Eye, Eye!

It’s been a very surreal week, even by my standards. I spent most of it feeling like I was playing hooky from work, constantly waiting for the knock at the door and the person behind it telling me to get back to my desk.  Now before anyone judges me, ya buggers, I was actually on leave, albeit it was very short notice.

Last Saturday the Fathership got a letter to tell him he had to go for the minor eye op he was waiting for, the problem was it was set for Monday, not the Monday a week or two weeks away, more like the Monday, two days away, I thought, holy crap that’s quick, I better get him clean undercrackers!

Work were very good, I went in for a short while on Monday to get everything organised, ask for leave and then head to the hospital. I had some days booked for next week, but as I was still having to clean the ships eye and put in drops I swopped them and took all last week instead. It wasn’t the relaxing few days I wanted, but that’s life. Two ships and myself under one roof for more than two days creates a little bit of a pressure pot.

I’m sad I had to cancel the days for next week, I had been looking for a couple of days to kick back and chill, sadly this week was anything but and here we are in the middle of the weekend and it will soon be time to go back to work, can’t fecking wait…..not!

I’ve been giving a lot of though to this blog over the last week or so as well, wondering if it is something I should continue. It annoys me that I no longer have the time I need, which in turn saddens me because I cannot get the time to keep up on the reading of all the blogs I love. It is unfair of me to expect people to read and interact when I am not doing the same. I don’t want to give it up though, this is my little space and I feel like I need it sometimes to keep me sane. I’m not going to make any sudden decisions, I still hope that I will be able to get myself into a routine. So stick with me just a little bit longer please.

Sorry for the short update, but it’s 1.35 am and I think it’s time for bed!

I shall be in touch soon :)

36 thoughts on “Eye, Eye!

  1. I feel the same way sometimes Julie. But I think if I couldn’t write in a regular fashion, I at least will have produced a a pretty hefty amount of writing. Plus if I were to write only when I could I would still add to that volume of work, just more slowly. Well something to think about anyway. :O)


  2. I really enjoy your blog so it would be a real shame to give it up. It doesn’t matter if you can’t interact as much at the moment, we will still be here when you have got things sorted and have more time. :-)


  3. YOU CAN NOT LEAVE. I don’t care about how crazy things are or how little time you have to devote to this right now…..YOU ARE NEEDED, WANTED, APPRECIATED, LOOKED FOR, WONDERED ABOUT, AND JUST PLAIN ENJOYED on here anytime you do have the chance to finally check in. So just NO. NO. NO. NO. END OF STORY. There. There will be days and there will be times, but this is one place where you can just relax when you do find the moments. So just let it be and let us decide on our ends if you’re worth it or not. My guess is, you’ll not lose one follower !


    • Ach I know, and thanks, as always. I feel sometimes with restraints etc that I can’t write what I want here. I don’t know why, perhaps because for someone I am more than a person on the Internet.
      I write that on a whim, I don’t think I could give this up, I need it, it’s MY thing and about the only one I have. I need to lighten up on myself and try and find a good balance for all things. Easier said than done.


      • Am so glad to hear it. It is YOUR thing and you’re also part of this WHOLE thing and most definitely a GREAT PART of my thing! So you just write when you can and we’ll be waiting and glad for any of it! :)


  4. Don’t stop blogging. I’m from the Harper Lee school of blogging…. Write when you can and when you feel like it… I also believe that blogging should not be reciprocal… I mean, People magazine never comes to my house to see what I’m up to and Harper Lee has never dropped in for tea. Hey that rhymes! I never rhyme! 👀
    I’m looking forward to your next post.👓


    • You know that’s a very good point. I suppose the things with WordPress is the interaction and I feel like a cheat sometimes because I don’t get to interact. I do when I can though, so I guess that has to count for something huh lol
      How’s the whole TTS thing, did it ever get resolved? I see my phone had an update for it the other day.

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      • I’m still using the non updated version google 4 t_t_s. As you can see, it doesn’t work very well. All 3 of my devices have succumbed. my galaxy tab s was fine until it got the lollipop update. The TTS problem is not an issue when using the Google Search app… Everywhere else it’s a mess. The Google Search app is where the TTS program is located. Not to mention, there are a lot of problems associated with using a non updated Google Search app. I’m sure this problem only affects blind people.
        Anyway, don’t despair over the blogging thing. The best part of blogging just people doing what they want when they want. And God forbid if it ever becomes like Facebook!😕👎💩 lol!😁


  5. Listen sister Juls – you have way too much on your plate – so STOP for crying out loud – and give yourself a breather!

    Life wouldn’t be the same without you – so if you can manage to get a post thrown in here and there – when you feel up to it – then it’s fine. No questions asked.

    Seriously – you are juggling chainsaws – and what? You forgot they were running – despite the noise – and you keep hoping to continually grab the handles?
    Girl – you are so gonna get hurt!

    Juls – do you honestly believe that all those “followers” etc. read every single post? And yet, here you are reading or trying to keep up with every.little.thing.

    I know. I know. You have a terrific health plan benefits at the job – so you’re aiming to burn out like a crazy shooting star.

    So – what’s it going to be?

    Words to live by:

    Be super gentle and good to yourself.

    Pare it down – to the essentials.

    Allow yourself time to breathe.

    Do what you love – in order to relax and unwind.

    And hey, people take time away from their “loved ones” – even in the blogging world – so, why can’t you? You can be a silent reading presence – or maybe fix yourself ONE day – where you decide to post whatever – a reblog, something funny, something miserable – but schedule it – write it and then schedule it. Whatever works for you. Just don’t throw in the towel because you’re sinking – wring it out and let it air dry – and just take the time YOU need.

    Okay – sheesh – that was long enough to be a feckin’ post in itself XD

    Lots of love hugs and good energy heading to you Juls – cause you really are special.

    Cheers sister.


    • You are right, on all points, as always! The voice of reason. I hate failing at things, it’s not good for the confidence, but as I said below, perhaps I need to stop setting my benchmarks so high. Am I failing everyone else’s expectations or perhaps just my own. Thanks for the dose of reality!

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      • That’s the problem with expectations – they trash you. So – stop having them. Besides, they mostly live in your head – they’re taking up valuable space – you are – in any given moment – doing the best you can – and best is best – and no one has the right to demand any more or less of you – at any time. So, give yourself a break already!

        Take it easy – as much as you can – and just simplify yourself and life. Make you (apart from the “ships” clearly) your best priority – and even then – you should be the one at the top of your list.

        Sending you great stuff – energy wise Sistah of the Shenanigans over yonder side o the pond. :D


  6. I’ll be sticking with you :-) Thanks for sparing us on the details of op – I go a bit wobbly on that body part. I’ve never forgiven myself for looking up at a particularly bad moment in the Birds. Ooooo freaking myself out.

    Pop in when you can, be as random as you like :-D


  7. Well I can’t really insist you stay because I’ve been equally useless at blogging and blog visiting lately, but I’m going to anyway! Hope your Dad’s on the road to recovery now!


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