Why did I ever……….

….think it was a good idea to take a week off work! Seriously, WHY!


While not this overjoyed at the prospect of a week away from my desk, I was a little excited all the same. I’d put in a lot of hours and they were all mounting up so I felt it was time, well that and I have to fit leave around everyone else’s schedules too.

I had plans, catch up on jobs I had to do for other people and also on things I needed to do around the blog. I factored time in for some writing also, perhaps some gaming and a little relaxation. Guess what? It’s already Thursday and very little of that has actually happened, in fact this is turning out to be the week from hell!

There have been tears, tantrums, toilet disasters (not mine thank you very much!) and basically a whole heap of running around doing things for other people. In fact Tuesday was pretty much the only day or normality where I got to visit friends and stroke a few things off the list.

I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps the Fathership had a clever plan in making appointments for this week, although I am sure he would deny it. Today however, just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, one of my teeth broke, I have to say my eyes leaked in despair, I was at the end of my tether!

I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow, which I dread for two reasons, fear of the dentist and fear of the cost of the dentist. I will openly admit I am a big ginny ann with regards to all things dental. I did however know this day was coming, it was only a matter of time before my back tooth caved in, too many years of clenching due to anxiety. Why I couldn’t just have been like everyone else and used the butt cheeks instead, I’ll never know.

Tomorrow will be Friday, so along with the anxiety of having to attend the dentist, the fact that I have to return to work on Monday will also start to prey on my mind too, seriously brain, give a girl a break would you!

If you have any going spare I would be grateful if you could send a few lucky vibes my way, I have a feeling I am going to need them!

Eye, Eye!

It’s been a very surreal week, even by my standards. I spent most of it feeling like I was playing hooky from work, constantly waiting for the knock at the door and the person behind it telling me to get back to my desk.  Now before anyone judges me, ya buggers, I was actually on leave, albeit it was very short notice.

Last Saturday the Fathership got a letter to tell him he had to go for the minor eye op he was waiting for, the problem was it was set for Monday, not the Monday a week or two weeks away, more like the Monday, two days away, I thought, holy crap that’s quick, I better get him clean undercrackers!

Work were very good, I went in for a short while on Monday to get everything organised, ask for leave and then head to the hospital. I had some days booked for next week, but as I was still having to clean the ships eye and put in drops I swopped them and took all last week instead. It wasn’t the relaxing few days I wanted, but that’s life. Two ships and myself under one roof for more than two days creates a little bit of a pressure pot.

I’m sad I had to cancel the days for next week, I had been looking for a couple of days to kick back and chill, sadly this week was anything but and here we are in the middle of the weekend and it will soon be time to go back to work, can’t fecking wait…..not!

I’ve been giving a lot of though to this blog over the last week or so as well, wondering if it is something I should continue. It annoys me that I no longer have the time I need, which in turn saddens me because I cannot get the time to keep up on the reading of all the blogs I love. It is unfair of me to expect people to read and interact when I am not doing the same. I don’t want to give it up though, this is my little space and I feel like I need it sometimes to keep me sane. I’m not going to make any sudden decisions, I still hope that I will be able to get myself into a routine. So stick with me just a little bit longer please.

Sorry for the short update, but it’s 1.35 am and I think it’s time for bed!

I shall be in touch soon :)

Done and dusted!

I have never been as glad to see the end of two working days in all my life. Manic is does not even come close to describing what it has been like. I hardly had enough energy left to take my laptop out of it’s case and set it up for my journey home on the train.

Going off on leave is stressful, the art of calmly clearing up all the odds and sods that need done before leaving is clearly something I have not yet mastered. I’m more of a run around in a flap, but eventually get there kind of person. I pity anyone who reads the last few e-mails I sent, I doubt they were legible. But I made it, and as a reward I do not have to think about work again until Friday….oh happy days!!

I am sure there are things I have not done, that will come to me in the middle of the night and wake me from peaceful slumber. I have already e-mailed myself with things that I need to remember and can think of a few more that I need to send myself when I get home.

This Personal Secretary lark is easy….SAID NO ONE EVER!!

I could see through it if I was able to go home and relax, but there is still shopping to be done and dinner to prepare and goodness knows what form the Mothership will be in considering I have deviated from the normal routine. The great unknown lies ahead.

I really want this weekend to be incident free, no let me rephrase that, I really need this weekend to be incident free. The last two have been mentally draining and I am in dire need of some rest and relaxation, excluding the housework and cooking duties that is, some things never change.

So what lies ahead? I could promise you that I am going to do all my drawings for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge and regale you every day with funny stories that will have you falling off your chairs with laughter. I could also tell you that May Dupp is going to partake of her usual weekend antics leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

I could promise all of that, but I won’t, because I’m going to shop, eat, clean up, perhaps kill a few things on the Xbox and then go to bed and sleep. After that there might be a little more sleep, and then some sleeping thrown in for good measure.

What happens after that is anyone’s guess!!

Happy Friday my most favourite eejits!