Week 4 of Seven Weeks of Weird


Welcome to Week 4 of 7 weeks of Weird hosted by the fabulous Mental Mama herself. You can find all the information you require HERE!

I’m late this week, but I’ve been late on everything. It’s a good job the Mental one is relaxed about the whole thing or I could have been on the receiving end of a kick up the arse all the way from the United States of America.

Weirdest Habit / Routine You Have

Until I started thinking about this I was pretty sure I didn’t have any weird habits or routines. I read Sheena’s post and found myself nodding when she said she swore too much, because I too resemble that remark.

On giving it further consideration I realised there are a few weird things that I do. Are they habits, routines or good old OCD, who knows.

  • I’ll check to make sure the doors are locked at least twice before I go to bed. I’m not however as picky about this as I used to be, owing to the fact going up and down the stairs now requires more effort due to my wonky leg.
  • For some strange reason I count when I chop or shred vegetables.
  • I hate sitting down at night to do anything (tv or blogging) unless all the dishes have been washed and put away.
  • I carry a cigarette behind my ear. I don’t do this as much now that I have changed jobs, but I used to do it a lot. When it was behind my ear I didn’t want to smoke it.
  • When I telephone doodle I either write my name over and over again, or draw eyes and weird faces. Doodles032
  • I hate answering the door to strangers so I usually hide :)
  • I try to sit in the same seat on the train in the morning. I get a little territorial if someone has made it there before me, although I have not yet got to the stage of pulling them out of it. In my defense the one I like has more let room and is perfect when your knee will not bend as far as it used to.
  • I nearly always put milk in my coffee before the water goes in, unless of course it’s really strong coffee!

Woohoo, perhaps I am weird after all….what about you?

28 thoughts on “Week 4 of Seven Weeks of Weird

  1. Good stuff, when we are on the interstate and pass signs that have numbers I have to repeat them to myself, but I do it silently, no point in driving everyone else crazy just cause I am.


  2. Oh wow, some of the people on the bus when I used to ride it to work were crazy over “their” seats. I hated going in early or staying late because it was a different set of riders and I never knew who I was ticking off!

    I don’t answer my door hardly, if it’s one of Matthew’s friends they usually text him from outside :-)


  3. I’ve been known to carry a cig behind my ear as well, though it depends on whether I’m wearing my glasses and if my hair is up or down – that all effects how well the damn thing stays in place. ;)


  4. I always check the locks twice before going to bed. The counting thing is a focusing mechanism that some people develop naturally, but some OCD people do count. Actually most of that sounds like me, so maybe we are both in the same boat. :)


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