fabulous Mental Mama herself. You can find all the information you require HERE!

I’m late this week, but I’ve been late on everything. It’s a good job the Mental one is relaxed about the whole thing or I could have been on the receiving end of a kick up the arse all the way from the United States of America.

Weirdest Habit / Routine You Have

Until I started thinking about this I was pretty sure I didn’t have any weird habits or routines. I read Sheena’s post and found myself nodding when she said she swore too much, because I too resemble that remark.

On giving it further consideration I realised there are a few weird things that I do. Are they habits, routines or good old OCD, who knows.

  • I’ll check to make sure the doors are locked at least twice before I go to bed. I’m not however as picky about this as I used to be, owing to the fact going up and down the stairs now requires more effort due to my wonky leg.
  • For some strange reason I count when I chop or shred vegetables.
  • I hate sitting down at night to do anything (tv or blogging) unless all the dishes have been washed and put away.
  • I carry a cigarette behind my ear. I don’t do this as much now that I have changed jobs, but I used to do it a lot. When it was behind my ear I didn’t want to smoke it.
  • When I telephone doodle I either write my name over and over again, or draw eyes and weird faces. Doodles032
  • I hate answering the door to strangers so I usually hide :)
  • I try to sit in the same seat on the train in the morning. I get a little territorial if someone has made it there before me, although I have not yet got to the stage of pulling them out of it. In my defense the one I like has more let room and is perfect when your knee will not bend as far as it used to.
  • I nearly always put milk in my coffee before the water goes in, unless of course it’s really strong coffee!

Woohoo, perhaps I am weird after all….what about you?

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 4

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

You awesome people managed to submit a total of 10 entries last week, and there is even hope that Rob will still get one in bringing the total to 11!! We have some new joiners, welcome aboard, the more the merrier :)

Please remember during the week when the challenge is running to check out the CCC page from my links at the top, this is where you will find all the amazing entries. This week was really fun, seeing everyones interpretation of Superhero!

Ok, so the theme for this week is Kids and Pets, as suggested by Diana over at Trying to Make Things Right. Mama was all over this, she loved it, you’d think she had a special cat or something, whereas me, well I have nothing no kids or pets so I was like WTF, waggling my index finger and everything. Then I thought hang on a minute, I have imagination so I can draw what I would like my pet to be, or what I thought my kid would look like if I had one.

As always this challenge is open to interpretation, as in your interpretation. The main Mama and I are not here to judge, just to participate and laugh with you :)

This is NOT a drawing competition, it’s all about having fun and it’s for people of all levels of drawing. On the first week Tim drew me a stick cat. He wasn’t that pleased, I personally thought it was awesome, because he took the time to join in and the kitty was cute. Mama and I don’t want anyone to feel they are not good enough, because we think you are.

As always, create a post that showcases your masterpiece to the whole world and remember to add a link back to this weeks challenge post which then creates a ping back. Throughout the week I will update the Cartoon Craziness Challenge Page with all the entries for that week so far.

Good luck and thank you for supporting this madness!!

Last Weeks Amazing Entries 

Cartoon Craziness – Super Hero Me | trying to make things right

did someone request a little crazy? | Mental in the Midwest

Cartoon Craziness – Super Silliness! | Somber Scribbler

Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #117 — 7/24/14 | Evil Squirrel’s Nest

The Only Superhero for Me! Cartoon Craziness Challenge | heretherebespiders

Green Embers | Ms Cookie Crisp

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WARNING!: I joined the Cartoon Craziness Challenge! Enter at Your Own Risk! | Container Chronicles

CCC: Zombie Dean | Dean’z Doodlez

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Superheroes! | Rob’s Surf Report

If you do not see your name on the list, please let me know, your entry may not have created a pingback!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 3

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

It’s hard to believe we are on Week 3 of our challenge already. Mama and I cannot thank you enough for joining in and making this so much fun for us all.

That said, we do still need some feedback on how you feel we are doing so far and ideas for themes you would like to see in the coming weeks, your suggestions are always welcome. If you have spare time, please head on over to Mama’s CCC page here and fill in the little form.

What does this week hold for us I hear you ask, and that is indeed a good question, and one that my good friend Here There Be Spiders e-mailed to me less than an hour ago. To be fair it didn’t take Mama and I long to come up with this weeks theme, Mama suggested it, I liked it, added a tweak and here it is, this weeks theme is Superhero. Now before you all panic, let me expand on that just a little, it can be your favourite Superhero or fictional character, it could also be who you would be as a Superhero. Remember there are no hard and fast rules, it’s your interpretation and it’s also just for fun!!

You have until Sunday to complete your masterpieces. Remember to add a pingback to this weeks Challenge, i.e. this post!

For further information you can check out the Cartoon Craziness Challenge page from the top links.

Looking forward to seeing what you can all come up with!

The final list of last weeks amazing entries for the Self Portrait Challenge!

The Lotus War | Look for the Creators Part II – Animefied Selfie

Cartoon me | trying to make things right

Rob’s Surf Report | Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Self Portrait 

Green Embers | Me vs the Universe

Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Self Portrait! | The Indecisive Eejit

CCC: Self Portrait | Dean’z Doodlez

cartoon challenge – self-portrait | Mental in the Midwest

Sideways View | Not a Punk Rocker

Cartoon Craziness Week 2 | Somber Scribbler

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Self Portrait with Spots | heretherebespiders

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Update!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

It’s almost the end of the week, which means you only have one day left to submit your pictures for the weirdness and wackiness that is ‘The Cartoon Craziness Challenge’.

Mental Mama and I have both created pages on our blogs dedicated to the challenge as we each have our own sets of followers, although some are shared.

My page currently has information about the challenge and the information for this weeks along with entries so far. Mama’s is pretty much the same, however for this week and the purposes of this post, hers is WAY more important than mine.

She’s devised a great little feedback form, because while we know you are enjoying things so far, we would still value your input with regard to future challenges etc. If you’ve liked the idea, but not yet been brave enough to join us, then please let us know what you would like to see that might just make you change your mind.

You can find Mental Mama’s page HERE and we would be really grateful if you could spare us just 5 minutes of your time to let us know your thoughts.

There have been some amazing entires this week, and in case you are to lazy to go searching for the original post, (hence the reason why they are now on the page), here is a list of the entries so far:

The Lotus War | Look for the Creators Part II – Animefied Selfie

Cartoon me | trying to make things right

Rob’s Surf Report | Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Self Portrait 

Green Embers | Me vs the Universe

Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Self Portrait! | The Indecisive Eejit

CCC: Self Portrait | Dean’z Doodlez

cartoon challenge – self-portrait | Mental in the Midwest

Sideways View | Not a Punk Rocker

Cartoon Craziness Week 2 | Somber Scribbler

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Self Portrait with Spots | heretherebespiders

As always if you do not see your post listed let us know, it just meant your ping back ponged!

Week 3 of Seven Weeks of Weird!

7weirdAnd so it continues, the Wednesday Weirdness created by none other than Mental Mama herself. If you’re unsure what it’s all about, you can follow this LINK! But be afraid, be very afraid!

I’m actually beginning to think that I am not as weird as I first thought as I am having a tough time answering these questions. That said, I probably am weird, but have convinced myself that my quirks are both normal and endearing.

This weeks question asks:

Weirdest Thing You Do To Relax

Thats a bit of a weird question to ask me really, because I suffer from anxiety and also have a healthy worrying habit to contend with, so I don’t feel like I ever relax. There is always something spinning in my head.

On days when the stress all gets a little too much for me, I find the only way to release the tension is to go on a rampage and leave a trail of destruction in my wake! Doing this in real life would most certainly lead to a spell of imprisonment and shoot my anxiety levels through the roof, so I had to find another avenue through which to vent, and unsurprisingly that was GTA V!

Now I know to a lot of you this will not seem so weird, I am sure a lot of people vent theirs frustrations via gaming, but seriously, it’s the wackiest thing I could come up with.

How did you know it was me?

Owing to the fact my disguise was so good I figured they would never realise it was me who robbed the convenience store, or stole the cars! Then I realised I was still ginger, WTF, back to the drawing board!

Wait, are those my knickers?

My second attempt was a little more successful, however I seemed to attract the wrong kind of men.

Starsky and Hutch
Starsky and Hutch eat your heart out!

My third and final attempt was totally successful! No one in their right minds was ever going to recognize me dressed as a girl, high heels and all! After many attempts I was finally able to master the Starsky and Hutch slide without showing my Knickers!! Sometimes though, not even gaming is enough to help you relax. On those days, well there is nothing else for it but to revert to the old fashioned method of sitting on the toilet and having a serious think about where your life is going!!

Indie Loo
Ah balls, that better not be the end of the role!

Till next week Eejits :)


Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Week 2!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge BannerMental Mama and I cannot thank you enough, because it’s been so much fun this week seeing all your entries! Thank you for taking part and putting your own spin on how a ‘Cat in a Hat’ should look.

Please don’t worry about not feeling like your drawing is good enough, it’s all about joining in and making others smile! (Yes Karen, that means you ;P )

We’ve decided to have a trial run of making this a regular feature, so the theme for this week, courtesy of Madame Mental herself, is ‘Self Portrait’. How would you look as a cartoon or a drawing, now is your chance to show us all.

This weeks challenge will run from today until next Saturday, so no excuses, you have plenty of time. New challenges will be issued on either a Sunday or a Monday, I’ll try to keep it to a Sunday if I can.

So get drawing and good luck :)

If you missed last week and would like to see all the entries for the ‘Cat in a Hat’ please click on the link, the entries are listed at the bottom. If I have missed anyone, let me know, I didn’t receive pingbacks for some :)

Entries so Far

The Lotus War | Look for the Creators Part II – Animefied Selfie

Cartoon me | trying to make things right

Rob’s Surf Report | Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Self Portrait 

Green Embers | Me vs the Universe

Cartoon Craziness Challenge: Self Portrait! | The Indecisive Eejit

CCC: Self Portrait | Dean’z Doodlez

cartoon challenge – self-portrait | Mental in the Midwest

Sideways View | Not a Punk Rocker

Cartoon Craziness Week 2 | Somber Scribbler

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Self Portrait with Spots | heretherebespiders

If you have entered the challenge, but do not see your name listed, I have either not received / or missed a pingback. Please let me know so I can add you :)

It’s Newsworthy!

IE News BannerThis was the week that was, and I am rather glad it’s over. I have a few bits and bobs to share with you today, so decided to do so in the form of Breaking Wind News, hosted by your current affairs correspondent, yours truly, The Indecisive Eejit!

The New Job

I managed to get through my first day on my own relatively unscathed. I have no doubt I take longer to do things than my counterpart would have, but I am on a bit of a steep learning curve, and have been hit with a few things that left me a little stumped. I’ll get there in the end, I have a thirst for knowledge regarding things I do not know, and I need to learn to go easy on myself, I can’t expect to know everything in a couple of days.

The Visitors

It’s actually been good having my Aunt here as she has managed to keep my Mum on an even keel, meaning that for the two weeks I was training I only had the stress of work to deal with. I am however a little out of my routine and feel a bit all over the place, but I have a couple of days off due to the 12th July holidays, to regroup and catch up on things I have missed.

Cat Naps

I’m think I am getting to the age where I will soon start falling asleep in front of the TV when all the chores are done. I really wanted to write last night, but I could not keep my eyes open. I hate going to bed early on a Friday night, I tend to fall out with myself, due to the fact that it’s the start of the weekend and I conk out before 11pm!

Cartoon Craziness Challenge

This started out as a joke between myself and Mental Mama. I challenged her to do a couple of drawings and she accepted. After a few comments we decided to throw it open to the wider blog community. I have been amazed by the responses, and it seems we do indeed have a few budding Picasso’s in out midst. Please feel free to join in, there is no need to worry about your level of skill, it’s all in good fun and I have really enjoyed seeing all the entries this week.

If you would like to have a look and perhaps join in, you can find my original post HERE. There are also links at the bottom to all the entries so far, check them out, they are truly awesome.

I’ve decided I will make this a regular feature and my favourite Mental Mama (MM) has already picked the theme for next week. I’m undecided I might issue it on either a Sunday or Monday, that is to be confirmed.

MM designed a banner and I expanded on it just a little, so from now on all posts for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge will be under the following banner. I hope you like it :)

Cartoon Craziness Challenge Banner

Something that deserves a mention!

Every now and again I come across a new blog that I like. When I was starting out, I was glad of the help I received from others. That said I don’t think this blog will have any problems gathering followers as it’s really funny, and if I know you lot like I think I do, then you will as well, so I decided to share.

The Iggy Dialogues

Iggy the Wonder Schnauzer. Rescue beast. Hobbies include chewing and shrieking. Accomplishments include taking over So Many Feebs before getting his own blog, and sometimes sitting on command. Objectives include smelling every single person on Earth.

Go introduce yourself and say hi to the very witty and funny Iggy, you will not be disappointed :)

I like sometimes how I just happen across blogs, however thank you also to all of my new followers. You widen my world when I would otherwise not have been aware of your existence!

That’s all for now, till next time Eejits! :)