No Moaning Monday


Who’d have thought that in the middle of October I would be sitting at a train station bathed in sunlight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fecking freezing, but then again I am sitting in the shade.

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching Winter, but it seems that the old saying is true, time does indeed fly. In just a couple of weeks the clocks will change and we will be rewarded with an extra hour in bed.

I don’t miss the long nights of summer, but neither am I looking forward to the cold frosty nights of Winter, perhaps I am only content for two weeks out of every year. Two weeks is better than none.

I’m trying to be better, better at finding positives in every day. Like the smell of fresh cut grass, possibly the last until spring, the formations of birds who fly high heading for warmer destinations and the setting sun which paints the sky red, an alleged Shepherds delight.

Life has moved very fast of late, there has been much to do, it leaves little time for the activities I enjoy, so I make the most of these small moments and acknowledge them with a smile.

I consider that not a bad result for a Monday :)

22 thoughts on “No Moaning Monday

  1. That’s a very fine post indeed and a great attitude……sometimes that attitude will save your sanity! Nice to see you on here!


  2. I quite enjoy the cosiness of this time of year – curtains closed in the evening and soon I’ll have the fire on as well (if I can get it to light!). I don’t like ice and snow though because I have to drive in it.


  3. I’m actually looking forward to winter and love when the weather changes. Winter in the 30-40’s (F) is pleasant, however below 20 its just, to use your description, fecking freezing.


  4. A day late am I as usual, but sometimes I am worse. Tuesday AM coffee time. I look forward to winter–especially that big holiday in December!!! Can’t wait to put the tree up, but I never put it up before Halloween before–will this be the trend setting year? Can never figure out how to set the automatic timer that turns the outdoor lights on and off. Every day or night is a surprise. Considering the amount of times I go to check what it is doing, I might as well just flip the switch, but that would not be “automatic.”


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