Chillin With The Eejit

My guest post for Talk About Pop Music, hopefully the first of many :)

Talk About Pop Music


Just Chilling With My Spotify

It’s fair to say that since I was first introduced to Spotify that it has opened doors into musical worlds through which I never believed I would actually venture.

All my life I have had a very varied taste in music, but despite what I introduce to my ears I always revert back to chill out, it is by far and away my most favoured genre, if you can even class it as one.

Music has been the only constant in my life, other things have come and gone, but the music has always remained, a soundtrack to my life that has played in the background through some of the best and worst times in my life. When you’re younger it’s all broken hearts and jilted love, as you hold onto mementoes, the song of choice playing on repeat. As you get older, significant events…

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