Why did I ever……….

….think it was a good idea to take a week off work! Seriously, WHY!


While not this overjoyed at the prospect of a week away from my desk, I was a little excited all the same. I’d put in a lot of hours and they were all mounting up so I felt it was time, well that and I have to fit leave around everyone else’s schedules too.

I had plans, catch up on jobs I had to do for other people and also on things I needed to do around the blog. I factored time in for some writing also, perhaps some gaming and a little relaxation. Guess what? It’s already Thursday and very little of that has actually happened, in fact this is turning out to be the week from hell!

There have been tears, tantrums, toilet disasters (not mine thank you very much!) and basically a whole heap of running around doing things for other people. In fact Tuesday was pretty much the only day or normality where I got to visit friends and stroke a few things off the list.

I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps the Fathership had a clever plan in making appointments for this week, although I am sure he would deny it. Today however, just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, one of my teeth broke, I have to say my eyes leaked in despair, I was at the end of my tether!

I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow, which I dread for two reasons, fear of the dentist and fear of the cost of the dentist. I will openly admit I am a big ginny ann with regards to all things dental. I did however know this day was coming, it was only a matter of time before my back tooth caved in, too many years of clenching due to anxiety. Why I couldn’t just have been like everyone else and used the butt cheeks instead, I’ll never know.

Tomorrow will be Friday, so along with the anxiety of having to attend the dentist, the fact that I have to return to work on Monday will also start to prey on my mind too, seriously brain, give a girl a break would you!

If you have any going spare I would be grateful if you could send a few lucky vibes my way, I have a feeling I am going to need them!

43 thoughts on “Why did I ever……….

  1. Here you go – a bagful of lucky vibes, there’s chocolate and wine in there too :-)
    Seriously, that’s a shitty holiday break. I’ll try to play down the good one I’ve just had – but Himself was there, so you know, there was a penance to pay ;-)


  2. Oooofff woooof!

    Okay, I’m gonna go outside and howl at the moon tonight – to release some of the shite energy that has been plaguing you all week.

    I mean seriously???

    And sending you big hugs and good thoughts that the alley oop to the dentist is not going whack you back for six (and oh, how I don’t like those kinds of visits either) ((((((Juls))))

    I’d love to hear about the “toilet story” – I’m sure it’s a total whack job and that your wit and humour will definitely make it a total slap stick comedy of all things flush. And NO, I don’t have a weird interest in toilet humour – at all – but you make it sound irresistibly odd. Curious minds are now wondering why you had to be called in to sort things out.

    As for the idea that the Fathership just might have planned to take advantage of your time? Don’t discount anything ….. and fer crying out loud … if you want to test the conspiracy theory …. next time you have planned break from work – even if for a few days – don’t tell the Ships. Then when you wake up and wander about in your fuzzy slippers and they are questioning you – give them some slightly untruthful excuse – BUT don’t reveal the number of days off you ACTUALLY have …. you’ll see just how quickly and who exactly is trying to hijack your time and sanity.

    Right then …. more hugs and hugs ….. ((((((((Juls)))))


    • Ach not even I can put a humorous spin on the toilet story, lets just say that things are progressing a little faster than I can handle sometimes.
      I think the Fathership did realise himself as he said to me on Friday, you were more help to me this week than you were to yourself, mind you that’s a little like shouting toilet after you shit yourself, cos it’s now the end of the week and I have feck all done!

      Ah well, the only consolation is that had I also been at work while dealing with all this shit I would probably have exploded :)

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      • Well there are still a few hours left in the weekend …. and at the very least, you father did thank you …. so you at least are recognized for your efforts.

        So I hope you take the time …. however short it is that is left …. and just spoil yourself silly rotten with whatever you want to to. :)


  3. What a bummer that your tooth broke and that your vacation week whizzed by without it being what you hoped for. I hope the dentist goes well for you and the pocket book isn’t too damaged.


  4. The same thing happened to my back tooth for the same reason earlier this year. My wallet hurts but the procedure was a doddle. And it feels so much better — all over! Not just my tooth but my whole body was getting dragged down and I didn’t even know it. Hope it works that well for you.


  5. Oh no, Juls. What a horror of a week! And the dentist to end it with? Just not right. I just can’t even imagine how overwhelmed and downtrodden you’re feeling by now. I am sending hugs and good vibes your way…..Wish I could do more than that, alas, this big pond’s in the way!


  6. Oh dear, sorry your little break isn’t going so well. I have a week off in a fortnight and currently my biggest worry is that I’ll have finished Fallout 4 before it arrives and will have nothing to do.

    My teeth are in such a state that I can’t go to the dentist as I’m scared of the telling off I’ll get. Do dentists have to take classes in telling off patients?


    • Mine was very nice I have to say, I would she she reprimanded me gently rather than told me off lol To be fair I did look like I was going to faint – yes, I am that scared lol
      Fallout 4 looks good, seen a few screen shots, they are usually first person though aren’t they?

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      • In Fallout 4 you can choose first or third just like all Bethesda games (I assume third person meaning you can see yourself?) and switch between just by pushing that touchpad thing. I’m totally addicted, been playing around 80 hours now and no-where near the end! Bethesda games are always the best value for money.


      • That’s good to know, first person does not like me one little bit, infact most if the new games bring me some level of motion sickness. The new Tomb Raider I could only play for about half and hour at a time :(

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  7. Ugh, I know the tooth-bullshit. My mouth has cost me more than all the rest of me combined. I’ve been living with half a tooth for years now, as it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t seem to get any worse (and you can’t see it). I would totally have made that appointment for next week, screw work.
    Have to admit I’ve never heard ginny ann before! Explain?
    Sorry the famdamily have been less than relaxing. You did know they were going to do this to you, too, but it doesn’t make it better. Hugs, my friend.


  8. Isn’t that just the way of it, you make space for yourself and everyone else fills it up for you. There’s only one answer – you have to run away. Am sending you unicorn hugs and of course vibes for an okay dental experience. I have just taken two days ‘mental health’ days off from work (it’s what the flu looks like when what you actually need is a holiday from compassion). I was going to nail at least two assessment tasks, climb Mount Everest, deal to the ironing pile, garden then stop being wonder woman and unwind. What actually happened is one part of one assessment is done and I’ve watched two seasons of Suits. Take care there are still two more days until you return to work and as for having a top box that doesn’t work – welcome to the club. Hugs xoxox


    • Wow, you didn’t have set yourself a wee mountain of tasks there fro your days off. Everything else aside though, what did you think of Suits? I’ve passed it by a few times on Netflix and was curious lol
      Work looms – laying the close out tomorrow will probably make me cry, but hey ho, it must be done.
      Thanks for the unicorn hugs though, they are much better than normal ones :)

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