Another effing update!

I’m thinking of changing the tag line on my blog, that’s if I even have one. It’s going to say ‘The blog of Updates’ because of late that is pretty much all I have managed. I want to change that, that said, what I want and what I do are usually very different things.

Thanks to everyone who has enquired about my Mum, it’s been a very weird time. Two weeks ago give or take a few days, she got sectioned, primarily we think because of her refusal to eat and drink. She’s now in a dedicated Dementia ward where they are trying to work through her issues and use medication to try and give her some sort of peace. She is not being compliant and is starting to kick off with them they way she did in the house and basically not eating or drinking very much at all. It’s really hard to watch and emotionally I have to be honest and say I am finding it very difficult. There are endless processes and procedures to be followed and a steady supply of forms that need completed and all I want to do is crawl into bed and not surface again until everything has been sorted out.

I’m very lucky that work have been understanding and I am hoping that my first session of counselling comes through soon because I feel I really need it. My anxiety has been really bad and despite using some of the techniques I have had success with before, it is not easing any. I need someone else to pick me apart and then tell my how to rebuild myself, installing coping mechanisms as I go.

I know the Fathership has been finding all of this hard too. I worry about him and I have no doubt he worries about me and my Sister. All three of us worry about the Mothership. There have been tears, very many tears, usually mine it has to be said.

I think going forward I probably might not write about this any more, not here anyway. I need a distraction and something else to focus on. I used to say that time was my enemy and when the Mothership was here that was certainly the case as there was not enough of it. Now however, even though I still need to cook and clean and do all the things I did before, I do have more time and yet still I have not been able to write, so perhaps the problem was me all along. I’m like a fence, I need to get over myself.

The intention would be to write more, I just have no idea what it is I am going to write about, but then again do I ever. Waffling seems to be one of my better traits.

I hope you have all been well, feel free to let me know what’s been happening! :)

9 thoughts on “Another effing update!

  1. I am so pleased to read that the pressure has been taken from you Juls and that the Mothership is now being looked after professionally.
    Time for you to do something serious like bungee jumping in a pink rabbit costume trailing red, white and blue smoke. :) <3

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  2. Hey, Juls! Good to hear from you and I wouldn’t worry about the writer’s block too much. I think it’s safe to say that your brain/mind/soul/body have just been through (and are still going through) a very traumatic time and they’re going to need plenty of time to recover! I think you’re perfectly normal! How’s that for pushing things in a positive direction, eh? Bet no one else has ever said you were perfectly normal now have they? LOL. Hey, hang in there. We’re happy to hear from you at all…..update or no update, one line or a full-out rant! Just know that we’re here and we think of you ALL THE TIME!

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  3. Well, my dearest Eejit, I am so sorry that things have been so rough on you lately, but it seems that maybe the best decision, although perhaps the hardest, has been made and your mum will get the care she needs.

    As for my little world, if you’ve been readin’ my blog, you know how things have been goin’ for me.

    Just know you’re in my heart and thoughts always. After all, we decided some time ago that we were in the same boat, I just seem to have lost my oar.

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  4. Fences can be like that, it’s often not so much the getting over it but knowing which side it is best to be on. I hope, Juls, for your sake the therapy helps and you are able to see your mother and her condition for what it is. It’s very hard I know when it’s a parent. I have a friend whose mum is going the same way and like you she struggles seeing her going away from her. Take care of you Juls…

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  5. “The intention would be to write more, I just have no idea what it is I am going to write about, but then again do I ever. Waffling seems to be one of my better traits.” —that’s me too, for different reasons, but same outcome.

    ((HUGS)) to you during all this dear <3

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  6. Hey hey! I’ve fallen behind in my blog too so I’ve only just noticed the issues you have going on right now.

    I know it seems a long time away but hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel soon.

    Alot of the time I don’t know what I’m going to write and like you I tend to waffle and then just post the finished article.

    I’m always going to be here if you need to rant to me xXx

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  7. Lots of love to you honey. Life is apparently rough all over right now. As for what to write about, whatever you want. Do you have any good recipes to share? I’ve been cooking a lot lately and am always on the hunt for new treats to make. <3

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