Feeling Sarcastic for Summer!


It’s probably not the warmest day ever, but seriously, it feels like it is! I am melting and by 3 o’clock this afternoon there is a very strong possibility I will have been reduced to nothing more than a puddle on the floor! If there is one thing I don’t do very well, it’s sunshine!

I’m the person that comes to work everyday with a coat,  as with our weather and the fact that I travel by public transport, you have to be prepared for every eventuality. In the old days on the train the heating used to be on 24/7 in the summer, but not in the winter. There were no windows to open, so it was like crowding a hundred people into a cardboard box and setting them beside a radiator. Thankfully these days the new trains have air conditioning, meaning conditions are a little more comfortable.

Warm weather isn’t really conducive to working either. I am sure that my employers would be reluctant to pay me for lying in a heap on the floor, suffering from the effects of heat exhaustion. The new office motto would fast become ‘Keep er cool and Keep er lit!’.

The worst thing about warm weather, without a doubt, would have to be heat rash! For the months between June to September, and sometimes longer I am speckled on certain parts of my body with little red dots, usually from hand to elbow and ankle to knee. It makes me feel a little self conscious about wearing anything with a shorter leg, imagine if someone were to sit down, pull out a pen and start to join the dots, would certainly save me ever having to get a tattoo, although I doubt it would be as artistic.

Hay fever is another one, although I appear to be blessed with it all year round. I am luckier than some however, as I don’t yet seem to suffer from the streaming eyes and runny nose. For me it’s nausea, itching eyes and a feeling like someone syringed cotton wool into my ears during the night, effectively filling my head full of fuzz. I never had hay fever until I was in my 30’s. They say that your blood changes every 7years, some ailments go or change, and some new ones appear. I’m hoping that one of these days the hay fever leaves as quickly as it arrived.

Apart from all that, isn’t summer a glorious time of the year. The long days, birds singing, the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, sand between your toes and the smell of the sea as the nights turn cooler.

Schools will finish soon, and no doubt there will be rain, there usually is when the kids finish for summer break, so instead of complaining perhaps I should suck it up and continue to make hay while the sun shines, so to speak! Assuming I don’t actually melt before then.

For those of you who liver in warmer climes, how the hell do you stick it!

30 thoughts on “Feeling Sarcastic for Summer!

  1. Not trying to trump you, but the weather guy (who needs to be shot on sight) is predicting that the combo of heat and humidity today will result in a heat index near 38C (100F for us Americans). And I don’t deal well with heat either. I do my best to stay in the shade when outside, always ALWAYS keep a cold beverage with me, and I have a fan in my office that runs constantly.


    • I seriously wilted all day, and our weatherman was just as evil as yours as he confirmed today was the hottest day of the year so far. I am not sure I can stand too much more of this. If someone pinches your cool drink and fan you’ll know who it was lol


      • I will happily wear shorts, to work even, but mine always skim the tops of my knees. (as long as they look “professional” my boss doesn’t care) Today I mistakenly thought a modest light denim skirt and light weight short sleeved shirt would work. No such luck.


  2. I just keep saving up to move to a cooler place! It is over 90 all this week, and super humid as usual.

    Drink lots of water and hope you stay somewhat cool.


  3. Yup, know what yer talkin’ about! It’s been in the 90’s here for the last few days and is supposed to stay that way for the remainder of the week, in which I HAVE to mow today, yipee. Hang in there and try not to puddle up too bad :)


  4. It’s impossible to sleep nowadays. :P Hot here in England too.

    I think people in the British Isles may be in a perpetual state of complaining about the weather. When it’s cold we complain it’s too cold and when it’s hot we complain it’s too hot. XD


  5. Air-conditioning. That’s the only thing that saves me. OMG> I too don’t like to go around in shorts, etc. It’s a tough place. It’s in the 90s here today and it’s only June. Glad I’m not the only one who suffers….looking at all these people on boats and at the pool, etc., I begin to feel like a freak! Time to move north I think.


  6. It’s been 90 degrees here and I’m just thankful for good Ole air conditioning! We just take the kids to the park early in the day or around dusk. But I will say I would rather be hot then cold! I don’t know how people live where snow is lol ;)


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