Sunshine and Scotland!

The turning up late thing is becoming a bit of a thing for me isn’t it, but I suppose the crucial point is I still make it…eventually.

This time round after much deliberation I have decided to blame the heat, I have no idea why, I just am, ask me something and I will tell you I was not able to do it because I was too hot. Couldn’t type a post…too hot. Couldn’t get my brain to work…too hot. Couldn’t think of anything to say….too hot. There was however one night with a cool breeze where I had the potential to be productive only it was 3am and there was thunder and lightening outside so I was too scared to use any electrical appliances, actually truth be told I was too scared to come out from under my duvet. Yeah, you guess right, I am not a fan.

Somewhere in the last couple of weeks I passed another birthday milestone but I’m too old to care about those any more, so lets move on. I also went on a day trip to Glasgow, that was something different right!? You’re impressed aren’t you, I can tell from the look on your gorgeous little face. I was quite impressed too I have to say, go me!

It’s been a long time since I was on a boat, it’s not changed all that much to be honest other than the fact they are a lot more passenger friendly than they used to be. After we had crossed the sea to the other land we caught a bus to take us onward. I sat with my earphones in listening to my music and enjoying the scenery as we went on our merry way, until we came upon some roadworks, where we got stuck for an hour reducing our time in Glasgow from 4 hours to just over 3. It’s amazing how quickly time can pass when there is so much to see and do, by the time we had a wander about, tried to find somewhere to eat and eventually succeeded in the shape of a Hard Rock Cafe, our time was pretty much up and we legged it back to catch the bus. Headphones in again, music on, only this time I took some pictures as the countryside was just gorgeous bathed in the evening sunshine.

13346531_1754850874737654_2857718271180493514_n 13423858_1754850861404322_3999236585435259916_n

Not fantastic quality I know, but they were taken with an App on a  mobile phone through a window held by a tired hand on a shaky bus…so give me a break ffs!

It wasn’t the fanciest of day trips, but for me, it was something different. If I went again, I would love to do the open top bus tour, then perhaps I could really see the size of the city rather than just be a little overwhelmed by it. The problem with those kind of tours is, they are a long day, I was up from around 5am in the morning and wasn’t home till almost 11pm where I had to get the Mothership ready for bed. I think I am only now starting to recover. I really want to go again, but don’t think anyone else is to keen, ah well!

Other tiny updates:

Currently Listening to – Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal.

Currently Watching – Orphan Black – amazing show totally addicted.

Currently contemplating – going to bed


26 thoughts on “Sunshine and Scotland!

  1. Better late than never is my motto dear. I followed along with you on your trip on Facebook. I would love to go there. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland, seein’ as how I’m part Scottish and all.

    I’m glad you got to get out for a while and just be YOU, actually, I envy the sh*t out of you lol.


  2. Glad that your day tripping was a very out of the usual change of pace, even with the traffic snafu hooking into your time. Long day indeed – but an outing is an outing – and at the very least, a day trip to another country? LOL – hell, here, a day trip might not even get ya out of one province into another! (By land that is) So maybe you’ll be off somewhere else soon.

    And yeah yeah, no whiz bang super fizzies – but hey, Happy Birthday anyhow, eh? A huge hug and lots of hopes that the day was a great one – and that all of your wishes come true my friend. :D


    • Ah no wishes for me I’m afraid, my work colleague did get me a cake but I forgot to make any as I blew out the candles….doh!

      It was good to get out, thing is, I still have to come home, and being away for such a long time I had no idea what I was coming home to. Thankfully there were no major disasters!

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      • I was thinking about that – the ??? that must have been running through your head on the return trip – thankfully though there was nothing over the top! So maybe here and there, you can sneak away for mini breaks – or even for a few hours of an afternoon or evening.

        As for wishes – well, damn it woman – buy yourself a cup cake or some little snack and stick a candle in it – and WISH!

        Be well and lots of hugs friend :D


    • The Fleet Foxes were a bit of a surprise to me, it was one of those albums I had always intended to listen to but never did. When I got round to it I was so pissed off I had waited lol

      I so did need a day away, thing is I want to go again now lol

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      • Those trips are pretty good, it’s a lot of travel but I don’t mind the boat and the bus, I mean what do you expect for £10, it takes me that much to get to Belfast from here.
        I know, every time you come up you’re getting a little bit closer, I just need to push you the extra few miles lol

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  3. How did I miss this??? And why didn’t you tell me what time your bus got in? *flounces off to put the good whisky back in the cupboard.*


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