Throwing Stones

What are the official timings of Summer, isn’t it weird that I don’t know that, I probably should. Be right back, I’m going to Google it……

…Hi, so apparently Summer ends on the 23rd September, so I’m kind of glad I checked because I was going to make an arse of myself by saying that it ended next week!

So, lets start again. Summers going to end soon, but it already feels like it’s over as I watch the brand new batch of children prepare for the first days of the new school year. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag weather ways but at the minute there seems to be more sunshine than rain, so that’s a good thing right?

I’ve not been too far travelled this summer, mainly because I have been sick on and off. I finally, have hopefully got to the bottom of my 5 hour bouts of pain, that have been ongoing for the last year, I have gallstones….little feckers.

Most days now I am nauseous and sore but I’m still standing so that’s good and any anxiety I had about my impeding appointment with a surgeon, when it arrives has now passed as while in the midst of a bout of excruciating pain I often contemplate opening myself up to whip it out.

Who’d have thought that such a small collection of tiny things could cause such pain, and they do, oh boy they really do. It’s time to go my lovilies, it really is, because I cannot put up with you or the fear of the pain that your partying in my insides causes for much longer.

So I’ve been miserable, even more so than normal. Along with that there’s a higher than normal spike in anxiety and mild depression brought on by an over thinking brain that cannot seem to release the past, can I blame that on the gallstones too?? Probably not eh.

Work has been pretty non stop too, but thats been good because it takes my mind of the sickness except for the day I was hanging over my desk throwing up into my bin and crying with pain, that was good fun…….not!!

But it’s all good, it can’t last forever, hopefully it will all be sorted at some stage, until then I’ll just have to keep calm and carry on regardless.

Still there are positives in life, there always are and I’m actively trying to look for them. Right now it’s the sunlight on the showers and the smell of dinner cooking, the fact it’s the end of the hump day which brings us one step closer to the weekend, even if it is going to be a busy one.

Hope all is well with you eejits, what’s been happening?

Sunshine and Scotland!

The turning up late thing is becoming a bit of a thing for me isn’t it, but I suppose the crucial point is I still make it…eventually.

This time round after much deliberation I have decided to blame the heat, I have no idea why, I just am, ask me something and I will tell you I was not able to do it because I was too hot. Couldn’t type a post…too hot. Couldn’t get my brain to work…too hot. Couldn’t think of anything to say….too hot. There was however one night with a cool breeze where I had the potential to be productive only it was 3am and there was thunder and lightening outside so I was too scared to use any electrical appliances, actually truth be told I was too scared to come out from under my duvet. Yeah, you guess right, I am not a fan.

Somewhere in the last couple of weeks I passed another birthday milestone but I’m too old to care about those any more, so lets move on. I also went on a day trip to Glasgow, that was something different right!? You’re impressed aren’t you, I can tell from the look on your gorgeous little face. I was quite impressed too I have to say, go me!

It’s been a long time since I was on a boat, it’s not changed all that much to be honest other than the fact they are a lot more passenger friendly than they used to be. After we had crossed the sea to the other land we caught a bus to take us onward. I sat with my earphones in listening to my music and enjoying the scenery as we went on our merry way, until we came upon some roadworks, where we got stuck for an hour reducing our time in Glasgow from 4 hours to just over 3. It’s amazing how quickly time can pass when there is so much to see and do, by the time we had a wander about, tried to find somewhere to eat and eventually succeeded in the shape of a Hard Rock Cafe, our time was pretty much up and we legged it back to catch the bus. Headphones in again, music on, only this time I took some pictures as the countryside was just gorgeous bathed in the evening sunshine.

13346531_1754850874737654_2857718271180493514_n 13423858_1754850861404322_3999236585435259916_n

Not fantastic quality I know, but they were taken with an App on a  mobile phone through a window held by a tired hand on a shaky bus…so give me a break ffs!

It wasn’t the fanciest of day trips, but for me, it was something different. If I went again, I would love to do the open top bus tour, then perhaps I could really see the size of the city rather than just be a little overwhelmed by it. The problem with those kind of tours is, they are a long day, I was up from around 5am in the morning and wasn’t home till almost 11pm where I had to get the Mothership ready for bed. I think I am only now starting to recover. I really want to go again, but don’t think anyone else is to keen, ah well!

Other tiny updates:

Currently Listening to – Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal.

Currently Watching – Orphan Black – amazing show totally addicted.

Currently contemplating – going to bed


No Moaning Monday


Who’d have thought that in the middle of October I would be sitting at a train station bathed in sunlight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fecking freezing, but then again I am sitting in the shade.

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching Winter, but it seems that the old saying is true, time does indeed fly. In just a couple of weeks the clocks will change and we will be rewarded with an extra hour in bed.

I don’t miss the long nights of summer, but neither am I looking forward to the cold frosty nights of Winter, perhaps I am only content for two weeks out of every year. Two weeks is better than none.

I’m trying to be better, better at finding positives in every day. Like the smell of fresh cut grass, possibly the last until spring, the formations of birds who fly high heading for warmer destinations and the setting sun which paints the sky red, an alleged Shepherds delight.

Life has moved very fast of late, there has been much to do, it leaves little time for the activities I enjoy, so I make the most of these small moments and acknowledge them with a smile.

I consider that not a bad result for a Monday :)

Who turned up the heat?

It’s been sweltering here this last few days and it’s taking it’s toll. I remarked to my friends last night that I feel like I am turning into an old lady, I’m hardly able to make it past 10.30 these days without my eyes starting to close. To someone who is a night owl, that’s a complete nightmare. To top that, I’ve been waking up at 6am, seriously WTF! that’s the middle of the night, and not good when you have to go to work and spend 8 hours in a hot office. Oh the joys, I am most definitely not a fan of summer.

The weekend went well, I had two whole days off from the chores that I usually undertake, the only problem with that is it still needs to be done. I’m off tomorrow and already my day is full of bookwork for the Fathership, and all the housework, I’m worried there are not going to be enough hours in the day.

The two days at the weekend are the first time I have stayed at my Sisters on my own since my leg injury in 2012. It was nice to not have any worries, but I still wasn’t able to shut off thinking about what was going on at home.

I bought a hedgehog, not a real live one of course, but a little bread roll that bears similarities and has picked up the name. I enjoyed it sitting in the sunshine with a chicken salad. Eventually, despite the breeze, the heat drove me back indoors.

All to soon it was time to head home and after a conversation  with the Fathership I was a little unsure what I was going home to. Initially frosty, it seemed to calm down, I think the Mothership was glad she knew where her next meal was coming from. Beans and toast it would seem, is not acceptable fodder for day to day.

I’m hoping for slightly cooler weather to come, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to survive in the soaring temperatures. Rain is forecast for the weekend, unfortunately, so are thunderstorms, there’s just no pleasing me is there.

Onwards and upwards, time to kick back and catch up on some of the My Kitchen Rules I missed, whilst fanning myself with last weeks TV magazine. I’m such a classy girl :)

Hope all is well with you lot, till next time eejits!

Freestylin on a Saturday

Wee Blue Birdie set me a challenge, it’s a good job I like her or I’d have had to tell her to feck aff! I am still not a fan of challenges, but that said I have caught her up in a couple, so I think it’s only fair that I accept hers. I believe this one is known as the Freestyle Writing Challenge and my subject as set by the bird is:

Where would you rather be right now?

Timer is set….let’s go!

Right now, I am quite happy where I am, that’s because I am having a night off. I am staying at my Sisters and I have no one to look after but me myself and I. That said, if I had been doing this challenge from home I would probably have said something completely different, so that’s what I shall base my answer on.

You would find me sitting outside a cafe, a cappuccino in front of me and with most likely a froth moustache that makes people giggle as they pass by.  My laptop is in front of me and I sit only sipping my coffee, but drinking in my surroundings. I have no idea where this street is, but the sun is shining and it’s warm outside although not uncomfortably as there is a nice breeze.

One side of the street is tree lined and the leaves dance and wave to the birds that ladorn it’s branches and provide music for the masses.

I people watch and occasionally type. What a way to waste a day.


Not very many words in 10 minutes, but challenge complete none the less. If you would like to give this a try I am going to paste the rules and my prompt below, however I am not going to nominate anyone. How about everyone gives it a go, that sounds like a plan to me :)

The Rules

Here are the rules:

1. Open a blank document.
2. Set a stop watch timer to 5 or 10 minutes, whichever length you prefer.
3. Your topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH YOUR TIMER!!!
4. Once you start writing do not stop until the alarm sounds!  Do not cheat by going back and correcting spelling and grammar using spell check (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write with correct spelling and grammar.)
5. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation or capitals
6. At the end of your post write down the number of words to give an idea of how much you can write within the time Frame.
7. Put the whole document onto your post and nominate 5 others and give them a new topic. Remember to copy and paste the rules in!

Don’t cheat – set your timer






Your topic is….

What’s one thing you would love to try, that you’re not sure you are brave enough to?

Feeling Sarcastic for Summer!


It’s probably not the warmest day ever, but seriously, it feels like it is! I am melting and by 3 o’clock this afternoon there is a very strong possibility I will have been reduced to nothing more than a puddle on the floor! If there is one thing I don’t do very well, it’s sunshine!

I’m the person that comes to work everyday with a coat,  as with our weather and the fact that I travel by public transport, you have to be prepared for every eventuality. In the old days on the train the heating used to be on 24/7 in the summer, but not in the winter. There were no windows to open, so it was like crowding a hundred people into a cardboard box and setting them beside a radiator. Thankfully these days the new trains have air conditioning, meaning conditions are a little more comfortable.

Warm weather isn’t really conducive to working either. I am sure that my employers would be reluctant to pay me for lying in a heap on the floor, suffering from the effects of heat exhaustion. The new office motto would fast become ‘Keep er cool and Keep er lit!’.

The worst thing about warm weather, without a doubt, would have to be heat rash! For the months between June to September, and sometimes longer I am speckled on certain parts of my body with little red dots, usually from hand to elbow and ankle to knee. It makes me feel a little self conscious about wearing anything with a shorter leg, imagine if someone were to sit down, pull out a pen and start to join the dots, would certainly save me ever having to get a tattoo, although I doubt it would be as artistic.

Hay fever is another one, although I appear to be blessed with it all year round. I am luckier than some however, as I don’t yet seem to suffer from the streaming eyes and runny nose. For me it’s nausea, itching eyes and a feeling like someone syringed cotton wool into my ears during the night, effectively filling my head full of fuzz. I never had hay fever until I was in my 30’s. They say that your blood changes every 7years, some ailments go or change, and some new ones appear. I’m hoping that one of these days the hay fever leaves as quickly as it arrived.

Apart from all that, isn’t summer a glorious time of the year. The long days, birds singing, the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, sand between your toes and the smell of the sea as the nights turn cooler.

Schools will finish soon, and no doubt there will be rain, there usually is when the kids finish for summer break, so instead of complaining perhaps I should suck it up and continue to make hay while the sun shines, so to speak! Assuming I don’t actually melt before then.

For those of you who liver in warmer climes, how the hell do you stick it!

I Obviously Wasn’t a Sun Baby!

I’ve been running around all day like  the Wicked Witch of the West crying “I’m melting”, seriously, it’s just too fecking warm.

For someone whose favorite colour is black the sun is a nightmare, black sucks up the heat faster than a Dyson can suck dust! I walk around looking like I am suffering from permanent embarrassment, as my face is more beetroot than a..well…umm…a..well I guess a beetroot!

I am envious of people who are comfortable enough in their own skin to wear barely there shorts and little tees, pretty dresses and shades. I’m in my uniform of jeans and black tee and I’m melting.

I’m not sure it would be good for my work colleagues if I turned up showing skin, they would all need sunglasses to protect them from the brilliant white sheen of my  untanned legs. When exposed to the sun they go a glorious shade of rip roaring red and then back to white.

Redheads may indeed have more fun, but not in the sun!


Bring Me Sunshine!

Isn’t a touch of sunshine lovely. It’s been such a bad winter it seemed like we would never see it again.

Normally I’m a rainy type of girl myself. I love the shorter days and being warm and snug inside while the rain and wind batters the windows. But today the sunshine has even brought out the best in me.

Due to my injury last July I missed most of the summer, it was spent fretting over leg related issues. It passed in the blink of an eye and before I knew it Winter was upon us. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss a whole summer of not having to mow the lawn, nope, no complaints there.

But sunshine definitely makes you feel more energised. It gives you a boost, not unlike a good kick up the hole to be honest. People break out their shorts and t shirts, eager to make the most of them on what could potentially be the only day of sunshine, you can just never tell.

I love the smell of fresh cut grass, laundered sheets blowing in the wind and bar be Que’s. I’m not sure I appreciated them before my lost summer.

That said give me a couple of weeks. Sunshine also brings the dreaded heat rash and the mild hay fever I didn’t have until my  middle 30’s. Yay for getting older.

It’s to rain again tomorrow so all I can say is, lets make the most of today.