What if I answered just 5 questions?

Last night was random question time ….

Okay, What if ?

800px-20_questions_1954 Image from Wikipedia

The process of asking yourself a What if question is actually a lot harder than it looks. I am in awe of how Jed manages to answer so many and still come up with sensible well written content, I tip my hat to him.

I on the other had have been pondering for a few weeks, the subject matter for my next post and I came up with….nothing, not one single idea! Oh sure I asked myself questions, but I wasn’t able to answer them. So, in a quest to keep my ‘end up’ so to speak on the site, I decided to dive head first into the great pool of the Internet, in search of inspiration.

Apparently, what if questions are a good conversation starter, or if you’re already in the middle, a good way to keep it flowing. Now by conversation starter, I don’t mean…

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2 thoughts on “What if I answered just 5 questions?

  1. Bahaha! So I have dropped my cell phone in the toilet! You know what I did, I took it out, cleaned it off( sterilized it, I work in a hospital and was at work when it happened) , washed my hands and returned it to the store and said it “just quit working” and they gave me a brand new phone ;)


    • Noooooooooooo!! That’s a disaster, but ok I sercretly might have had a chuckle, soweeee!
      At least the store gave you a new one, over here they have ways to check for water damage and then it’s not covered by your insurance.
      All worked out in the end tho, thankfully. You’ll not do that again in a hurry, ya eejit!


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